Unify Your Thoughts

How much is the power  of one single drop of water , or one liter of water ? I would say very restricted.But how much  strength lies in hundreds-thousands of billions drops of water unite into one.

From the mountain was flowed a small stream.  The peasants are build a dam on the stream road, and they created a small lake. It was originally a small stream,but they added a new stones every day ,with intention to build strong dam, and to collect water for irrigation their meadow. Since the water was every day flowed from the mountain, they need each day to add new stones on dam.

One day, when the lake rose enough the dam had broke and water flooded their meadows.

You can see from this story, how small stream, can rose in big lake. How small power can rose in great power.Small stream is  harmless,because he is small with small power,but when he rose enough he becomes danger,he becomes powerful.He becomes so powerful that he can eve to flood the environment.

This is the same with our thoughts .From 60.000 thoughts which they pass through our head every single day, one single thought is nothing, but can  you imagine how powerful will be 10.000 of the same thoughts .Does it exist the dam that these forces would not be able to break it ?

Everything in the universe is energy variable density.

Every human body has its own frequency.Every single organ in our body,every single things in nature, has its own frequency. For example, our body when we are healthy is at a frequency from 62-78 MHz. Sick   body is in frequency lower than 58 MHz.Did you know that a cup of coffee reduces the frequency of the body to 58 MHz for only three seconds ?

Positive thoughts raise the frequency of our body for 50%. I am sure that you are found yourself in a situation when some person simple just does not fit to you. Someone who does not have to say a single word, awakens in you bad emotions. How is that possible ? You feel his energy, you feel body frequency.We are spiritual creatures,no material.

On the other hand some people just calm us,without any visible reason.
It is all about energy.


When you go to nature you  feel calm,because you feel energy, which is working at 432 Hz.According to the ISO standard all music on radio and television must be broadcast at 440Hz frequency. By accident !? I don’t think so. Stradivari  violin operates at a frequency of 432 Hz. This is the cod of universe.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla-

Unify your thoughts and you will see the real Mind Power. Take some time  of your day and train your thoughts to be positive.You can not control all your thoughts, but your subconscious can.Convince your subconscious to create only positive thoughts, and you will be positive.

Don’t forget that You Can Do It !!!



Contact me And I Will Support You

When you’re in the room,with music in the dark,and with the memory.When you wish that your morning not comes.
You must be aware that I will support you.Contact me

When you have a bad time,when you think that  your world is falling apart…Contact me,and I will support you.

When you failed in love,when you think that you are the  ugliest human being in the world (you are the most beautiful in the world),Contact me and I will support you.

When you failed in business,and when you think that you are the dumbest person in the world,Contact me…I will support you.

When you are ill.When you are thinking that you will died of the worst diseases in the world,Contact me..and I will support you…


Sometimes,we all have a bad times ,but it is much easier when you have someone  to tell you that it will pass.


Contact me and I will support you….


Get Out From Prison

Did you know that every day  through your head pass about 60.000 thoughts, and 99% thoughts are the same like yesterday ?Your emotions are dependent on your thoughts.You are what your thoughts are.

During the Second World War the army has captured two enemy soldiers,and shut them in a dark room.Each day they brought them two meals very bad food.They did not harassed soldiers, they just gave them the bad food.In the  cell next to their was locked also one soldier and he told them that their food was poisoned.The first prisoner has become very sick after that,and his health condition has become very bad.Second prisoner has progressed,and even improved his health condition.

The difference between these two prisoners was in fact that the first  one has believed that the food was poisoned but the the second one is not. The food was not poisoned at all.But the first prisoner was died at the end,and the second one is released in great form.There is no magic here.

The first prisoner was believed that nothing can happen to him and that he will leave his prison alive and healthy.The fact that the food was poisoned,was not in line with his vision of himself and with his desire to live the prison, and his subconscious has  this idea immediately rejected.

The second prisoner  was unsure of himself.He did not believe that he will get out of prison and his subconscious was just waiting for a reason to surrender to fulfill his expectations.

As you can see from the story, when you have some picture of yourself,when you have some strong desire, your subconscious will take further actions.She will meet with resistance of consciousness,but if your faith is strong that resistance will be mastered without effort.Just like in the example with first prisoner,but if  your image of yourself and your desire are weak,your subconscious will accept such a form.

If you tell me that I’m not looking good,that I’m pale and ill, that idea will be immediately rejected by my subconsciousness because my picture about me is totally different.I am healthy person, and I will be healthy the hole my life.

