Centurion !!!


In Roman times lived Centurion,who was ruled with a large area.He was cruel,mannered like a soldier.He was very brave and willing to do anything for a Rome.Rome was everything in his world,until the moment when he met the woman of his dreams.

You  always know that, because two  same energies are luck once in a lifetime.

His wife was captured his heart.For her he was ready to do anything in the world.She came from a tribe which he conquered, and she was his war booty.She was beautiful.Black long hair, blue eyes,dark skinned. He was paralyzed in front of  her.

He  was willing to sacrifice everything in the world just to win her heart.But she was cold to him.She told him :You can have my body but not the soul. He was thinking that she will love him when she get pregnant,but he could not have children with her.He was desperate, he could not sleep.And she’s very cold toward him.

He remembered to all people who had done evil in their life.In the name of Rome he was burning houses,take people into slavery,confiscated horses, animals. In the name of Rome! 

He decided to change.He decided to help people, instead of harassing,to serve them instead of ordering  them .Everyone felt a great change in Centurion.Roman leaders was thought that he was no longer ripe for service,that he is too soft for Rome.They banished him to a distant province,with his wife.

He worked in his garden, he used to hang and helped people.He used his military knowledge to organize people to work together and jointly sell milkAnd his wife liked him,she got pregnant and gave birth to a son.He was happy for the first time in his life.

Indeed, you reap what you sow.Everything that you do has repercussions. It comes back to you one way or another. According to the law of nature, if you want something to get you have something to give.What you give is necessary returns to you .If you want love in your life  you need to give love, to share love around you.If you want smile, you must to be smiling.

Life gives you what you give to him.But of course this has to be your inner emotions.Love, smile, kindness, must  come from your heart,because the law of attraction works only when emotions are involved.If someone only manifest the love,but his heart is full of hatred,he will only attract the hatred in his life.

Give and you shall receive.

Be nice and everyone will be kind.

Likes people and they will love you.

Everything you want to happening to you, first you need to give to others, and you will receive .Life is simple.You can achieve everything you want, and you can attract everything you want in your life.

Also, with all great emotions in your life, you will be also great, and you will make it.I know that You Can Do It !!!



Act Now

Once upon a time was lived a very pious and religious man.Every day he prayed to God.He blessing God at every step.He was very persistent and dedicated to religion.One day the hole region, where he was lived has befallen heavy floods.The river was carrying everything in its path.She tore down trees, destroyed houses,animals, humans.

Religious man was fell into the cold  water,and his life was threatened.Water bore him strongly, and he was fought to stay afloat.Suddenly it appeared ahead of him  a lifeboat with firefighters who gave him a helping hand,but he said:

No, go away, God will save me .

He fought for the life with river, when they appeared ahead of him  a lifeboat with policemen forces, and they  gave him a helping hand,but he said again:

Please go,God will save me.

After heavy fighting with  river, is appeared a Coast Guard, with a big boat, with intention to save him from cold water,but he said:

I don’t want  your help, please go now. God will save me.

After the battle with the river, he drowned, and his soul was came in front of the God, and he said:

Dear God.The hole my life I was dedicated to you.I prayed to you every day, hole my life, and you are let me to drown.Why did you not saved me ???

And God said,yes it is true.You are a good man, and because of that  I sent you HELP three times and you refused them all .

So, my friends.How many times  have you neglected opportunity on your way. How many times you have closed your eyes in front of her. Opportunity for changes.Did you aware of that. That opportunity can be in the form of some good idea, a one single  thought, also  opportunities sometimes may  not  be  direct  connect  with  your  goal,  it  can  be indirectly associated with him. But you must be aware of that and wait your opportunity and ACT,immediately.Not tomorrow , not later, act instantly.

In nature exist the Law of Attraction, it is no matter did you aware of that or not, it is real, just like gravity. Do you believe in gravity ? Maybe not. Just jump from your chair, and you will see how strong she is.

