Happy New Year-Make It Happy

Happy New Year !!!

My wish to all of you is to be happy. It is the international greeting card for New Year, for Christmas ,for every holiday.  But,  my message behind this  greeting card is “The realization of this desire it is up to you”.

I Wish you in New Year to realize the greatest truth in your life “Your life is in your hands. The key of your happiness is in you hands. You are the master of your life.But don’t remember, happiness is a habit.

I Wish you in New Year to choose happiness.Yes it is your choice .You should  say laud and clear “I am happy”. Say to yourself  which things is make you  happy. And than you must decide, firmly, that you will doing them a lot.

I Wish you in New Year to set your goals. You will be happy only if you have a clear goal,if you have a purpose. Life needs to grow.When we realize one goal we need to set another one immediately, because we will become dissatisfied by time. A person without goal, is like flower without water,quickly fades.

I Wish you in New Year to choose health. Yes, this is true. Choose health. Please say to your self that you are healthy. Say to yourself every night before your bad time, in bad, you are healthy,convince yourself and you will be. Did you know that your hole body  be regenerated every 11 months. For eleven months all the cells of your body are replaced with new one. But what is great, from you depends whether the new cells will be healthy or not.The key of your healthy is in your hands.

I Wish you in New Year to realize how powerful your mind is. To realize how powerful is your subconscious. Make a wish, and than start  its realization.Lies on the bed, and relax, than convince your subconscious that you already have what you want. This can be strange for you, but this is how the things really  work in nature. If you want to be happy, just imagine yourself as a happy person. Imagine your self how you are smiling a lot.But please, try to be really ,really relaxed, and try to enjoy in that, to create too strong emotions, to start on hormones of happiness, and you will see after a while. The results are amazing.

I Wish you in New Year to write down your goals. This is so important, because everything is much stronger when you write it down. You will be able after 365 days to compare have you achieved your goals or not.For example:

  • I want to lose weightWISH. For that  I will start to train in the gym 02.01.2017., I will start to run, to jog ,to eat healthy food etc.Your goal must be concrete. When you come in the store,  it is not enough to  tell to the seller, I want food.You’ve got to specifically state what you need, which food exactly.

I Wish you in New Year  to realize that You Can Do It.

Happy New Year, and God bless you all 🙂



“Happiness Is A Must”

Did you know that average  life span in the world is 71,4 years.

We sleep over a third of our lives which is 23,8 years.

We spend 14 year in work place.

We spend 7 years  in personal hygiene  performance.

We spend 6 years in eating.

We spend 5 years waiting in line.

We spend 3 years in meetings.

We spend 2 years in telephone calls.

So we have only 10,6 years (71,4-23,8-14-7-6-5-3-2= 10,6) for us, for activities that make us happy. I’m working on that to increase my “free years”. For example  I studied for a long time breathing techniques with which I am reduce my sleep time, in way that I breathe deeply and  I enter a lot more oxygen in  my body.In this way I need  a lot less time for rest, because my cells receiving much more oxygen. I have slept 7-8 hours per night, and now I need 4-5 hours  per night.

Deep breathing is like everything else, a habit. Babies breath with stomach, they breathing deep, but we, adult people, we must train our lungs to breath deep. By time our subconscious (which by the way  is controlling our breathing) adopt new breath pattern, and we don’t need to think about that anymore.

Now let’s do a little comparison.Our planet, our great blue planet Earth is old about 4,5 billions years.The nearest star to us is Alpha Centauri  which is away 4,3 light years from us.It means the light need to travel 299792458  meter per second or 186000 miles per second and to cross 1080 millions kilometers per hour, or 681  millions miles per hour,  4 years and 3 months to gets on Earth.

Can you imagine that.Can you imagine that distance.Now, please compare our life which takes 71,4 years with ages of the planet, with light years.It is incomparably.

They say that butterflies live only one day.This compared with the length of our life sounds very little.But when we compare the length of our life, with space, with the length of Earth life, we can conclude that we are like butterflies. We live one day only.Only one day.

