I want,that means I’m alive



All the books that  I have read for now,which are dealing with themes of human happiness,all they have couple of very important messages, and somehow they  are all the same, because they have the same point,the same starting point.

In the center of all similar books (motivational, educational, religious,psychological) is a humanism.All great things in life are so simple.All great secrets in hole life are so simple. We can see a lot of peaceful and calm peoples over the globe.But when we look at them we can not see any particular reason for that. They don’t have money, they don’t have proper house over the head,they don’t have…..But they have peace.

On the other hand, we can see a lot of peoples, which according to our (today’s society) criteria have all. Money,success,health,but they don’t have peace. I watched a documentary about Kurt Cobain who had a dream to become popular,to achieve success,to have a great band and he is achieved all that. But after that he killed himself. So sad.


We all seek one thing, and that is peace,complacence.

Is it that so hard to accomplish !!!???  It is not at all.All great secrets are simple.Remember this. This is so simple, and so true.This is if you ask me the greatest truth in the world.

What is that means.In all my posts you can see that I really emphasize always how is important to be honest.Honest with yourself,because it is the only way to be happy.You should sit with yourself and talk. Ask yourself, what do you really want from life.Forget ego,forget what you have already, forget what other people can tell you about that,forget how your parents, society would react on that.

Just you and your thoughts.

When you define what you want, than take it. Make some action.It is not important what the other peoples will tell you. What is really important is what you think about that.This is so simple. This is a big secret. Big, simple secret.

Here, you can come across on obstacle from your subconscious,because they teach you your hole life different things, and your wish is contradiction with your education.But this is not important. Just listen to yourself.

If you look at the groups for helps addicts, first step is to say your name, and say that you are an alcoholic, a drug addict.This is the fist step to healing.

You will after first step experience relief, because you are honest with yourself, and you are define what you want.

Than, after first step,it is time for second step.To do something about that.You can do everything you want. But you must make a first move.First step is the hardest one.But hey, you’ve already made the first step,with your honest.You must believe in yourself and in your dreams.

You must enjoy in road toward your dreams. You should enjoy in every single step.

You are alive as long as you have wishes.Don’t ever stop to wish something new,because you will on this way always remind  yourself that you’re alive.

Remember, all big secrets are so simple.Reveal them, and do not forget You Can Do It !



About happiness, every day we hear stories .It seems it is the essence of life.And it is 🙂

Are you happy ? What is happiness at all ? On the chemical side we are happy when our body is full the hormones of happiness .

We are conscious beings, beings who think too much. About 60.000 thoughts pass throw our mind every day. 99,99 % are the same like yesterday. All thoughts creat some emotions, depending on what are they. Bad thoughts will create bad emotions, and bad emotions will product a bad hormones .

We are also habit beings. We have too much habits. As you can see on yourself, it is so easy to create a new habit. They say it is needed 21 days to create a new habit. But I think it is needed a less than that.

To come back on my question. What is happiness ? I would say it is habit. It is one good habit.

As conscious beings, we have the desires, we have appetites, we want so many things to do. We have so many wishes.When we realize one thing we are  peaceful couple days, and after that other wish take over our thoughts.

If they say to you that you are insatiable, you must know this is not true.

This is normal. It’s called life. Life does not tolerate stagnation .Wherever exists life, exists also development , because life wants to grow, wants to expand .The grass will always find a way through rocks .


We have always have a new wishes.But we also have a lot of things that we are accomplish already.

If we want to be happy we need to focus on things which we have already and enjoy in them .

As long as we are focused on things that we do not have, we would never be happy. This is the key of happiness. Happy is the state of mind. There will always be the things that you do not have. And it is great, because you will always have a new goal. But if you are  focusing only on that things, you must  know you will missed one big and important thing in your life. Happiness.

If you are focused on the things that you do not have, you will loss the things you already have.

If you are focused on things you want to have, then you live in the future .

Do not let the future ruin your present.

So, choose to be happy. Be happy right now, not tomorow,not when you realized your dreams, your goals. Do it now. You are born to be happy.Be happy, because You Can Do It.

How to become a wise king



Once upon a time lived a king ,who had a great kingdom, and took care of him good, but he has never go outside of  the castle.

Outside he was associated with five deputies who reported to him constantly on the ground situation in the kingdom .

First one is told him what he saw .

The second is told him what he taste it.

The third is told him what he heard .

The fourth is told him which smells is felt out of the castle .

The fifth is told him what he is touch out of the castle.