Law of Attraction is also universal law of nature who is working on the principal that you attract   things on which you thinking about.The dominant thoughts from your head will attract the object of your thoughts. So if you are thinking about health you will be healthy,if you are thinking about disease you will be sick.

Do not call me at the demonstrations against the war,when you  organize demonstrations for peace then call me“.Mother Teresa

With your strong desire you will attract to yourself the object of your obsession,but than you must ACT.Grab your opportunity .Do not let her to get away.You’re attracted, and because of that use it. Be brave. Be strong, because you You Can Do It !




Acta Non Verba

One guy eager of wisdom is came to the great sage Seneca to learn, how to realize his dreams. Seneca told him:

Sit down and think. Imagine how you realizes all your dreams,but remember you must involved your emotions in your imagination.

After three months, a guy is came again to Seneca visibly disappointed.He was exhausted, tired,mealy.He sad:

Three month I was sitting alone, thinking and imagining. I was imagining myself how I am in my dream.I’m riding the beautiful white horse,proud,head raised.I have a big house, a lot of horses, great job from my dreams. And I was so happy in that moment.It was so real, and I am sure that my emotions was involved strongly.I was so busy with thinking,that I am declined the offer of friends for business trip in India. I was so persistent , and nothing was happened.

So strange, Seneca is said. Sit down please and be my guest in lunch,but please don’t use your hands.Try to imagine how you eating and look at down with passion and emotions in food.

Seneca enjoyed the meal, in meat in wine, and a guy was too hungry, but with strong desire to succeed to eat without hand. He fought for food, but it was failed again to eat without hands.It was impossible.And at the end he gave up.He was angry, hungry, disappointed.

Ok, now use your hands .Take a spoon and eat, my friend,Seneca told him.

He took the spoon and ate well.

No matter how much you’re hungry, you will not be able to eat if you do not take the spoon in your hand,Seneca told him.

No matter how much you wish something, you will not be able to achieve that if you don’t take it.

No matter how strong you want something in your life, it is not enough to achieve your dreams.You must take it. You must act.Thoughts are real indeed,but it is not enough to have only toughs. You desire will attract to you the object of your obsession,because law of attraction is real,it exists and works, as well as the law of gravity no matter of whether you understood it or not.Just like in story above.His desire has attracted a business road to India,but he did not recognize that opportunity.

But you must take some actions,and your desire will help you to overcome all obstacles on your road.Without your strong desire, every road will be to have for you.If you want to  lose your weight, you need to correct your diet.You need to reduce your intake of calories, carbohydrates in your body, and to enlarge intake of protein and water, and also you need to you have to start work out.

End every time when you get into crisis your desire will save you, if she is so strong.If she is weak, you will  reach for chocolate every time when you’re in a crisis .

So my friends, Act now.Not tomorrow, not later, NOW.And I am sure You Can Do It !!!

You can do it !

Hello everyone,

This is my first blog.

This is my first post.

I am here to tell you one big secret, which is so simple, and so true, and because of that you think you now her, but you don’t .YOU CAN DO IT !

What, you can ask me. Everything. Just remember you can do it.



See you soon



All You Can Imagine You Can Realize

Let’s transfer the house to another location!!!???

Can you imagine how silly this sentence sounds.This is really , really on the border of the impossible. Try to imagine a man who was first thought of this idea. How they watched them people for whom he is  proposed this for the first time. Can you imagine that.

But this is real.There are companies all over the world who are dealing with this problem, who are doing this job for a living.They moving houses on another location. I watched the show on Nation Geographic in which the family is bought a house in one town, and they want to  placed her on his property, which is located 800 kilometers away. They  called  the company which deals with houses relocations , and they are moved a house in their specific location.


I was shocked ?

I thought really,there is no limit for human creativity.

We are creative beings and we just need the courage to achieve our dreams who  sometimes sounds ridiculous to us too.But in fact they are not ridiculous ,they are real, and they can be achieved if we believe .

Does not exist the idea which is impossible to implement if we have faith in its realization.