We have our problems ” traffic jams, poorly paid jobs, bad weather, lack of love etc.” What do you think how many  years we spend in thinking about these problems. But the main question is how much time we are really happy ?

When you have any problem, try to compare it  with all this space around us.With universe. With distance between us and our nearest star, and you will realize how small it  is. You are bigger than all your problems. You are the great . You are born to be great. Be great.

Did you ever wonder why you are born. Why exactly you,and not some third person?Because you are chosen.

Don’t waste your years on irrelevant things.Don’t waste your years on sorrow. You don’t have that much time .Now, right now, while you reading this,  you’re younger than you’ll ever be. Act now.Smile, laugh, sing, be grateful, be nice be great, be HAPPY, because I know

You Can Do It!

Depressive Legends !

This days is left us a one more giant of the world scene,great singer George Michael. I am always sad when some great artist pass away. He was in a deep depression,and heavily dependent  on drugs.They (great artist) are great, because they are stepped out from mediocrity, they are caught their dreams, they  believed in them, and at the end they are lived the kind of life they wanted.

All people,from this post ,which they have achieved their dreams was  depressed.Why ???It is great when you live life you want,right.It is our purpose, it is our goal. But in that road, some people simple people just get lost.


We have witnessed of many big stars which were depressed, and died from the effects of antidepressants,drugs, alcohol.One of my favorite actors Heath Ledger is died  because he was overdosed on sleeping pills, painkillers, and anxiety drugs .He was only 28 years old !

We can not remembered Whitney Houston, the best female vocal ever, for me.Great voice, like angel,but is it possible that she was depressed!?She was died the day before the Grammy Awards, in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.She was died  from “drowning” and “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.”They also find in her body marijuana, Xanax, Flexiril, and Benadryl. She was deeply depressed.To make matters worse her daughter died in a similar way.

Great actor and comedian Robin Williams was also depressed badly.He committed  suicide in his apartment in Marin County,in his home.   Near the body,  investigators found personal items placed on a chair, including an iPad and two different kinds of anti-depressants  :  Mirtazapene and Seroquel.

Great vocal singer Prince was deeply depressed too. Officials investigating the artist’s death said died of an accidental fentanyl overdose.He had become seriously dependent on painkillers, something sure to rattle some of those who knew him well.

I am  so sad when I read stories  about  this great people, and I can list you here more names. Why those people who had everything in the world, I’m not talking here about material, they have realized their dreams,why they was so unhappy, so depressed, so addicted to drugs, alcohol,antidepressants, sleeping pills etc.

Because their brain was their biggest enemy

We are happy, or we are not happy because of our brain,because of our subconscious.But on the other hand some chemical processes occurring in our body when we using drugs and alcohol.Body secretes dopamine, a hormone of happiness,and we feel good because of him.For example  the brain converts heroin to morphine.Cocaine stimulates the secretion of dopamine so strong that some animal are in lab choose cocaine instead of food and died of starvation.

In this way we knowingly bring our mind in unconscious state.In unreal state. In temporary state. In order to remain this condition, we must take stimulus again and again, and increase the dose every time .

But the biggest problem to all this people is lack of objective. They are achieve already all dreams. They have not had any dream which is not achieved .But life,life does not tolerate stagnation, he striving to development. Because of this we need always a new goal,day by day ,short and long term goals.We must move forward always.In this way we will  encourage the secretion of hormones of happiness and satisfaction more than any drugs.

But you must know “Life is what is happens to us while we chasing our dreams“.Don’t forget to enjoy in every day,in every single breath.You don’t need drugs to be happy. Happiness is habit .Choose happiness, and you will be happy always.

And I, I will always support you in your road,because I know that You Can Do It !

Do you believe in destiny ???


Do you believe in destiny ?

My grandfather is often told meThe date of death is define in advance “. He has spent the entire second world war in partisans.Partisans were moving in columns by one, with space between the soldiers of two meters. Sometimes the column was several kilometers long. Suddenly, from nowhere, comes a stray bullet and kill one of them. Why him, why not me.It’s destiny, he told me. You can not run from your destiny.

