To Do, Or Not To Do !?

The tired army, hungry, thirsty was walking home. And they  came upon a dark cave through which they had to pass. It was a passage through the mountain and the only road to home.

Frightened, they went through the mountain.They had no light but in the cave was a terrible darkness.Suddenly, they encountered on the great and big light and they hear the voice :” Who take this, it will regret,and who don’t take it it will regret ".

Some soldiers thought “If I will regret in any way, it is better to take it “, but some others thought “It is some kind of curse,and it is better to ignore it “.

And,that voice was right.

When they came out they saw that was a treasure.

So, those who took it, they regret because they did not taken more.

But those who did not take it, they regret because they did not taken even a little peace.

That is life my friends, eternal dilemma “ To do it or not. Hamlet’s dilemma “To be or not to be “”To go or not to go”, “To risk or not to risk” ,  “To take it or not”.

That is life. They say life is a battle .And he really is.But the biggest battle is in us,and with us.In life the  hardest job is to make decisions ,because they all have consequences, and you must be ready for them.

It is better to die on your feet than live on your kneesEmiliano Zapata

You must be brave to have a great life. It is not easy road. But courage is not the absence of fear.It is the victory over fear. As you can see from the story above, you can take it or not,in any way you will regret it. How many times you have found in similar situations. To take it or not.

I believe many, many times. And how many times you just knew it the right choice, but you did not take it, because of fear. Fear is our worst enemy.

Do you know which fear is the strongest one.The fear of change.

Opportunities in life comes and goes, but the bravest create them.

If you miss one chance do not despair, it will come another one. But please my dear friends, do not miss them all,please .Grab it, take it, say yes no matter what. Maybe you will failed, maybe you will be dissapointed but you will made it finally .

It is better to say to yourself at the end of your life “I gave my best, and I failed” then ” I missed my chance” .

But I am sure, that You Can Do It !!!

Are You A Slave ?

Blessed are those who have a free spirit,they will have a free life !

In one country at some time was ruled a very strict laws. People were limited in various ways.They had to wear certain clothes, certain shoes. To pray at certain times of the day,to work certain jobs, to have a certain hair.

Penalties for policy violations were very strict. Imprisonment, beatings, psychological harassment. People respected the rules because of fear.

One guy has decided to leave the country. He heard from his parents that there are countries that do not have such strict rules. And he did it. One night he ran away. He risked his life, but he did manage.

When he came in free land, he discovered that people have a free will to do what they want to do, to dress as they wish,to cut their hair as they wish.Nobody forced them to do anything.

But….they were not free …..

They were slaves of prejudice.

They were slaves of others opinions.

So my friends, you must ask yourself title question “Are you a slave ” ???

Freedom is in our mind.The real freedom is only in your mind. You are free if you have a free spirit.You are free if you have your own will.  We living in one very strange world. They bombard us with rules, with styles, with looks.And to make matters worse we accept these shackles.

Today is “cool” to have a breast implants, to  have a lips implants, to have a six pack abs, to injecting botoh in your body.And this is all ok with me. I don’t have any problem with that. I believe that people should do whatever makes them happy.

It is great to do all this stuff, but before you do, you must ask yourself for  whom are you doing that.If you are doing that because of you, it is cool, but if you are doing that because you want to someone say you are cool, it is wrong, and you are slave.

Remember, taste imposes to us !

World strives for perfection !

Only God is perfect !

But you must be aware that you are also great without that. You are already perfect,you are already the best.You are born to be free, and you should be free.

Stop worrying are you in trend, whether you dress according to the latest fashion, are you have a new car, new phone. We live in a consumer society,they must invent something new always to sell us. But first they must convince us that we must have that.And I must admit they doing  a great job.

So my friend, be yourself,be unique, do things because of you, not because of others, be free !

I am sure that You Can Do It !!!

Is Levitation Possible ?

The short answer is YES !

I like to consider us, humans, as miracles. We are walking miracles . If you want to see the miracle, just look at the mirror. All prejudice comes from ignorance. And you really need to have an opened mind to discard prejudices and have a great life.

Just remember the astronomer and mathematician Galileo Galilei  who was first proved that the earth revolves around the sun. The Inquisition forbade such learning but he is on the end of his life said: E pur si muove which means “And yet it moves“. Today it is an indisputable fact.

The fear comes from ignorance !

The fact is that we are made up of atoms. We have about 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in our body.But hey, everything around us is made by atoms too. Atoms make up molecules, the molecules tissues .

Two atoms can’t never be touched.They bounce off from each other.So you are created from atoms, just like floor, just like ground, just like stairs,just like everything in this universe.Our great universe. Since the atoms never touch each other, when you are walking actually you are not touching the ground.Also when you are seating you not touching the ground.You can’t never  touch the ground . We levitate above the ground whole time. 

All you are “feeling” are the electromagnetic forces of electrons.

