Lathraea Squamaria

Lathraea Squamaria is a plant that looks like the others,with tiny, pale red flowers.But it is ordinary plant.

It is a parasitic plant living on the roots of a range of woody plants, on which it is dependent for its nutrition. This plant does not have green leaves. But that’s why it has a big root.

She lives in most cases  at the root of the beech .She  does not perform synthesis. A perennial root parasite that lacks chlorophyll  (the  green  pigment  that  allows plants to obtain energy from light) and remains below ground for most of the year. Essential nutrients are obtained from the energy of her host. She can steal the host’s genes.

This plant is a parasite. She can not  survive independently.But this feature does not belong only to plants.

This plant reminds me of people who feed themselves with the energy of other people, with their  fear. So called haters. They are like Lathraea Squamaria. They feed with fear and negative energy. They are always here, around us, with small pale bodies and big a large energy vacuum cleaner. They are always here to tell you, that you are average, that you are nothing special, that you will failed, that you have to give up on what you do.

Do you think these people have green and healthy leaves? Do they have an own life, do they know what is positive attitude , or do they know  what is an open mind !? I don’t think so.

They are poison for your soul, and your fear is their only food. They need you, they need your insecurity.But be careful.They  can be people close to you.Your friends, cousins, neighbors.

They are here, and you can not change them.You can change only one person, and that is you. You do not have to fight them, because it’s a futile job, you will spend your energy only.You do not need to pay attention to them,you do not need to think about them.

In fact, they should be your road sign that you are on the right path.The more you have them,  the greater the chance are that you’re on the right track.

If you have one opinion,and other people, another opinion,your opinion is probably correct, because you can’t find such a large consensus of thoughts in one place.

Be yourself, listen your brain, listen your heart,you know all answers, you are the great answer.Here , you can find a big support for your deeds, and I will be here always to tell you, You Can Do It !!!


When I Get Old

When I get old, I want to have behind me, years filled with life!

When I get old, I want to have a peace in my soul,but  not because peace comes with age, but because I’m sure that I used my opportunities in the best possible way.

When I get old, I want to have a smile on my face, but not because I am wise and enlightened, but because  I have overcome all my fears in life.

When I get old, I want to have hope in my heart, but not because I was  good in my life, and I am expecting an award for that, but because I am sure that I am pure energy, and energy never dies.

When I get old, I want to be happy with my family , but not because I have my kids, I have my descendants, but  because I learned them how to live their life with full potential.

When I get old, I want to excited. But not because I am at the end of my road, and I am not sure what is behind the scene. But because I want to live with full lungs my whole time on Earth.My every minute. My last second.

When I get old I want to be serene, but not because  I’m tired of life,but because I  do not regret for missed opportunities in life.

When I get old, I want to speak less. But not because I’m tired of talking, but because I want to my word have a deep meaning for the listener which can help him/her to think about his/her life.

When I get old, I want to be thankful, to God, to Universe, To Heaven, because they gave me this great opportunity calling  life. They gave me the biggest weapon in Universe, my brain. They gave me free will to do with my life what I think that is the best for me.

When I get old, I want to be old,but not because I am just old and I can not be young again ,but because  I am aware of the transience of life. I spent my whole life ripening to get to this stage. I want to enjoy in every moment , in every breath of my maturity .
When I get old, I want to have just enough power to tell you one more time, that You Can Do It !!!

Five Amazing Ways To Protect Yourself From Bacteria (guest post)

When you become ill with a cool or influenza, you go to the doctor and request that they give you something –normally an antibiotic proves good for it.


immune defense

Given the World Health Organization has recognized anti-microbial protection as one of the best dangers build in human fitness, you should need to reexamine this approach. All of us have a role in defending ourselves from finding superbugs and protecting the utilization of anti-infection for our next generation. Here are few amazing ways how you can do it.

Wash your Hands

Washing your hands regularly – when you eat, or after you go to the washroom, can restrict the transfer of micro-organism that causes superbugs and furthermore keep the spread of germs or virus.

You need to wash any microbes or germs from your hands previously you carry them into contact with your eyes, nose or mouth. Washing your hands will decrease probabilities of spreading germs and bacteria’s specifically to others, which you do through physical contact, or by touching things, for example, door handles, taps and handrails. Utilizing daily soap and water or liquor rub will clean your hands and end the chances of infections.