When I was two years old,I had a difficult operation on plera.The doctor is told then to my parents that I probably will not survive, because I am so young and the operation is so heavy, and they should to prepare for worst scenario .God had a different opinion. The surgery went well, and I was lying in intensive care. In the middle of the night I have pulled out the infusion from my leg, and suffered terribly bleeding,my life was again in danger. But I had survived, againThat images are deeply carved in my memory,although I have had only two years. 

So that what my grandfather used to say  to me make sense, and in that form of destiny I really believe. I often hear that someone is struck by lightning, this is destiny .

All other things in our lives are chosen by us, I deeply believe in this.

We, humans, we are inclined that all things in our lives we prescribe to our fate,because it is much easier. It is much easier to blame our destiny, our bad luck for everything. In this way we will find always a sufficient number of excuses for our failures.

This is the road  with which most people traveling.

This is the road in mediocrity.

This is the road in life without dreams.

This is the road in life without hope.

This is the road in lie.

You were not born to be average. You are born to be great. You are born for great ideas,for great works. Take your life in your hands. Forget  destiny , forget your origin, forget your parents, forget your education.

You are here, on Earth. You are born, and this is the most important thing for you. It is no mater where you are born.Your destiny is not predicted in advance. Your destiny is in your hand.

I meet so many people who are living in lies. Who are living  on autopilot. Who are leftthe fate” to lead them,but who are not aware that they are the ones who should lead.It is their life. Because of that we have so many dissatisfied people. People who are doing jobs they do not like, living in a loveless marriage, who live a life without passion, but , worst of all, they do not blame themselves for that condition, they blame “destiny“.

Your destiny is in your hands,never ever don’t forget this.Make your dreams come true. Determine2 your own destiny, she is waiting for you.

You Can Do It !

Are you “IN” ?


They teach us  wrong from the start. They teach us to learn,to find a decent job after education,and to work day by day until retirement age. They teach us that. They teach us to work for other peoples, for the government. They teach us to be the same like others, to be mediocrity , to be uniform, to look the same to think the same. Impose on us a taste of dressing, the taste of culture, the music taste, the movie taste.

By “they” I mean our parents, society,teachers, mainstream media.They washed our brains  from small legs, until we dead.Our parents are afraid that we we would not handle in life  if we  be different.

You are “IN”  if you’re skinny like models from the fashion industry.

You are “IN” if you are listen to music which has the most subscribers on You Tube channel.

You are “IN” if you have a great abs, a great musculature.

You are “IN” if other  people saying  you  that,so called fashion gurus, music critics,peoples critics.

This is all wrong. Do you need any confirmation for anything ? Do you need that someone tell you  that you’re dressed well, if you are feel  comfortable in your clothing.Do you need that someone tell you that you are not great because you are fat or skin, if you are feel great in your  own skin . Do you need that someone tell you that you are smart, that you are happy, that you are….

NOOOO, YOU DON’T !!! 2.jpg

Did someone ask  you what you want? Whether is  anyone advise you to think with your head, to follow your instincts, your wishes . To be unique, to be great , to be what ever you want to be. The answer is big NO.

They don’t want to we be independent in any sense. They want to control us. They want to sell us a products.They want to create the  consumer society.Fight with them, show them your teeth.Dare to be different.

I am telling you, you are great, you are the biggest in the world, you are the most beautiful in the hole world, in the hole universe. Break a chain from you back. Dream big. The most important thing in the world for you is your wish. What do you want.

You are IN if you are thinking with your head.

You are IN if you have a big dreams.

You are IN if you have your own music taste.

You are IN if you have your own fashion style.

You are IN if you don’t care what  is anyone will think about you.

You are IN if you are different from others, and you definitely are.

So my friend,be yourself, follow your instincts, listen to itself,

be IN because You Can Do It !

Are you a hater ?