Based on that the king is wrote a book. The king have the biggest library in the world. In the books, he recorded everything his deputies spoke to him.Everything.

He was also connected with the biggest market in the world, which gave him everything he asked of them .No matter what. But for market owner it was really important in which way the king was asked them for some stuffs. If he was too excited they gave him all he asked ,but when he was inert they did not gave him anything.

Also, he was read a lot. All things that his deputies said to him, he is immediately compared with his books and on that basis he product emotions.The fate of the entire kingdom is depended on the king’s emotions.

He had a strong guard, which was in his castle allow access only deputies who bring them good news .The other messengers are expressed their news in a separate room with big window, and they are disappeared in the night .

The king did not like it bad news, and because of that he was very successful.

By king I mean subconscious. By deputies I mean our five sense :sight,hearing,taste,smell, touch. By market I mean universe. By guard I mean conscious.By castle I mean our life.

We all have two level consciousness.Conscious and unconsciousConscious  level controlling our thoughts based on our five sense, and unconscious level controlling our body.We called them conscious and subconscious.The easiest way to imagine those levels are to imagine conscious like driver and subconscious like car. They can not function individually.Driver determine the way he want to go with car.Car can not decide alone in which way to move.But driver can.

Every day they bombard us with negative energy. Negative peoples are around us, in every corner.But because of that we must train our guard, our  conscious, to allow entrance in our  subconscious only to positive news, and all negative news our conscious should send to garbage.In this way our subconscious will create only positive emotions. With positive emotions, we could ask from universe everything we want and we will get it.Also with positive thoughts our body will secrete hormones of happiness Serotonin and Endorphin.

I will write post about chemical process in our body based on our thoughts.We are pure energy and pure chemistry,just like hole universe.Everything depends of your thoughts,and they are the first step towards the road to success or failure.

So filter all news which is coming to you based on your five sense and allow entrance in mind  only positive news, and all negative news, just like in story above let to disappear in the night, because positive news will born positive thoughts, and attract positive things in your life.

Try and you will see it is so easy. Train your guard and be positive always because You Can Do It !


I am great,be you also !!!



I would be great, I know,although I am born in a small village in the the military landscape of the Austrian Empire, before 160 year.According to family tradition I should be a preast.

But I don‘t want that, I am born for great deeds.I am great, I know that.

know that, because when in our village are arrived firemens to show us a new fire truck ,they are failed to withdraw water from a river, but then I was then seven years old, I am entered in the river and tapped the tube and the water started .

I was a hero that day.

Nine times I was on the verge of death, but I knew it that I would not die, because I have chose life, and great deeds. I am born just like you, to be great.

After nine months spending in bed, suffering from serious illness cholera ,I was healed instantly ,when my fahter is alowed me to break tradition and enroll in a technical school.

I have always believe that we, human beings can do anything we want, because we are so powerful, we have so powerfull machine in our heads.Brain !!!

I was sleeping a little, and I was constantly learning and reading. With my 24 years I have a lot of books in my memory .

I have always had the ability of visual thinking, because the brain was than and now a big mistery, and I have use it with full capacity.You should try to do that.

I dreamed big dreams always .One of them was, power plant at Niagara Falls.

They laughed at me when I mentioned that. I sad them:

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.


I came to America with 2 dollar,and I worked as a poor worker on street, but than also I know it, I will make it, because it was my decision, to explore the world and to be the biggest ever.

Shortly after that I was in in front of American Institute of Electrical Engineers,and demonstrated them my own electric motor with a direct electricity.When a friend  of mine is asked me on what am I  doing right now, I answer  him .I’m working on that how to divide  earth into two parts. He did not say anything.God is my witness that it is so possible.

As in nature, all is ebb and tide, all is wave motion, so it seems that in all branches of industry, alternating currents – electric wave motion – will have the sway.
Radio waves,X ray waves,million volts,wireless energy transfer,how to use of atomic energy, solar energy and energy from the ionosphere,  communications satellites, electrotherapy, lie detector, artificial lightning (plain and spherical), refrigerator, light effects, apparatus for producing ozone, underwater PTT transmission of information,  lasers, projectors thoughts, ozone baths, electric rifle, how to discovery of the body in the dark, robots, neon lighting, a typewriter driven by a human voice, pocket oscillators etc…
They are stoled  a lot of my ideas, but I don’t care at all.

I‘m not sorry they stole my ideas, I’m sorry they did not have their own.