It has been demonstrated that CBD as an element of Marijuana has a worked in the ability to battle against germs and bacteria and is, hence, fairly powerful as a treatment for such integrated infections.

Six of such major bacterial germs have been tried against CBD and luckily CBD oil is enough in those cases. Best CBD oil approves more successful against such anti-toxin germs and bacteria than other substitutes.

Don’t overuse Antibiotics

Antibiotics are just powerful against bacterial or germs diseases, yet the greater part of all antibiotics is pointlessly given to individuals with diseases caused by infections, for example, colds and influenza. The pressure from patients or sufferers plays a role in it.

When antibiotics are used in those people that do not require them, it leads to increased resistance and prompts the advancement of superbugs. Check with your specialist in the event that you truly require antibiotics if you are offered them. Furthermore, don’t ask your specialist for an antibiotic script on the off chance that he or she supposes it will have little effect on your recovery.

Maintain your Immunity

When you are most healthy, your body is fit for battling diseases. While your immune system is disturbed, you leave yourself open to the risk of serious infections because your body does not have enough power to fight any attacks. Kratom is very effective for immunity issues.

To make sure your illness is taken care, the most common approach is your up-to-date and after being cured, you need to take care of it. However, there are various places from where you can buy Kratom online.

Take care when Travelling

You will probably get germs while traveling because they are more prevalent in the food and water supplies of outside home. Know what you are eating and drinking when traveling, and recall hot food is constantly more secure than uncooked food since heating eliminates bacteria and germs.


The tips explained above will surely be beneficial in protecting you from germs and keep you healthy and fit.


ABOUT CAMILLELITE=====================================================
Camille Lite is a content advertising professional at Blogspot, an inbound advertising and revenue platform that helps Health organizations attract visitors, convert leads. Earlier, Camille worked as a publicity manager for health e-commerce brands.

Blacksmith Of Own Happiness

We all need to ask ourselves at a certain point in our lives this question “Destiny, Is It Real ?”.I believe that everyone of us is the Blacksmith of own happiness !

“What’s the world’s greatest lie?… It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.”
                                                                                                             Paulo Coelho

I was three years old.I suffered from bronchitis,because of which I was very hard to breathe.I coughed a lot and  I  coughed often. On  a  routine  examination  is  revealed, that my pleura was broken,  that I need emergency surgery,because the blood from stomach  came to the heart.

My parents were scared.How did it all happen at once?That’s not possible.But they did not have a choice, they had to agree with  the operation,they had to give their consent.

During the operation, the doctor told my parents that I will not survive, I am too young, my body is to week , and they must be ready for the worst scenario. The operation lasted 7 hours.They allowed students to sew my stomach, because anyway I will not survive.They thought.

Because of that , I have a big scar on my stomach. But I am aliveIn this kind of destiny I believe.

To be a target of a terrorist attack, that  meteor drops on your head, to car hit you  at a pedestrian crossing. Bad luck. Destiny.

People are often left to fate, because they think that their some invisible forces are controlled  their lives, and they can do nothing about that.I heard that quotes ” Everything that needs to happen is going to happen”. 

I don’t believe in this. Does that mean you do not have to do anything in your life to change something. Just like on autopilot , just live like an animal or like a plant. Wait, and it will happen.No it will not.

Your life is your whole time in your hands,and your must be very proactive in your life. You must be an active participant in your life.If you want something, take it. Do your best to accomplish that.

Do your best, and forget the rest!

Because of destiny illusion, we have millions of autopilots around us. A millions of people who spend their whole  lives not even trying to change anything. I will tell you something, it is easier on this way. Just sit on your “destiny” chair, and fly on the wings of destiny.

Destiny is  what you choose.Your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, job, profession, mood, it is your call. Not destiny call. In your way, you will find a many challenges. You will have to make many decisions. These decisions determine your destiny.

Be wise on your road, create your destiny brave. Create amazing life because you are amazing, and on your road don’t forget the biggest truth in the world You Can Do It !!!

New Year=New Goal

New Year=New Goal,because it  is a good time for new goals !