But if you say that  to someone who already thinks for itself that he is in bad condition, you will probably put him in the hospital, because his self-image is like that, he is just waiting for confirmation from his conscious.

As you can notice, some people are always in the good mood. They are happy every day.But some people are always in the bad mood. They don’t want to change their mood,they can but first they need to change their thoughts. They need to consciously change their at least 10.000 thoughts every day.After some time, they thoughts will be changed for good because their subconsciousness will take this role for further.

Practice your thoughts, get out of prison.Create the picture of yourself in your mind on the way you want.You are born to be healthy,to be great.Do not kill yourself with bad thoughts.

The biggest misconception in the world is that your thoughts do not depend on you .

Clear your mind and I know You Can Do It !!!

Do You Need Help ?

Do you think that you are great ,physically and mentally? Or you thinking that you need help from third part to be healthy ,to be in better  condition ? All care that you need and you will need is in you already.So my question is Do You Need Help ???

In one small country has ruled  one very cruel ruler.He used the country to itself gained huge wealth.He was very wealthy. The richest man in the country.The people were hungry,disappointed,disenfranchised.Although the country was officially a democratic,in fact nothing in that country did was not  democratic.

Ruler is kept under its control the government,judiciary,police .The country was heavily indebted.The economy has been extinguished.Salaries were very small, just like pensions.The health care system was destroyed,as well as the social system,school system.Everything was destroyed.Loans were paid the salaries of health workers, and all others budget consumers.People were very,very unhappy. 

People had the opportunity every four years to make some changes.They had elections.

But in the elections most people did not want to vote.And those who voted,they voted for the same ruler.

After that, everything  remains the same.People have complained on ruler.Ruler gained wealth.Loans were taken.And like that for years.People don’t like changes. They did not want to help themselves.


So,do you need help ? Do you need changes?No one can help you if you do not want.But you can help to yourself.In you is a huge force,great force. The strongest power in the  universe. Do you have any health issue? Heal yourself.Maybe you are skeptical about this.Maybe you’re reading this and think in yourself “What the hell this guy talk ” !? But I am telling you, you can heal yourself with your mind.

In the past it was considered that the universe is created from energy and from  matter.But we know now that even matter is composed from energy.The universe and our planet is not from matter, they are from energy. You are pure energy.



You have two states of mind:
Conscious,who manages with only 5% of our procedures,
Subconscious,who manages with 95% of our procedures.

Our subconscious create your cells.From one cells may occur about 12.000.000 new cells.New cells with new energy and healthy energy.If you have a disease,it does not matter how serious it is,you just need to convince yourself that you are healthy.You need to convince your subconscious  that you don’t have disease, and she will work in accordance with that.Your body will produce new cells,healthy cells,and you will be healthy.

Our body is composed of 50 trillion cells.For example skin cells can live for 2-3 weeks,which means they are dying every day and new are born.The heart is renewal of 3-4 times in a lifetime.From now, you will have a new heart after couple years.Colon cells are renewed every 2-3 days.

Do you have skin problem.Heavy skin problem. Who cares, you will have a new skin after 2-weeks.You must  produce new, healthy cells,and your skin  will be healthy.You will have a new skin.Healthy skin.How. From Alpha state,convince your self that you are healthy,and you will be.

So, Do you need help ?Free the power from you.Heal yourself. You are born to be healthy. Healthy is not everything in life,but without health, everything is nothing.

You Can Do It!!!

I Said STOP-And It Stopped

Decide that you will be healthy, and you will be healthy.
This is a very true story about my decision to heal myself  from severe allergies that bother me hole my life.

From my earl ages, I had suffered from severe allergies.My condition was bad,because my body was react very difficult  for some things from my environment, such as mites,house dust,cat hair, various types of grass. This problem is  caused problems to my lungs,to my hole physical condition.When I was three years old  due to lung problems, my pleura has broke, and I’m emergency operated.The doctors said to my parents  that I would survive this operation very difficult, and they should be ready for the worst scenario.

God had other plans for me.

I survived, but also my problems with  allergies.My nose was always inflamed. My eyes were permanently swollen and watery.Drugs were a part of my everyday life.Due to exhaustion, my global health status was very bad.My immunity was destroyed with medication.One day I said to myself, it is enough. You are healthy. You must be aware of that.You must convince yourself in that.

I lay down on the bed, and I tried to relax.When  I became sufficiently relaxed I said to my mind I am perfectly healthy,my body is in perfect condition. I imagined myself how I’m running around a green meadow,happy,healthy,strong. After couple days I  have notice that my nose, after first sentence is start automatically to purified. But I was thinking in that period that it was coincidence. I was so wrong .Their is no such a thing like coincidence .