I had in my life over 700 inventions.Not bad for small peasant ,is not it !?
I have trasnfer ed  electricity wirelessly over 100 years ago. I do not see that it is now possible.
I am not dead.Everythig around us is a pure energy. We are energy beings.Energy never dies,it just change the shapes, and because of that I am still here to tell you the great truth

Is there life before death


It is hard question,is’n it !?

From 50 people to whom I ask this question, 42 was answered with NO . 42 of 50.I was stunned.

It is interesting that most people are say to me almost the same answer, when I ask them to explain their answers.

I don’t want anything. I work a lot, the most time I am out of home,actually the best part of the day I spend away from home and without my family. When I retire I’m going to make up for all ,but than,my childrens will have their own lifes and families, and I would be sick and old…No, no…their is no life before death.Life is suffering !

Is it true!!!???

But, life is a gift ! Did no one see that !?

.Are we aware that we are live at all ? I don‘t think so.

Heeeey, WAKE UP. You are chosen to be born.Look around you.

It is easy to say, but so hard to act, I know. But do you can change anything .

I emphasize in all my posts, that you must be honest with yourself.This is the first and the most important thing in your life. On the other hand it seems sometimes so hard.

We are living in the time of overproduction of motivation posts,articles,stories,books and somehow when wehave on all sides too many similiar toughts, we are in doubt, because we are thinking that is somehow  all that pure commercialization . It can be true,in some point.

We are living in the world where we have so many so called gurus, psychics ,tarot masters in all corner.

We live in the world where we are bombarded with commercials every day.From tv, radio, billboards . They inserted advertisements in ours mailbox, email,in ours cars, they stop us on the street and share theirs advertising material .

Why am I saying this, Is this have anything with my topic.Of course. Every day through our head pass between 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts .Can we absorb all this information, of course not .But wecan sent them in the Recucly Bin.

Our memory is cluttered with junk mails.

Consider things like this.What is positive in your life.Say it loud and clear.

Find some positive thing in your life, and say thanks. Be grateful for that,you will feel a much better after that.Say thanks everyday. Do you want something in your life. No matter what.Say it loud and clear.You will feel much better.

Do you want to lose weight .Say it loud and clear.Do you want to stop smoking,drinking,to make some change in your life. Say it. Although they may look ridiculous, say aloud the things that you want.Focus on things you want to do, or change.Let go through your head advertising and negative thoughts. Do not fight against them.You will loss.

Life stops that moment,when  you stop moving forward,no matter how old are you.Believe me, I know some 20 years old guys, who are old.They have old spirit, and with that old body.

All peoples who are said NO on my question from title  are stop with development.They stopped dreaming.They stopped to wish anything.They got into a daily routine,lost, lonely and disoriented.

Here’s the recipe for life: dream, wish,do, act,imagine,moved on, don’t stop,grab……..

Don’t be like people who are said NO.My answer from question from title is YES ! Big YEEEESSS !

Life is great, life is miracle, life is now. Live life,and You Can Do It  !!!!


IQ test


When our world was created, God is decided to with  humans share intellect.Most people said it is enough to me, and for my generation. Most people think that they are smart enough, and because of that they do not need to be smarter.

But what is that mean at all. To be smart.Are you smart.I will ask you a few question, and if you can answer with YES in most of them, you are smart.

Are you happy?

Do you often doing things in which you enjoy ?

Do you enjoy in small things ?

Are you dreaming big dreams?

Are you trying to achieve your dreams ?

Are you aware that your life is in your hands ?

Are you honest with yourself ?

We have over the internet, over the globe a lot of IQ tests, and they can tell us are we are smart or not. Do you believe in that ? I don‘t . Because we all have some propensity to a certain area, but we are weaker in others area.But what means be smart!!!???

Let ‘s take a look.

I will connect first and the second questions, and try to answer in one answer. The hole purpose of our lifes is to do things in which we enjoy, and when we doing that we are happy because of the chemistry, our body is full of hormones of happiness like Serotonin and Endorphins .It is so simple.Because of this hormones you are happy. Because of stress hormone Cortisol you are sick.So true.So let’s products Serotonin and  Endorphins  🙂

If you do not enjoy in small things, like sunset, or rain, or gust of wind ,or hanging out with your family, you will never be happy at all, then you don’t know how to live in the moment ,in the present. You are living in the past or in the future. You are blind despite eyes.