We have every New Year the opportunity to look at our life, in earlier period, from time distance. We have that opportunity every day, but due to everyday obligations, we don’t have too much time for that. But know, at the end of the  year , we have that great opportunity.

New Year is a  great  time  to  realize  that  life  is  transient , and that we are older for one year since the previous New Year . We are not the same in  physical terms too.  We have  a whole new body in the cells sense.
New skin, new hair, new lungs.Supermen, is really your middle name. Ask yourself here, have you done anything to help your body to build new healthy cells? If your answer is negative, maybe this could be your new goal for next year.

We should ask ourselves couple serious questions,and we must be honest with answers.

Have I had goals this year ?


No  matter what the goals were. To lose weight, to stop smoking, to stop drinking, to find another job,to buy a cat. Or, the much bigger goals, to  move in the direction of your dream.What is really important is to have them.

Have I achieved them?

Please here, be honest. If you did not accomplished them, what was the reason for that.Vis maior ( Force Majeuro) could be the reason,but in most cases we are the main reason for that.I like to blame only myself for all things I did or not.

Did I do everything in my power to make them happen?

Sometimes, some things are above your power, and you can’t not influence them .Maybe you think you did everything in your power to make them happen, but in fact, maybe you  are not ready for your goal . You must have strong faith, that your goal  belongs to you. You must be in the same line, in the same frequency with your goal.

I am telling you this, not to  provoke a feeling of guilt in you.

 I’m telling you this not to repeat the same mistake next year.

Now you are ready for new goal(s). We lawyers like to say “Paper endures all” .Write down your goal(s).

Every goal is much stronger on paper.Small, big, funny, no matter what kind of goal,it has a much bigger power on paper. It is very important to have a faith in your goal. This paper, with your goal should set on same visible place in your home, to remind you of your promise, to remind you that time passes and you must act. Act now.

Now, you are ready for  celebration. Now you are ready for New Year. I wish you the best in  New Year, a lot of happy moments, a lot of healthy moments, a lot of love, but the most I want you to be aware that your life is and it will be in your hands always.

Use your great power, make your dreams come true, Happy New Year, and don’t forget You Can Do It !!!


The Risk Of Doing Nothing

The risk of doing nothing is the greatest risk you can take in your life!

Once in a kingdom lived a  peasant who lived very hard. He was engaged in farming, and he lived very poorly. The earth was stingy, the earth was dry,it has not rained for years. He had almost  nothing to eat.There was a sea near his house,and his king told himIn this sea you can hunt fish,because there are plenty of fish here,but if you  catch the black fish I’ll cut your head off“.

And he was scared . Scared and hungry . Whether to try to catch fish,or not.Hamlet’s dilemma. To eat or not. He had a fear of death. The fear of death was so strong that he was much stronger than starvation.He chose never to try. “It’s better to have a sparrow in a hand,than a pigeon on a branch“, he thought.

He never tried to catch a fish, all his life, because of the fear that he will catch the very black fish.

The biggest risk in life

As you can see from the story above, people have a greater fear of failure than a wish to succeed.They are ready  to  live  the  whole  life  on  the same way,  in the way they learned them, instead of trying to change things.They have a fear that they will catch “the black fish”, and died,but they are not aware that they are already death without their dreams.Because, what is life without dreams ? Is it worth it to be lived ? Maybe it is , if you are an animal.But if you are human being, you must have dreams.And you have to give your best to make them real.

If you asking me what is the biggest risk in life. I will tell you this, it is the risk of doing nothing.You are raised on one way, according to one pattern which is roughly similar in all countries “finish school, find a decent job, work 8,9,10 hours per day, pay your taxes, get retired on time, and that is all what you need to do.”

But what about our dreams ? In that whole programmed life, when are we going to have time for our dreams. 

When you’re ready to lose your life,only then you begin to live. Also,  when  you’re  ready to lose your current way of life,  you  can  be  sure  that  you  are  ready  for  your dreams,because  you will be free from fear.

Do not hesitate to try to make your dreams come true,even if you risk to fail,even if you risk to catch black fish,believe me, that risk is worth. Prove yourself that you  think with your own head.That you are not average, that you are great. Defeat your fear because You Can Do It !!!