After two weeks I have notice, that my nose has stopped to secrete mucus. With that my lungs are becoming purer.I start to breathe better, and with that I took a larger amount of oxygen which reflected positively on the whole my condition,on my immunity too.After a month I was cured,totally.


But people quickly get used on new condition and I forget this, and the life is took their tribute,and my allergic was back.I was angry on everything,I said to myself “why now“,”why me” . The worst kind of pity is self-pity. This time I began to start to apply yoga ,and I am again, for good heal myself, forever .

How….We are born to be health. Our cells depends on our environment.If our environment is health, our cells will be health too and vice versa. When I said our environment, I mean primarily  on our thoughts. .When I convince my self that I am healthy, my subconscious, which is  my  servant and which controls 95% of my body’s processes, moving immediately to the realization.

They say that 90% of all drugs for depression has placebo effect .The scientist who conducted the study worked with a sample of 20,000 patients.But his work has never published.Can you guess why !?Because this industry (depressants and antidepressants) is heavy 8 billions dollars on yearly basis.

So my friends. Do you want to be healthy ? I know you do. It’s your choice. Remember whatever you  convince your subconscious, you will achieve .

Be healthy, because You Can Do It !!!

Change Your Mold

In one  distant land has  lived a jeweler.He had a golden hands, and he was very worth. He made the most brilliantly pieces of gold jewelry  for king and the others rich citizens.But the jewelry had only one flaw,all his jewelry has the same shape.It was in the form of star. Therefore, he needed a lot of gold to make jewelry,and all his jewelry was very expensive.

One day,the king asked him to draw up the jewelry in the form of moon.He insisted. Jeweler was  devastated, it is impossible, it can be only in the star form. He melted a large piece of gold and poured it into starry mold and he  got it again the same piece of gold.In the form of star.He tried again, and he got the same result.Again, again, again, every time the result was the same.

He went to the local sages and asked him for help,and the wise man said to him: ” Until you change your mold, the result will be the same“.

Our  subconscious is our mold.We all have molds in our head,we have molds from our childhood,from our education.Molds are our emotions. For example, you can forget when someone is insulted you, but you can not forget that emotion he has caused in you, you can forgive him, but emotion will be there for good,unless you change it .This is how things works.

This molds in our subconscious can be good, if they born every time good emotions.But in most cases they are heavy a burden for our development. If your parents instilled in your head that is it too risky to invest money, and that you should work for salary all your life, you’ll have a real  fear every time when you want to invest your money in any sense.

Or, if you have a bad experience about some event from your past.If you were at a party at which you experienced embarrassment, every time when  you go to the similar party will arise in you emotion of shame , a larger or lesser extent. Everything in our life is related with emotions.

So, we need to change our mold, from our subconscious.We need to input a new emotion in our mind.We don’t need to experience new event,but we need new emotion.Our brain  can not distinguish reality from dream in emotion sense,in hormone sense. 

So, we need a peaceful place, and we need mediation,to create new emotion. We must convince our brain to create new emotion about that specific event.

We can do that from our bad, before  bedtime or after waking up.It is important that our brain is in  Alpha state.


With same mold, you will always create the same emotions. Over and over again. Because of molds, in most cases,children of successful people are successful,children of average people are average.

Change your molds, and your life will change too,because You Can Do It !!!

We Need Answers !!!

This is a 21-First Century.We are an advanced civilization, compared to our ancestors from the middle ages.We thinking now differently than people from middle ages, differently  even then people from  last century.This is normal, we as a civilization, we moving forward every day.Because of that, “Faith” is not enough for us to change our world.It is not enough when someone told us: You need to think positive, You must believe in your health, You must believe that you can do everything .We need more…..

This is the very first reason for my research of my brain, my faith,my environment,my life. My grandmother used to say:”Even when you have a bad time of life, say you’re good and you will be good.” Of course, I did not believe in that at all.I thought it did not matter what I’ll say.How can it have to do with my life at all. But then, I have realize some things in one period of my life.

I have realize that we are the same from outside, but we are totally different from the inside. We have the same organs,heart, lung, liver, pancreas, brain, but somehow, they are not the same.Their composition is not the same. And here, I had explain why.

I have realize that our brain is very, very powerful machine.We are not aware of that at all.We know nothing about our brain.We have nerve cells in our brain and they communicate with each other using electrical impulses.It is impossible that such a complex machine is in our head  just to satisfy our basic needs for food and water as well as for reproduction  .It just does not make sense.Here I explain how our minds work.