So my friends, is levitation is possible. I would say loud and clear YES !

That day, when you start to  see yourself as a miracle, you life will become magical.You are the miracle. You just, I can not say need, I will say must, you must start to thinking about yourself on this way.You must start to think about yourself as a miracle.

If someone ask me to define humans I would say that humans are ” Electrical beings, with great powers, composed of atoms“.

We are the only beings with awareness. God gave us free will to decide how we will live.

I think the biggest deception from the world ruling structure is that,they  convinced us, humans that we are ordinary. God gave us free will, and they took us,because they convince us that we are average.

We are not average,we are extraordinary ,we are great,we are miracles !

Consider yourself as miracle, and your life will become as your observation,because You Can Do It !

Alpha State For Alpha People

If you want to change your subconscious,enter in your BIOS !

I get a lot of your emails, and in most of them you ask me how to enter in Alpha  state and how to change your life from your subconscious. So there is how.

You must be aware that you are more unconscious than conscious being.Why am I saying that. Just because the most of your life process takes place in your subconscious level. About 95%. Breathing, blood pressure, body temperature, most thoughts. All those processes has occur unconsciously.

In our body, every second millions cells die and new cells are born. That process is controlling by your subconscious. The main question here is  can you  control your subconscious ?

Short answer is YES !

Try to imagine your subconscious like an engine, and your conscious like a driver. You car will go in that direction set by the driver. Your engine can not determine your direction. But your engine will  take you where you want to go.

Your engine does not have their own will.

But the driver has.

If you want to change your engine your hood and make  some  changes  there.  For  real  car  engine  you have to be a mechanic. But  for small reparations  it is not necessary.You can pour the oil in your car or water without mechanic assistant. You can learn to make a small reparations by yourself .You don’t need to be a psychiatrist to do it.

The human brain is an electrical organism which creates electrical voltage.The rhythms of brain waves are divided into four main groups: Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

I will talk here only about Alpha state,because when you learn how to enter here, you will learn easily how to enter in Theta state too.

Alpha waves vibrating at a frequency among 7-14 Hz.They occur in the stage of relaxation as it is immediately after the wake-up,when we doing yoga ,when we meditate.

You just need your bed ,or your floor .

Lay down and rest yourself. You need to drop the frequency of your brain below 14 Hz.

The average person needs about 2 minutes to get into the Alpha state. With experience your time will be reduced, and you will be able to be in Alpha state for less than a minute.

When you relax enough stop thinking about the outside world and focus only on inner world. Just focus on your breathing. Be aware of your breathing,be aware of your body on  the floor. Think about your body.But think about them just like an object.

After 5 minutes, give yourself a 5 minutes for that, you are ready for changes.

I have a bad allergy since childhood.And in Alpha state I said to myself something like this ” My health is perfect, and I am so happy for that.. In my nose are born  new cells ,healthy cells. Perfect health is my normal state“. In that moment I had became very happy, and my hole body has flooded endorphin.

Very, very, very important is to create emotions in your body.Good emotions.Happiness. You should be happy because of your new state,because you are healthy .You have to believe that you’re healthy,and guess what You will be after a while.

You can find also Alpha state music on You Tube channel .

You can apply this for everything, not just for your health,and the universe will answer you.

If you have any additional questions, be free to ask .

You Can Do It !!!

Wind Of Change

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Buddha

Legend said that in the mountains of the Himalayas was lived  the tribe of the enlightened people. They have everything they need in their village for happy life: food, water, rain,sun. They were very happy because of that.

People from all over the world has came to them in their  search for enlightenment, for happiness, for smile.

Have you noticed that people are forgot to laugh ?

They have a one little house for student,they call her “the enlightenment house”. At the top was a signpost who was associated with humans energy and pointed in the direction of change only when the student was ready. So, when the student was ready for real change, with strong faith and strong will, the wind blew, strong enough to turn around  a signpost in right direction. The wind of change.

For their teachers that was a sign that the time had come for their students for change, for happiness, for new life. For their teachers that was a sign that their student are ready.

Do you need a change !?Are you ready ???

The biggest changes are taking place in us.You can not change me, you can not change people around you, your friends, weather,but you can change your experience about reality, your perception . And with that everything around you will change too.

I will tell you the real truth. We all need changes. If you think you don’t than my friend, you are not honest  with yourself. My uncle before he died he told me “I don’t speak with a lot of people,but in all my squabbles  in my life, I was right “. This is not a thinking of enlightened manThis egoist speaks from him.
The truly enlighten people are always happy. They question their actions because they know they are just humans, and often they are wrong. But they  are not happy because they have material abundance, they are happy because they have mental wealth . They are free.

If you want to be free, you must be honest with yourself, you must be ready for change, you must be ready for new life, and with that the wind of change will blow all your shortcomings.

You Can Do It !!!

In What You Believe !?