Honesty is the most important characteristic of the enlightened people.If you are honest by yourself you will have a great life in any sense.If you are not honest, you will fail to make any changes in your life.

Believe me or not, we all need changes.

I have talked in one of  my previous posts,  that we are operate in a way that our subconscious, every new experience, automatically compared with previous the lived or implanted experience. And based of that she created emotions. In most cases that emotions are negative, but only with truly enlightened people that emotions are positive or they have no emotions at all.

So, are you hater ? Probably you are. Most of us is. But this is great knowledge, right. Maybe you are not pathological hater who is leaving your negative comments everywhere,but if you have negative emotions according to some, or according to  most events, yes you are hater.You don’t need to admit me, you don’t need  to admit this fact to anybody expect yourself.

In one town, in one time is lived a guy, ordinary, mediocrity,in no way special.He is worked  a bureaucratic job, and dreamed big dreams.He dreamed about a new job, about new car, about new apartment, about new life. But he did not know how to realize his dreams.He was thinking to quit his job,but then he could not survive,he was thinking to open a liquor store,but it was too risky,he was thinking to open a bakery, but it was too stupid idea.He had a dream to be a vocal singer , but how,they are all alcoholics.He was a classic hater.

One day, while he was  returning home from a boring job, he saw on one lonely wall a graphite “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”Jimmy Dean

He thought,what a stupid quote ! But, somehow he remember it, and by time he thought about that quote  often. One day, he is realized that is so true. Of course. His sails are in wrong positions. Because of this reason, he had a negative opinion about anything.It was his eureka moment.

He quit his job, he became a singer, and he have a great life now.1.png

We people, we doing some things by inertia, because we don’t thinking enough about us, about our thoughts and we are allowing to our subconscious to behave in accordance with our pattern from earlier.

If we are not  lived  the same or similar experience already,  we will have a negative feelings toward him, which is nothing more than fear.When you heard that someone is make it, in any area, your brain automatically creates a scenario ,and looks for excuses: he is certainly had someone to help him,he has a powerful family, he have a money, he have something that I don’t have…. This is normal.

We are all humans. The most powerful being on the planet.Admit to yourselves that you are hater and make some positive changes in your life, because You Can Do It !

Is it our road already determined-Final chapter


This is the final article under this topic and it is time to finally answer on  the most important question “How” . How to make some changes in your life, how to achieve your dreams ???

To answer on this question I must first explain how human consciousness works.

In the cerebral cortex exist  about 10 billion neurons,which  communicate among themselves on the basis of electrical impulses.

Do you think that we have such a complex mechanism for the performance of basic life processes? I don’t think so.

The cells communicate among themselves on the basis of electrical impulses  which are transmitted in waves. People’s minds work on certain frequencies in addiction what we do presently.The human brain is an electrical organism which creates electrical voltage.The rhythms of brain waves are divided into four groups:Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

Delta waves are the slowest, and they are vibrating at a frequency among 0-4 Hz.They occur in the phase of deep sleep, anesthesia, coma.

Theta waves appeared in the waking stage, but mostly at the stage of sleepiness,and they are vibrating at a frequency among 4-7 Hz.

Alpha waves vibrating at a frequency among 7-14 Hz.They occur in the stage of relaxation as it is immediately after the wake-up,when we doing yoga ,when we meditate.

Beta waves vibrating at a frequency above 14 Hz.This is the normal state of waking brain.Some people are calling  this stage  a stressful condition.

Some scientists believe that there we can divide brain waves in lot more parts, but those are the most important division .

Even 80% of the time the human brain is  in beta status.On the other hand the children are almost 80% the times in alpha state.For people who spend a lot of time in the alpha state, the immune system is much stronger, and they are much stronger and happier in life.

As I said in one of the previous posts, we must  enter in our BIOS to make some changes.Our BIOS is located in our subconscious,but only when our subconscious is in Alpha state of vibration.This is the most important state for changes.This is the state in which our brain is when we are hypnotized and when the hypnotist took over the role of our consciousness.