We are very complex beings. We have two state of mind, conscious and subconscious.We do not give enough attention to our subconscious. But it is our subconscious mind associated with our body,and with our goals,because she is so powerful, and so strong and we must be aware of that. I talk here about that how to be Wise king in sense how to have a full control  of your life through your subconscious.

I’ve often wondered if there is a universal justice how some evil and bad  people are very happy, and they live for a long time, but some other are good and great, but they are unhappy, and they die young and sick. For example,on the ruler of Germany in World War II (I don’t want to mention his name here ) is  attempted 42 assassination and they all failed. On the other hand he thought for himself that he is the man of God, and it can not happen anything to him.What you think about yourself, is happening.

Life is great, but life is always aspires to development.Life is always must to go forward, if we want to be happy , great, filled.Otherwise we will  be unhappy.We need to have goals, always.Clear goals. When we realize one goal, we need to set another one,because life in us needs to grow. When we stop with develop we become dissatisfied.Very, very dissatisfied.We need next goal, then next,then next.For example  when I enrolled in law school, it was unthinkable for me to overcome so much material and  gain a degree,and it was my clear goal, and I made it.But I was disappointing in some strange way,because I was the same person, my goal is achieved, and now what ? I’m not happy.is it all ? I need more.I need one more goal.Because of that, I think all great people, artist, who were very dissatisfied,were dissatisfied because due to the lack of new goals.

We are so powerful that we can heal ourselves with our thoughts. This is a real example of that magical healing.This is very true story about that.

And at the end, the last but not the least important thing is Water. I  wrote a capital W with reason.Water is around us,in us, above us, below us. We are created from water,just like our planet.Please, check my Water posts here. Water I, Water II , Water III

So, we create our destiny with our thoughts, because every single thoughts is pure energy and has its own frequency.We  are connected with the hole universe thought energy and thought water,and we are what we think we are .Because of all above mention, this article make sense http://benaqiba.com/make-a-wish-and-do-it-2/.

Know that in your deeper mind are Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Power.”
― Joseph Murphy-

Faith, is make sense now, when we know  from a scientific standpoint,why is something happening, and how is something happening.I know that this parole have a sense now You Can Do It !!!

Her Majesty Water-The Final Chapter

Water is magical ! It is true, it is very true. And we must know that fact, for good. We must be remember this, and this fact etched deep in our subconscious.


Are we magical too, because we drink a water every day !? We can live without food 40 days, but we can not live without water more than 4 days. Our brain is  composed to 90% from water,and our body depends on our ages, about 70%. Her chemical structure is natural, and there is nothing unknown in that ,but what is the most important about water, is in her molecular structure.Group of molecules from water, so-called Clusters. Those clusters are so important for us.

If you have not read yet my previous posts about water,you can read it here :Part IPart II. 

Water is the biggest computer in the world.Water know everything, and water remember everything.How? In each cell of water is about 400,000 informational fibers,with its one memory. Every single fiber can memorize a lot of information,but  every single fiber can also in contact with others fibers to transfer their memories on him.Water not only that remember the memories, but she also  transmits them on other fibers,when she come into contact with them.Since the beginning of the world until today can you imagine what information we can find in water ?



Water was wets the faces of the greatest minds of our time, and now she wets our faces and bodies.With all that knowledge from centuries.Because water has memory. Water remember all  features from different material.For example, did you know that water form silver containers, can kill with one atom a 60.000.000 microbes.Because silver has medicinal qualities and the water  remember that.Remember things and transfer to us.


Yes it is.

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto which is conducted experiments with water, has took three containers and put in them a rice.After that, he is poured into each cup the same amount of water.They said to first container the words ” I love you“, every day, for three months, the  second has told “I hate you“, and to third he not said  anything.He ignored them.

After one month, a rice from the first container has sprouted !

A rice from the second container has dried up !

And rice form the third container has grow moldy!

It is all because of water, which is connected with plants and nature, and with us.

Are the water is afraid of the dark. I don’t know, but I know that her structure has changed when you turn on the light. 

So my dear friends, all great people who are reading this post.All people who are aware that we do know nothing about The Universe, The Earth, Our Brain, but we are ready to learn, must be aware, that we are living in one great place.Water Planet.Blue Planet.Magical Planet. And we are ready for change.We are ready to take advantage of our great nature, from water, from universe, from our brain, to step forward, and to have a great life, because we are great.

I am sure that you are know for now that You Can Do It !!!