Your beliefs were ordered your past, they create your  present and they will determine your future !!!

Three men have suffered from the same disease. Skin disease, which  is spreading rapidly over their body. They heard that in the mountains of India exist water source with healing water. They  started from different parts of the world toward India.

They met at the foot of the mountain, and they decide to continue  together. Their disease was at an advanced stage and they were in very bad shapes. 

When they arrived they found out that the  water source was opened by Buddha. He was struck with a stick in the ground and she snapped and the water started to flow. 

One of the passengers began to cry when he heard that.He was a Buddhist and he deeply believed that the  Buddha  will help him. And he did.

The second  patient was  a Muslim, who believed only in Allah and he doubted that Buddha can help him.And he did not.

And the third patient was a was a Christian who believed only in Jesus Christ   and he doubted that Buddha can help him.And he did not.

So,only the first patient has been cured. The other two were still sick.

You are what you think you are ! Your body is the result of your thoughts and beliefs !

How is that possible that it was healed only Buddhist believer, and the others did not ?Is the Buddha really helped him ?

Every religion promotes “belief in miracles” if you want to happen.You must have a faith. No one religion not describes how the miracle happens, but they happens and that is the fact.

I like to say that the science and religion are very close now.

Buddha, Jesus, Allah,God, Universe,Source, All, in whatever you believe,it act through you !

For every miracle you need strong faith, because you are miracle. Miracles begin in you if you have a faith.If you are 100% sure that the miracle will happen, it will happen .If you are not sure,than it will not happen.

Our skin is renewed approximately every 28 days, and our thoughts determine our cells. If we convince our subconscious to create new healthy cells, she will listen to us. Our subconscious regulates 95% of all processes in our body.We can convince her only if we have as strong faith that we are healthy.If you think without doubt that you are healthy, your subconscious which does not have a own opinion will will behave accordingly. 

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”  !  Martin Luther king Jr.

Every single thought should lead you over your goal, and it determines the direction of your life.

Point your life in the right direction because You Can Do It !!!

He said…

Far away, in a remote part of my country, deep in the mountains, was lived a  103 years old man, but he remembers when he is registered  in book of birth.

I went to see him, because I love old people. They are  so wise .When I asked him what he had learned through life:

He said:

  • Stay away from the people who are not afraid of God, and do not ashamed of people.

He said:

  • With good people, be good, but do not hate bad people. You will not change them, you will only hurt yourself.

He said:

  • Listen more,than you talk , because of that you have two ears and one mouth.

He said:

  • In life, do always  what you want to do , and people? They will talk anyway.

He said:

  • Do not crawl because you can fly.

He said:

  • It is better to die for something than live for nothing.

He said:

  • Never from people do not expect too much. It is always better to be surprised than disappointed.

He said:

  • Stay away from young people who mock  to old people, healthy people  who mock to sick people and fools who mock to  clever people.

He said:

  • Do not live in the past because she can  neglect your present, and kill your  future.

He said:

  • Deeply believe in what you want and remember: lost is only that from what we were giving up!

And I, I  believed him !


When I was a child, I loved to watch movies about Superman.He was so strong, so fast.But then I have realized that each of us is Superman !

You are Superman, because you have a super powers !

In one farm, far from the city was lived a father with two daughters.  They cultivated the land, engaged in agriculture.His daughters was helped him to take care about his big farm. They have a lot of animals, horses, sheep, cows. They were very happy and his father was proud of them.

One day father was driving the tractor on the meadow and he  hit a hole in the meadow and the tractor has turned over on him.Heavy machinery was pressed him, and his was helpless.

When his younger daughter, who was then 12 years old saw that, she came running to father and  in desperation, she picked  the tractor weighs over 1 tonne and she released him.

He was impressed.

So, if you want from me to show you the Superman, I will tell you, please look at the mirror.

How is that possible? From where  she gathered such strength? In that moment she had become more energy and less matter.In that moment she had  believed that she can do it, and she did it.In that moment she used the inner power to free his father, her energy.

You know that one of the most powerful weapons in world is atomic bomb. Energy for it comes from the atom .From atom!!!???Can you imagine how is that powerful.Can you see the atom with your eyes ? No you can not.You must take strong microscope to see him.

You, me, we  all  have  in  our  bodies about  7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms. Yes you read it correctly.

Each atom has a huge amounts of energy. Each atom is basically empty.It is made only from energy. All you need to do is to point that energy in your favorite direction.You must be aware that it is possible.Work on yourself, meditate, try to control your body, but the most important thing is try control your mind,your subconscious and with that your life.

You must know, you are the most powerful being in universe. You have in your body about 60 chemical elements just like stars,just like universe.

Miracle are always happen in harmony with nature but not with our understanding of nature.

So my friends, tell me are you Superman ?

Wake up the sleeping giant inside of you because You Can Do It !!