The Christmas Tag

I’m nominated by my friend Vero, for this award. I love this title “Christmas Tag” and I love her blog. Her little son, and my little buddy Canito is simple beautiful . I saw him in her Instagram account, and he fascinated me at first  glance. Vero and Canito, enjoy in Christmas and in food, in love, in family, in positive energy.

Here are the rules for this award:

  • Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog √
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  • Answer the 10 questions (you can add extra Christmas – related questions if you want) √
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Answers on questions :

  1. What´s your favorite thing about Christmas? Family together.This is my first association. I am a very traditional man who enjoys in his family .
  2. What´s your favorite Christmas memory? Emotion of happiness when the family is together, I remember emotions in most cases, and happiness is my emotion about Christmas. It is my memory .
  3. Are there special traditions your family has for Christmas? We have  a tradition of going to the forest day before Christmas, on Christmas Eve to cut Christmas three.We’re going very early, about 4 o’clock in the morning to find oak three.We cut it and bring it home.
  4. What´s your Christmas wish? (can be personal or general). My Christmas wishes are always the same .Personal and general. I wish you good health , for my family, and for my readers .Mental health , and physical health.Health is not everything,but without health everything is nothing.
  5. What´s your favorite Christmas dish? It is gruel.It is a dish made of corn flour and cheese.A lot of cheese. I love it 🙂
  6. What´s your favorite Christmas decoration?Christmas and  New Year’s tree. My kids love to decorate the three, and I am happy when they are happy
  7. Where do you usually celebrate Christmas? It’s a family holiday,so at my home with my family.
  8. What does the “Christmas spirit” mean to you? The spirit of the family.
  9. Who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your Christmas with? I don’t want to change anything here .With my family,with my kids. I love to say Thank you God for my kids.I love to watch them, to smell them, to kiss them. Everyday is Christmas when we are together .
  10. Additional question for my interest: How do you celebrate your Christmas day, food, presents and everything related to that day?  We  get  up  early,  and  dressed  festively. Congratulations Christmas to each other.The food is on the table all day.We sing, eat, socialize, laugh.Life is beautiful 🙂

And who are my nominees for Christmas Tag…

Tiffany Bel Harper

Gail Dorna

Anne Leueen

Here is the questions for my nominees .Thank you !

  1. What´s your favorite thing about Christmas?
  2. What´s your favorite Christmas memory?
  3. Are there special traditions your family has for Christmas?
  4. What´s your Christmas wish? (can be personal or general)
  5. What´s your favorite Christmas dish?
  6. What´s your favorite Christmas decoration?
  7. What´s your favorite Christmas song?
  8. Where do you usually celebrate Christmas?
  9. What does the “Christmas spirit” mean to you?
  10. Who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your Christmas with?
  11. Additional question for my interest: Do you believe in Christmas ?

Are You Leonardo Da Vinci

In this world everything is connected via atoms. Vision, Déjà vu,Prophecy, are they real!? Yes they are. Are you Leonardo da Vinci, is the question in which I will try to answer in this post.

We live in material world.In the world where money is a moral unit .If you have money, you have the power, and with power you have influence.Gold has value, just like silver.Everything has a certain value because it was given by a man. In fact  they are just metals,  with a certain chemical composition.

To live we must breathe. In one breath we take a breather of about 25 billion of  billion atoms.It is this number We take a breathe in, and get them back in the air.We breathe about 16 times per minute. This is true for all people in the world who live and have lived ever in our great planet.

One of them is true genius Leonardo da Vinci.He is for sure among the most influential people in history, great artist, great scientist.His works today are causing admiration around the world. He was dealing with anatomy, with painting, with military defense and in all areas he was successful. When  you look at his picture “Mona Lisa” you will agree with me that it acts very mysterious.How important this picture is you can see from the fact that she has her own room in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Did  you know  that  his  picture “The last super”  is  also a musical score!?  According to Italian musician Giovanni  Maria  Pala,  da  Vinci incorporated musical notes in “The Last Supper.”  In 2007, Pala created a 40-second melody from the notes that were allegedly hidden in the scene.

And this great genius and expert also breathed in his 67 year-long life. Just like you, and just like me .He breathed and exhaled billions of atoms every minute. 16 times in minute, 960 times in hour , calculate further by yourself.