Her Majesty Water-part II

Aqua est fons vitae. The water is source of life. And it is .When you look at from the beginning of the world, when the water is appeared,it is appeared life too.Scientists on all missions on Mars seeking primarily one thing .Water !Why, because where is water there is life too.


Did you know that all the prayers in the world of all religions are performed at the same frequency, 8Mhz. This is the same frequency on which vibrates the Earth’s magnetic field.Everything is only one,remember.   Also all religions use water in their rituals. In most world religions, water is considered to be a substance that clean. Here I’m thinking primarily to Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Rastafarian, Shintoism, Taoism and others. Immersing a person in water in Christianity is called the baptism ,in Islam it is called ghusl,in Judaism  the mikvah. In Islam, the five daily prayers can be done only when a person clean his body first.

In the picture below you can  look, how the  structure of the water looks after prayer.

This is amazing.Now about my sentence above.Did you know that all the prayers in the world of all religions are performed at the same frequency, 8MhzDo you see connection now. All prayers are in the Alpha waves frequency,and that is frequency where we perform our subconscious reprogramming. Also water very strongly respond on this frequency. Scientists have conducted experiments on water on the way, they played through her electrical impulses, magnetic impulse, and among the other things human emotions, positive and negative. Water is the strongest react on human emotions.When I say reacted strongly I mean here on molecule structure like in picture above.

Water has its own energy, and I am sure that  you’ve heard about the phrase living water.  Yes, the water is living being and could died too. We can say the water is dead when  water does not radiate energy.

In the remote jungle of Indonesia scientists have discovered the source of water, which uses only one tribe,who lives near, and they are so happy, healthy.They took a water sample and carried on the analysis in the laboratory.It turned out that the water sample that has brought 40,000 times more energy radiation from ordinary water.When they took from the  patient a blood sample and put it under the microscope they found that his blood cells glued together,and this is a sign of vascular disease, liver or heart.But when he drank a glass of water, his blood cells are separated and they radiated energy.

It is clear that water is a cure, that water has its own memory that remembers in its structure,that can absorb negative and positive  energy from us. Also water can be sick too. When she don’t  have any energy, we can say the water is dead. But water have one great feature, and that is she can evaporate and go into the clouds, where they deliver all the negativity and she come back fresh.

So my friends, you can see how water is important for us.You can see how we are connected with nature thought water,  thought energy, thought  our thoughts. You can see how it is important to think positive, and to attract positive energy from nature, also to drink healthy water, water with positive structure, and water with positive energy.Do not hang with a negative people, and especially do not drink water in their presence.

Think positive, and drink positive.

You Can Do It !


Her Majesty Water

Water is the biggest computer in the world.Water has its own memory, and its traits. Water is the most important  thing for us,for Earth,for all living beings.

Do you know what water is ? After  series of posts about water you will have totally different opinion about this great liquids.I am sure about that.

It is no accident that I got in my menu a stream,with one great message.

I am so fascinating with this liquids that I don’t know where to start to talk about water.It is and it was so important for all of us,but as one great scientist said, “The greatest discovery of the 21st century we know nothing about water”. And this is so true.The chemical composition of the water is not important to us (H2O=two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom).

But this is not important.What is important for us is its structure.A scientist from Japan which is called Masaru  Emoto is conducted research on water on the way that he took several water samples and put them in different containers, which had sent different messages.He came to the conclusion that the structure of water changes depending on which messages he sends, is which the words he spoke.


He spoke different words to the water and after that he froze water with  Cryo method on the to a temperature of – 73  Celsius degrees, and you can see from the picture above how the structure of the water was   changed depending on the words he spoke.You can see how the water is react on ugly words like “You disgust me” or You fool” .The structure of water is irregular and the crystals are unclear.


In the picture above you can see what are the water crystals water are after  words Love and Thank You and what are they after sentence I hate you.It is really astonishing is not it.

Here is one more example about structure of water after the word happiness.In all this pictures and also situations, the chemical composition of the water has remained the same (two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom). He, from the beginning to end has not changed, which means that the water is maintained its chemical properties.

Water is the only liquid in the world which expands during the freezing period.Also the water is the only material in the world who have three states:liquid, gaseous and firm.Water also has its own energy and the ability to affects our lives.About 70% of our body is water and about 90% of our brain is water.


Approximately 72% of our planet is covered with water,and about 1.3 billion cubic kilometers. You drink the same water that drank your ancestors.

Did you know that water changes its characteristics after the priest is consecrates her!? I will write about that in my next post.

For now, please be aware how much water is important for your life, for your health and for your goals.In the presence of water, watch your mouth.


You Can Do It !!!