Every life in the world, pretend to grow. Just look at the grass. Between the stones, grass finds a way to grow ,this is life. Life always pretend to grow. You are life. You must grow if you want to feel alive .You must have a big dreams to keep you alive, and you must work on your dreams. They are only yours. Grow with them, it is not big if you compare him with universe, or even with earth, but it is yours, and you must achieve them.

As Paulo Coelho said in his great novel The Alchemist,what is the biggest lie in our lifes:

It’s this: That at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.We are the masters of our lifes hole time. Ok…!?Yes, it is much easier to blame others for your failures,society, parents, spouse,but come one.Wake up. You are the master. Be responsible with your life.

This leads to next,last but not least important question, are you honest with yourself. Remember first sentence in this post.If you want to make some changes in your life you must be honest with yourself.The biggest problem which alcoholics have is they deny that they are alcoholics.When they admit this, they are in the halfway to healing.Can you imagine how your world will look like if you are honest !!!??? I am sad often, I want to change that, no matter what reason is. I have a bad temper, and I want to change that,they say I am born with that, but I know, I can change everything.

If you can answer YES with most of above questions, you are so smart, so live, and you will always be happy my friend, and can be only smart people.

If you are honestly answered with NO on most above questions, it is great too, because you are honest with yourself, and please start from the end, and be smart .

And you really can.Be smart, be happy,be yourself, You Can Do It !!!

Defeat Your Fear !!!




  In one town there was a mirror shop.

There were mirrors everywhere, on walls, on the ceiling, on the floor.

Mirrors which narrow image, mirrors which expand image ,all kind of different mirrors.

One day in the store is after closing through window came in a fox.

When she entered she saw a lot of of foxes around her, and she scared very much.

Some of them were great, some small, some was with a big head and small body, the other with a small head and large body, and they all looked at her .She began to recede, and they started to withdraw from her .She started barking and showing his teeth .And they are also starting to bark and show his teeth on her.

Owner’s tomorrow in the shop found a dead fox.

Her heart is broken from FEAR .

We where born with only two fears. The fear of falling and fear of noise. All other fears are learned in our lifes by others, by parents, by society .

The reality is always different from our perception.Most often we do not look reality real, in fact we do not see the reality  real  in general.We see our picture of reality, which is often distorted.We see our thoughts in material form.We see what we think to others think of us,we can not see really what they think. It is not important what they think at all.

Remember, everything is in the eye of the observer .

We are afraid the most of things which are not real.We are afraid the most from  the unknown and the things  that can never make our endangered. And most, we  afraid of change.We are afraid that we do not lose what we have,but we need to focus on what we want to have.

We are afraid of other people’s opinion.We are afraid of the opinions of our family members.We are always in fear.We can not be relaxed because of fear.Can you imagine life without fear.We would be free in any sence.Imagine that you want to become an actor because you  love to play.And you have no fear of criticism, you have no fear of the audience,you have no fear of what will tell you family and friends.Is not that great ?

It is a life worth of living.

You know the fear is our creation, creation of our mind. Face with them,beath him in your head while he did not beat you.You are much stronger than your fear.You are not your fear.

YOU are much bigger than your fear

Defeat him, because You Can Do It !!!

You should be proud


On the planet Earth live more than 7 billion peoples .

7 billion different peoples, with different shapes,with different combination of matter and energy.It is estimated that since of the beginning   our world until today have lived nearly 108 billion people. 108 billion special, different people.

According to astronomers in the visible part of the universe, available to our telescopes is 10 times more stars than there are grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts of the world.

With modern telescopes, scientists have found that in the visible part of the universe has about 7 sextillionstars.In layman this is a number that represents one number seven (7) with 22 zeros after.

Astronomers believe that the real number of stars in our universe might be infinite. They also believe that many stars have their own planets and some of them probably like our life on Earth. But as they so far away we probably will never be able to come into contact with any of them.

It is enormous vastness. In all that space, also in our beautiful planet Earth, and in the hole Universe you are unique. You are only one.Do you know that ???

You are unique.Of all people, the people who have ever lived on the planet and they currently live.

You are unique and special. You are a a unique combination of matter and energy. There is no same person in hole universe.

Are you aware of this ??? You must be.You should be. You must be proud on your uniqueness .You must be proud on yourself.You are the most beautiful ,the smartest one, the best unique person in hole world, in hole universe.

Why have you chosen to be born, why did not someone else.You have a mission on earth.You have a mission to live to live as you wish, and in that way to help humanity,with your positive energy,because as you can see and feel,everything is energy in the universe, around us.

You are born for great acts .

You are born for great ideas.