1We can bring ourselves in Alpha state in couple ways.With meditation, relaxation, yoga, there is exist even the music that brings us to that state, so called binaural sounds .So on the tape they  playing music high  frequencies for example for 150Hz and also 140Hz, and our brain is heard only their difference and it is 10Hz, and we are after couple minutes in Alpha state.

When we are in the Alpha state of mind, it’s time to plan our future.If we want health, we need to imagine ourselves how healthy we are, how we are pleased and happy about it. If we want to be wealthy, we should imagine ourselves as wealthy person, to imagine how you drive a car for your dreams, how you navigate  a yacht in ocean.You can imagine everything you want, and you can realize anything you want. And you will make it finally.

IMPORTANT NOTE:You must produce emotions in your Alpha state, because your dreams are realized based on your emotions .

When you  compiling your subconsciousness, your subconsciousness will do anything and always in every moment to achieve your dreams. If you convince yourself that you’re healthy your subconsciousness  will in every moment your sick cells  change with healthy cells, and you will be healthy after a while.You can  literally achieve  all in  what you believe and in what you convince your subconscious.

The answer for main question “Is it our road already determined” is BIG NO.We create are road every day, and we are deciding where to go.

When my nose become clogged, I can with my mind to clean it.It’s amazing is’t it. Everything you can imagine, you can also achieved,but you must first convince your  subconsciousness .

I am sure that You Can Do It !



The Preacher !


There are two types of teachers.

The Speakers and The Preachers . The Speakers  are simple  lecturers who teach others the things  they have learned so far. In most cases they don’t  believe in that about they teach others, and because of that they don’t have any passion about that. Also they do not applying that on itself.

On the other hand the Preachers are people who strongly believe in things they learn others, and because of that they have a real passion which can be felt in each sentence. Passion comes from the fact that  they  enjoying in own work and they believe in things about they preach, because they know they are real.

This is the story about the Preacher.

On the other side of the globe was living the greatest Preacher of our time.The Preacher who was speaking a language that everyone can understand.Simple language. Great secrets which were available only to rich nobility he made available to the common man.

He had  simplified the nobility  language and make it comprehensible to the  whole world. . He believed in simplicity,he believed in definition on simplicity established  of the great wizard Alberto “If you can’t explain simply,you don’t understand it well enough”. And he was definitely knew to  explain it simply.

He knew that all the big secret are simple, and because of that unavailable to large number of people. Sometimes he had the feeling that people are not ready for his teaching. But he did not  lose his faith.Never. He is believed in miracles, and he knew that miracles are possible. And the greatest miracle in the world is in our head. It is our brain.

The brain can make from beggar a rich man, and from the king a beggar. He knew it. Because of that he had  never joked with his brain, he was never told that something can not be done, because he is believed in great truth “ Whether you think you can, or think you can’t…you’re right“.

You don’t like the weeds to ruin your garden. Similarly, you shouldn’t allow the negative thoughts to ruin your mind. When you talk about misery, misfortune, disaster and mischances, you are growing and feeding these harmful weeds in your mind.”  Preachers

He was always happy because :

He don’t expect anybody to do anything for him,

-he is smiles a lot,

-he was always doing the things in which he enjoy ,

-he was listen a much more than  he was talking,

-he was never  say or do anything that hurts anybody

He knew that we are the owners of all the thoughts in our head, and that we need to be careful with them.

Change your thoughts and then your life will change and it will become what you deserve. You deserve to have a great life, no matter who you are, how old are you, where are you from, and what you have been doing so far”.Preachers

I am proud because I’m living in preachers time,and  I’m happy because  our roads  are crossed . Because I know that if he can do it, I can do it and I am sure You Can Do It !


Is it our road already determined-Part III


Did you know how dogs are trained.Repeating the same actions every day. You must connect action with reward, and than .The dog must first to understand what  you want from him. This is very first step. And then you must train that action with him until it becomes his habit .

For example, if you want to teach him to sit down, you should push his back down, say him “sit”and force him to do that, then you should reward him for that. After a while he will have a habit to sit down every time when you told him that.