Alexander the great had an idea to conquer the world.He, from the small Greek tribes with this great idea.He had never lost any battle.When he was the first confronted with the Emperor of Persia Darius, he was with his army in very unfavorable geographical position, and his generals they said to him, we should give up.

Stars are not favorable to us. He said, don’t worry my friends. we will change their names, and they will be.I believe in victory, we are came here for victory and she will not be withheld to us.Alexander is  conquered half the world, has come up even to India.

Some people are afraid to change their job.They hate their job, but they are so afraid to try to do something else.This creates dissatisfaction.It occurs when our reality is different from our dreams and we do  nothing about it.

Nothing does not kill our dreams as FEAR.Does the Alexander the great  had a fear.Of course he had. He was human being, just like you, just like me. We are all humans.We all have fears. But what is the main difference between him and people who are afraid to change their life’s.He knew it, how to defeat the fear.Fear is not real.

So, do you have any idea, and you are thinking it is silly?

Do you have some dream and you area afraid to share it with somebody because you are afraid of his opinion?

There is no silly idea.You can achieve everything you want if you have faith.

Achieve your dreams, because I know You Can Do It!!!


Rule Number 6

By doing  a single  job I came into office where  I saw a big wall paper with couple rules for self care. It was 10 rules arranged in this order:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Meditate
  3. Sing often
  4. Walk often
  5. Be persistent
  6. Never give up on your dreams
  7. Love yourself
  8. Be kind
  9. Smile a lot
  10. Dreams a lot

In that office is worked a guy, in middle age.I said to him :

Number  6 is my favorite. He look at me and ask:

How old are you ?

I said, it is not important my friend how old I am. It is important rule number 6.

And he is continued, I am 50 years old. It is to late for my dreams.I have a dream,once, to be an architect, to have a nice, clean office, to arrange  towns, houses, apartments.But now, I am to old for that.I’m stuck here.

Ok. What do you think how old is Donald Trump.He is seventy years old I said.In his seventies, he has set a new goal, to be a president of the United States of America. I know some people who are in his eighties, but they are always ready for new challenges, for new goals.On the other hand I know guys in early twenties who have no ambition,no goals, nothing.They are empty.Tabula Rasa (empthy table,lat). If you ask me they are death already.

Tell me my friend who is according to you young, live and who have a spirit ?

-He was ashamed of my questions…

People  easily give up on their dreams.Sad but true…

Indeed my friends, you are live as long as you set to yourself goals.No matter how old are you, if you have young spirit you will be young forever .And you will have a young spirit if you have a clear goal always. When you achieve one goal, you need to set a new one.

Gene Hetherington is a great example for that .She is graduated from the University of Manchester with 90 year. That is the spirit my friends.This is life worth of living.Can you imagine how her spirit is young,and with that she is young. Congratulations Gene.

Never say for yourself that you are old for something. You’re  old if your spirit is old.You are young if your spirit is young.And your spirit is pure energy, and energy never gets old.Energy never dies,she just change forms .I like to play video games.It relaxes me. It is only for kids right.I don’t care.It is for me too because I like it. Please do what you want to do, and forget is it for you or not.

Are you old for that (who says).

Number 6 should be on the first place,and you will have a great and young life.Always.

You Can Do It !


The Picture Of Yourself

It was a time of expansion of cities.The castles were built hastily.The king is anted to use the time of peace to strengthen its findings.

Traveler is came into city with his bag .He was different from other people.He was tall,with athletic figure,clean and shy.At a time when everyone was loud, he was placid, calm.He was looking for a job, and this was the reason for his visit to the city. He have a dream to marry the king’s daughter but he knew it, that was impossible.

Wherever he came to looking for a job other employees are laughed at him.Other workers, the little bald people with big bellies.

You can not work here, you see how skinny you are.

You are to tall for this job.

You are to  ugly.

You have too many teeth in your head.

He looked himself in the mirror only when he was shaving.He did not like to look in the mirror.He envied to  those little fat people. He envied  them on their big stomachs. He was athletic guy. Although he is ate a lot he could not get fat because of his metabolism.