The universe loves the uniqueness.The universe love you and your uniqueness and supports you in all that you do. So with the support of the universe, with the support of the cosmic energy, realize your dreams, stay unique, do not copy others, dream big dreams, make your opportunities and grab it.

With all support from the universe, is there anything  impossible to you.No it’s not!

You can achieve anything you want, so make it happen.You can do it!

Stop lying yourself !!!


How many times you are delayed your job for tomorrow !?

Sound familiar :

I will do that tomorrow.I must start with diet, but I will do that tomorrow,or in monday, or since the first of the next month .

I should train, but I am so tired, I will do that tomorrow, I should run but I am so tired,I should be laughing but how, I am so busy, I am so tired, I am so unhappy, I am so…

I am asking you what if there is no tomorrow ?

I have a dream, but I can not realize them because I have a family, and they disturb me on my road.

I should change my job, I hate my job, but what then !? What I can not find any other job.

I want to be singer, but how when already have enough singers in the world .

I want to be an actor, but how when already have enough actors in the world .

STOP !!!

Stop lying yourself .Don’t be your worst enemy.You have them enough believe me.The biggest lie in the hole world is that you can not make your dreams come true.

Do not look for excuses because you will find them.

Success is not looking for an excuse, and failure does not tolerate pronunciations .

You can always find a lot of reasons not to do something, but you need only one reason to do it.

But first you must know what do you want.What you really want.

Have you ever ask yourself what do you really  want.

Please do it, but be honest. What is exactly that what you want. But be careful, you must have concrete answer.If you want to be happy, than ask yourself what is that which make you happy.



It would be hard to define what is that but you must be patience. Then ask yourself do you have already that, maybe you are happy but you are not even aware of that.

But if you are ready and honest with yourself, you will find your answer sooner than later.

Ask yourself how you can help yourself to be happy, to have or to do that particular thing which make you happy. Than DO IT. It is so simple. DO IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT.PLEASE !!!

You will see, it would be hard to define but you will make it finaly.

If you want to have something take it.

If you want to do something do it.

Acta,non verbaActs not words .DO IT.

Set your goal at the top of the mountain,  and so you’ll get at least to half.

Please, make it reall,don’t  lie anymore, do not listen what other people have to tell you about you and your dreams.Do it now, not tomorow,because YOU CAN DO IT!


stey tuned…

I choose to live


The girl was born in a small town.She had a childhood like the other childrens. Looking forward to life, and tried to live with the full lungs.

One day she had noticed a small protuberance on her shoulder. She thought that it was normal for her age and she did not pay attention to it.It was strange for her why that small wart did not past after one month.

She decide to visit her doctor. He told her it was nothing and he will cleanse that immediately .But after that her condition was deteriorated and she began to suffer from terribly pain. She asked for a second opinion, and the doctor was sent her urgently to the specialist, oncologist .

He told her she had cancer.

They put her in a children’s hospital were all the childrens was similar to her .They put her in the department’s of death.Children around her were dying every day. Her immunity was very weak, her hair has fallen,and it seems to her the end was close.

But she said NO. I want to live. I have big dreams. I have a talent. I want to be an artist.I have a gift.

Everything in life,including life is a matter of our choice.

Immediately she became better .She left the hospital, and she decided to ignore the disease.She started to going out with friends, to dance, to full around, to think positive and in accordingly.

Her body has reacted on new mental state.

When she went to the examination, doctors were fascinated, the disease has withdrawn completely.

She make her dreams came through. She is a great artist now ,she had family, and she is happy.

This is very true story.This is a story of the triumph of life.

Bruce Lipton, doctor of biology is conducted cell research . He put one stem cell in a test tube and she was devide every 10-12 hours. After some time, it was a thousand same cells in a test tube.

He take a couple cells and put him in next test tube with different environments (biological gel which represents to cells the same as us the world.They have a food, water, air, etc..) , and they formed muscles .

He take couple cells again from first test tube and put them in next test tube with different environments and they formed bones.The third group of cells has formed fat cells.The same genetic cell have formed different things. How? Because of the environment .

Also if you take cells and moved them from healthy environment in less healthy environment they will get sick .If you want to be healthy again, just return them to a healthy environment.

In story sense, when girl was  changed her  environment,  her cells was changed too.

So , we have 5 trillions cells in our body, and of our environment depend whether they will be healthy or not .When I say environment, I mean our thoughts .

You want to be healthy, please be aware, it  depends on you .

Be healthy ,because You Can Do It.