Your mind, your enemy or friend !?


Have you ever shook from nervousness.
-I am

Have you ever have a headache, which is create by yourself, in your mind

-I am

Have you ever thought that you can not do something, and your body has reacted with cramps, racing heart, fear.          

-I am 

Close your eyes and imagine that you are on top of the highest building in the world. The building has a beautiful balcony but no balcony railing. Step up all the way to the edge, keep your fingers cross over and imagine to look down.Do you feel how you heart strikes,do you feel how your pulse is increase .

How, you are here not there. Because of your mind, he was there believe me. Mind do not recognize real picture from imagine picture.Brain runs the your, the brain runs all processes in the body. Whether we talk about conscious or subconscious , the brain moves all.

This is a wonderful knowledge is not, because it gives us power over our bodies, of our brain, and of our own destiny.

The utmost truth to the world is the one which give us the greatest freedom.And the  the greatest freedom in the world is knowledge  that we can change things.We can change us. You can not change me, I can not change you . But I can change my mind,my view on the world. I can not change the world.


Make from your mind your best friend, because You Can Do It  !!!