The atoms he inhaled he returned to the atmosphere each minute,and believe it or not they are still here. In this air, below this blue sky. Atom is energy, and energy never dies.Also atom is information. And we are  made up of atoms.

So the main question here is :

Are You Leonardo Da Vinci !?

Since we all breathe in every breath about 100 million atoms, atoms that were in Leonard’s lungs, yes you are. Atoms were on Earth before us and they will be after us.We are made up of atoms, of atoms which  vibrate at a certain frequency.


So , the answer is YES . Use your immense potential, use that knowledge which Leonardo possessed and which is still here with us, in the air and in your lungs.You are a divine being just like Leonardo, and please use this knowledge, use that power in you, to meet your dreams because if he could, I am sure that You Can Do It !!!

Clean Your Chimney !

Clean your chimney, it can be ignited !

To live in your home, he must be warm, and you can heat up in many ways, but in most cases you will need a chimney to take toxic smoke from the house. I like masters for the chimney since my childhood, because my grandmother told me that is good to meet them, they bring happiness. 

The chimney draws toxic smokes from your house. During the action of smoke, soot deposits were creating. One centimeter of carbon black deposits reduces airflow by 15%. In this case, the chimney loses its function.It is often necessary to clean your chimney to work properly.Animals may also be inhabited in the chimney if it is not used for a long time.

But, what about your soul !?Your soul also has a chimney and she  needs cleaning from time to time, from all  garbage settled on her walls to work properly. This is very important to humans. We can’t absorb  all the negative energy we are exposed to.That is impossible. Also we can not ignore it. Sometimes we can not avoid negative people, negative news, negative impacts. We absorb their energy which settles on the walls of our soul.

You can check here if you miss, what is the worst enemy of your soul !

Negative thoughts, they do not have to be the result of a negative attitude.They can be the result of negative influence, negative  environment.

How to clean your chimney ?

Meditation is one of the ways.To clean your chimney on this way, you need some quiet place. Close your eyes and  counts from fifty to zero slowly. Then, think about nothing.Clear your mind from all thoughts. Just concentrate on your breathing.

Alpha music is another way. Set comfortably, and listen some  alpha state music .Just like in the first way, think about your breathing only, and listen music. She will harmonize the frequency of your body with natural.

Prayer is great way to  reduce the frequency of your body, and to clear your chimney.As you can notice from my posts, you should  to reduce the frequency of brainwaves to increase the frequency of your body.

Watch the comedy movie. I like to watch Charlie Chaplin movies. I laugh from my heart when I look  them.They are so funny.But just like in first cases, I must to concentrate on the movie, and to live my past in the past and my future in the future.They can simply not be obsolete.

It is very important to clean your soul. Leave your garbage out, and you’ll be balanced. You can’t be happy and healthy if your soul is not clean,because she will work with less intensity.Clean your chimney because You Can Do It !!!



The Sunshine Blogger Award (4)

Award from dear friends has a higher value !

The person who nominated me is my little friend Canito.  This is the first award  in which I am nominated by such a young blogger.And that is real honor, because kids are so honest. He have a great mum Vero, and she meets all his culinary desires and publishes them on their site With colours and Canito in the kitchen.

Thank you guys 🙂

Here are the rules for this award:

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  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them √
  • Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 new questions to answer √
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Answers on questions 

  1. What is your best memory to your childhood? My whole childhood is one great memory .Sometimes some period of life should pass through to become aware of how beautiful it was.Carelessness, is my best emotion from my childhood !
  2. What is your most favorite dish? I love to eat chicken breast, on any way.They are so delicious , and what is very important they are very healthy.
  3. What is your biggest fear? That we will destroyed our beautiful planet with our selfishness.
  4. How do you start your day? With meditation. I wake up fifteen minutes earlier, to start my day with meditation, with silence, with peace.
  5. What is your biggest dream? That is  freedom.Geographical freedom, to be in any place on Earth where I want to be. Time freedom, to be in any place when I want to be! 

My nominees are:

The long road to yourself
A Learning Poet

Questions for my nominees :

In what you believe ?
Are you ready for change ?
Do you think that you have an opened mind ?
Can people affect you?
Are you living on the way you want ?