Ultima forsan




What would you do if you knew that you will live just one more day?

Have you ever thought about that ? Are you aware that life is passable ?Do you behave and live with the knowledge ? How often do you do the things that you love ?

All of these questions asked himself a very busy man after traveling to  Tibet.

He has worked hard throughout the whole year.From 9 am to 9 pm .He was under a lot of stress during the year.His soul was poisoned with anger,sadness,with depression and he decided to go on a pilgrimage in Tibet to try to find  peace and energy for new working victories .

He left his cell phone, laptop, and went on a journey.

After much walking he came to the monastery, where he spent seven days .

He was impressed by the peaceful energy which is spread in monastery .

He was particularly enthusiastic about one monk who lived in a separate part of the monastery. Seven days he was gathering the courage to speak to him ,but the monk sensed that and invited him into his home .

He had a thousand unanswered questions yet he did not ask monk a thing.

The monk knew for his moral dilemma, and for his questions, so he gave him hourglass with the words Ultima forsan ( maybe the last).And that was all.The monk asked him to leave.He was confused but he went  without comment.

He stayed  for seven days more,alone, thinking about himself and his life,keeping all the time an hourglass in his hand.In his head  was echoing Ultima forsan,Ultima forsan,Ultima forsan.

The rest of the story finished by itself .

Life is passable, be aware of it.This should not discourage us. This should give us the power to live. One wise man asked himself, “Is there life before death“. I say YES!!!

Do the things which make you happy. Breathe fully. Life is usually what happens to us while we rush  for our dreams. Do the things that you love, no matter what someone will say. Be free. Live the life how you want, because YOU CAN DO IT !!!

Born as a warrior !


 A warrior was born in times of peace.He practiced his skills at sporting arenas .

When the masters decided to divide the country among themselves, time has come for the warrior to show his skills on the battlefield , because country division  could not be performed in a  peaceful way.

He faithfully served to the master, and pawned a part of his body for him.As he lay injured in hospital  a gypsy woman visited him, looked into his palm and said, “ You will be a rich man”.He did not believe in prophecy, but he believed in himself, and he knew that she was telling the truth .

What he had hoped, and what he expected from the master is to allow him to work after the war, to be able to provide his family  sustainable livelihood.

The master did not give him that. Not only that he did not give him anything, but the master took away from the warrior what he had created. He took  his home. A home that he built, by  his own hands.

Warrior did not give up. He went into the distant Asia to work for other masters and to provide a better life for his family .

When he returned, tired of everything, but born as a warrior, never surrendering ,he decided to make the leap into the unknown, because he is not afraid of anything, and to go in the northern regions,the regions of the Vikings .

He decided to try his luck in the new arena in the north of the globe. And he was successful.

Warrior is a character trait. Warrior does not wait for life to give him a chance, warrior does not wait for someone to give him something.A warrior creates his own opportunities, and takes by himself everything he needs from life.

Be the warrior, make the opportunities,fight with life, make your one reality because You Can Do It.

A step out of mediocrity


The boy is born in the average family, from the average parents, who lived an average life, worked in average firms had average salaries, the average city, they educated their children to be average .

The boy had a dream that he dreamed of all his life, and that was to be out of the average, to be the best artist painter, to be honored and respected, to create trends.

His family knew that he had a talent, since he was young he drew beautiful drawings ,but they said to him it was the best for him to finish school and get a job in a company that hah an average salary .

It is hard to realize our  dreams when the family withholds support.

To dream big dreams in a small community, this requires courage.

On the Internet there was  a competition for the conceptual design of the logo for a famous fashion brand,in which the boy sent his idea,which was anything except average.

Leaders of the company were delighted, and they offered him a permanent engagement with high salary.They  offered him a scholarship to a prestigious art school.They offered him to step out of of mediocrity.And he accepted.

We have eyes like the eyes of others, we are similiar to some people, we may  have color and length of hair like most people, but we are a unique combination of the energy and matter. Unique in the universe. There is not a similar compound and especially there is no the same person.Mediocrity is something invented by statistics to characterize us easier, Mediocrity is something invented by politicians to control us easier.

You are not average, you are unique, you are the best, and therefore, dream your dreams, proudly, do not give up on them, trust them, because they are yours and only yours. Do not let them to restrict you, to tell you what you should and what you should not do . Grab your dreams and turn them into reality because   believe me YOU CAN DO IT !

Be Persistent


Winter was at the door. The snow could begin to fall at any moment.A one little bird has sang and rules nest. Every day is flying high and far, to find materials necessary for the construction of the nest .

She collected twigs, mud, water, leaves she has building a small house for his family, which will protect them from wind, rain and predators .

When she was finished, she was proud of herself, but then, the too strong wind is blew strong and blown up the whole house from the tree.

The bird began to sing, and she flew away and began to collect a material for their new nest. She collected twigs, mud, water, leaves she has building a small house for his family,again.

When she was finished, she was proud of herself, but then, group of boys was passing by,and they threw stones and they knocked the nest on the floor .

The bird began to sing, and she flew away and began to collect material for their new nest.She collected twigs, mud, water, leaves she has building a small house for his family,again.

Snow is began to fall, the wind was getting colder and stronger every day, but she was persistent and has not given up of her goal .

How many times in life we thought we should give up, when we  was just near the finish line. How many people have surrendered and give up of his life .It is so sad.The most important common characteristic of all successful people is that they never gave up on their goals.

Never ever stops to build your nest, and eventually you will build it.You can do it !

What is your base camp ?



A group of hikers decided to conquer the top of the K2.With an altitude of 8611 meters, after Mount Everest, it is  the second highest mountain in the world.It is the only mountains that was never defeated  in the winter .

They had a strong will, strong desire. They preparing for days, months, they collected money for years.They found a guide and headed to his goal. They were aware that their task is very dangerous and to risk their lives in this march.They knew that every fourth person who  have climbed to the top get hurt and died during commissioning,and no one who died on the mountain is not a decent burial.The mountain was their grave.

They wanted to enroll among the 300 climbers who actually reached the summit of K2.The desire for glory is stronger then desiry for life for some people.

The most important thing in people who climb is base camp.They must have a good and strong base camp if they want to live.Special attention they devoted to the base camp, and most of its assets are invested precisely in base camp.

When they set out to conquer the top of the northern route, which is faster but more dangerous the weather was wonderful. In the sky there were no clouds, the falling snow has stopped falling.When they moved  2 hours from the camp, the weather suddenly changed and started strong and terrible storm.Powerful wind began blowing snow started falling i abruptly nightfall.Surprised at such weather they began to slowly pull to the camp, but they were particularly afraid that the storm had swept their camp.If so, then their lives are finished.When they returned after a couple of  hours they saw them to be carried to the base camp resists weather and waiting for them.

They entered and greeted to the time calm.After that are greeted their chance and won the top.

This story is so similiar with our life. We have life, we live our lives, we encounter various  on problems and recommendations,but if we do not have a strong base camp, a strong base from which we draw our energy, our supplies will soon be exhausted and we  will not be able to fight with all the difficulties.

Ask your self What is your base camp ?