One day, kings daughter was passing by in a carriage. She  noticed the beautiful, tanned young man in the crowd of other people. When she was passed he looked up and their eyes are met.It happened one day, then another day,  and then every day at the same time.

Encouraged by her views he found in his courage to stand in front of mirror, and  for the first time he looked at himself  with the right eyes.For the first time he is ignored the views of other people, and he is believed his own eyes,that he was beautiful, that he was great, that he was unique, that he was the best, that he was worthy of a princess.

Until death do us apart, they promised  each other.

The most important thing in life is what you think about yourself. It is so important for you, that this opinion can ruin your hole life and also raise you to the stars.

If you think you are not worth, you are not worth.

If you think you are not good,you are not good.

If you think you’re average,you are average.

But I’m telling you, you are worth of everything in this world.You are great. You are wonderful.You are the best in the hole world.Think, act and convince yourself that this is true,because it is. You deserve the best from life, so please take the best, and forget the rest.

Don’t ever, ever , ever think that you can not do something, because you are great, and and as such, You Can Do It – Everything.

Good bless you my Unique friend !


Free Yourself From Stress

Imagine that you are in the largest building in the world,on the top floor.You have your own apartment  with beautiful views of the city. Your house is beautiful,illuminated,and you can see the hole town from every single corner of your flat.

You have a great and large terrace,and when you look down from it you can see how people and car are small, like ants, because you are on the top of the town. Your terrace has only one defect, it is not fenced. You  feel the wind in your hair and body,because at  such a height the wind always blows.

You approaching to  the edge of the terrace and you dropping your looks down.Putting your feet on the edge of the terrace,and you reproach of your fingers over the edge. You are spreading  your  arms, and the wind really blows and you are swinging on the brink.

You sharply dropping your view down, and you are feeling how you are losing  your balance.You are leaning forward….and than………………stop……..

You are in a safe place….

So, have you felt how your blood pressure was  increased, how fast your heart was beating ,have you felt fear in your  head and body.Have you felt how your palms sweating. I believe you are. At this point, your body was produces a stress hormone called adrenaline. Regardless of the fact that you have just imagined all of that, your brain could not distinguish reality from imagination.

Imagine now, that you are on the beach,you are drinking mango juice,the sun slowly sets,and you are maximum relaxed.You’re not thinking about anything, and you are living only in and for that moment.Your body secretes the hormone of happiness now, called endorphin and you’re happy and relaxed.

You want to this feeling  last forever…

All of these emotions and hormones that you have aroused in you in last couple of minutes, and  you’re not going anywhere .Can you now imagine how your brain affects on  your hormones.A lot. Hormones affect your body. For example, stress hormones increasing PH value of our body, which in longer period of time  affects  on the creation of cancer cells.Stress is our biggest enemy. Most of the diseases occurs from stress.

But what is stress.Is it real ? As you can see you were under stress reading this article,but it is not real fear. Stress is not real too. It is our  experience of certain situation.We sometimes  overreact to ordinary situations. This is wrong, this is our biggest mistake.

A lot of people is under stress at work.They suffer harassment at work from the chief,from the work from co-workers, from themselves. You must stop now. Stop react turbulent to all situations.It is not you, it is not your nature  state. You can’t change other people, but you can change yourself. You can change your work, you can change your state, you can change everything in your precious life.

Change it , change yourself , change everything what bothers you,  You Can Do It !

Make A Wish, And Do It !

Once upon a time lived a king,who was very wise, and who knew answers to all questions. The people from all over the kingdom are  came to him for answers, and they all went satisfied. One day has come to him a one very unhappy man.He was lethargic,displeased.

He stepped in front of the king and asked :

–  I want to know how to be happy,how to know what I want.

– What you want,the king asked him ?

– I don’t know.I’m just not happy.

-If you don’t know what you want, how do you think you can get anything? But, please be my guest next few days. Go around the whole of my kingdom, and after that we will  talk.