From an early age  they taught us that we should every morning when we got up,first wash your face, and brush your teeth.

In the beginning our parents must push us every day, to do that, but after a while this becomes our habit for  life. Now, if I skip one of this actions in morning, that day I feel dirty all day.

We are like dogs, habit beings.Don’t forget this.

I’m not an IT expert,but I know that when you want to perform some changes in your computer to break the system, you should enter into BIOS from where you perform this operation.When the computer  turns on BIOS is checking whether the hardware is ok,in background he checks and supports the functioning of the entire computer.BIOS is in most cases  reserved only for IT experts , when is something wrong with our computers.Can we learn how to use BIOS ? Of course we can. I know a lot of peoples who are not IT experts, but they know how to break his system and install a new one.

Let’s say, that we have our BIOS in our head. It is subconscious.She is available to a small number of people, like psychiatrists, psychologists, hypnotists.The hypnotist  can to  hypnotized us  and went into our subconscious and to take over the role of our consciousness. In such conditions, it commands us, and whatever he tells us  we will listen. I have read, how the hypnotists is hypnotized some person, and ordered her to bark and she was barking,he told her that she was cold, and it was really cold to her.

You must have read that people under hypnosis remember many things which  awake they not remember . It is so scary in movie The Fourth Kind, when main actress plays a psychiatrist who examined patients under hypnosis about the fourth kind.The patient remembers all the details under hypnosis,which is forgotten in the conscious state,and begins to scream, until she wakes up him.

How ?

Because, our subconscious can everything,  now everything and remember everything.

But she can not one thing, and it is to decide by itself.That’s why she needs us, and conscious part of the brain to determine her course of action. We should enter in our BIOS, in our subconscious, and reprogram her in a way that we would like to.

I will explain how, in my next chapter which will be the last under this title.


P.C. You Can Do It !


Is it our road already determined-Part II


I said in my presentation  that I’m not a guru. I’m not a  a psychiatrist. I’m not a psychologist. I am just a guy who is aware the power of the mind. I have always wondered why some people are happy, some are sad, some healthy, some are sick. Some people are satisfied, the others are dissatisfied.

Based on my research,I have found secrets hidden deep inside of us.I have found the answers to all my questions.Everything I’ve learned I’m applied directly on myself, and I can tell that this is working,this things are real. Based on a secrets that I am discovered I started to pay attention to things from my environment and I have  realized that all  people manage their lives, consciously or unconsciously.

So,I owe you some answers  from yesterday.Now, I will explain some things to you.How to make some changes in your life.

If you want a change, be the change!!! Keep this in your mind always.

If you want to make some change in your life you should change imprint of your or implanted  experience from your subconscious. Literally you need a new experience who will born a new emotions rewriting across an old experience.

We’ll take the example of people who are afraid of dogs. All people, who are afraid of dogs have had some bad experience in their past. When they  find themselves in a similar situation their subconscious will immediately compare the new experience with the old and it will create negative emotions, and therefore the body will secret  stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. A person will be in the same emotional  situation like in the past, frightened, and to make matters worse, the dog will feel  her fear and probably it will react in the same way as the one from the past.

If you want to change , or to defeat your fear from dogs, you should overwrite your experience with new one. You have to change  form in your head.The brain does not distinguish the real event from the imagined event.

Some scientist has conducted research on basketball players on the way ,they were divided it into three groups.They had a month of time to improve their shoot .The first group is practiced every day for an hour, and they are improve their shoot for 24%. The second group is not  practice at all, and they are reduced their percentage of shoot for 20%.The third group is practice in their rooms, on the way, they are imagine how they shoot the ball on the basket, and guess what, they are improve their skills for 23%, just like the first group.

It is amazing ,right !?Imagine now how you eat a slice of lemon.I know  that your mouth secrete saliva even though you eat lemons only in your  imagination.

Stay tuned, but in the meantime, do not forget, You Can Do It !!!