After couple of days, the man is came to the king with the smile in his face.He was happy after so many years. The king asked him:

Have you seen my horse farm,my divine gardens, my halls, my forests.Did you find out what you want?

-Yes I am my lord. I have seen all of that, and to be honest I’m not impressed.

-But, why you so happy than ?

-While I was walked thought your kingdom I was impressed in the beginning  with all your material goods.You have a beautiful horses,gardens and everything.  I imagined myself in your position, and my heart is not danced, I was unhappy. But than I am realize that  material things are not the ones which make me happy .I don’t want to have material things.I want to  people remember me at my music.I like to play music , and this is the first time to publicly admit that. I did not dare to admit that in my conservative environment. Thank you my lord.

The king was pleased, he knew it that the man will find answers at which he came.

In general, we all know what we want.Our heart know what we want,but we are sometimes so scared to admit that. We also know what we do not want. Sometimes our desires are contrary to the understanding of our environment.Sometimes our desires are contrary with our education, our culture.

This is not important at all.You must be honest with yourself in terms of your desires.And believe me you always know what you want.You’ll always be able to give an answer to yourself.I watched on TV cooking show and one of the  competitors is a doctor who is decide to change his career and to become a cook.Of course he was condemned by environmental because occupation of doctor is far more appreciated than cook,but he was not interested in the opinion of environment.What is matters for him is only his opinion.

The doctor is really one enlightened man.

So my friends, don’t be scared,be brave and move yourself toward your desires .Make your dreams come true.Don’t care about your friends opinion, your parents opinion. Grab your desire strongly, and don’t forget You Can Do It !


The Beginning Of My Awakening


I was young student in those days.In my  early twenties.I was in rising power, sportsman. The world was mine. A friend of mine was operated , and I went to visit him in hospital.He was lying in a room with three other patients who were seriously ill.One of them was deeply engraved in my memory.

I visited a friend, I talked to him a little  and I  was preparing to go when one patient is spoke to me.The patient who was lying next to my friend.What I have immediately noticed about him is his calmness. The calmness with which he was disarmed me.

He asked me what am I studying. I said law school.He said, please be fair judge. I said, of course I will be.He continued, these are my last days, but I am more than happy.I have a wonderful family, beautiful children,lovely home, I have met many wonderful peoples here, in hospital,and what is more important of all I am aware all of that.

He told me I’d never changed with you,with your ages, because I am past what I am past, but what is waiting you on your road, it is big question.

I’m stormed out of the hospital that day, angry at that old man.

Why he does not want to change with me (like that is possible)

I have youth,I have  strength,  I have  all time on this world.I have even hear.It is insulted me whit his calmness.I was defeated that day from that old man,because maybe he don’t want to change with but I would like to change with him. For that peace behind those big blue eyes .

I went home, but I could not get out that old man from my  head.I was thinking about his sentence “,I have a wonderful family, beautiful children,lovely home” , of course you have, I was thinking, I also  have wonderful family…. “and what is more important of all I am aware all of that…I am aware all of that”…..say again…”I am aware all of that”,”I am aware all of that”….

I got also youth,health,strength… Then why am I so restless. Is it possible that I don’t see that .Is it possible that I am not aware of that ….Noooo…

Yeeeeeees…this is true.In that moment I felt a great relief…Hey I am happy too. I was so burdened by things that I do not have,that I’m totally disregarded the things which I already have. This for me was the greatest discovery in my life,because this is the key of happiness.

This was the beginning of my awakening.After that moment I have became always happy.

And the old many, he died that day. Old man, if you’re reading this from somewhere, I just want to tell you thank you .

So,happiness is in us.Happiness is now and always. We are born to be happy always. Children’s are happy always .If you want to be happy you should be aware of the things that you already have. Home, family,health…you can always find a reason to be happy, and vice versa .

Look around you.Find the  things that you already have,be happy, be grateful, because I am sure You Can Do It !