I Told You

When the winch yourself up from the “I told you”, you can say that your are mature !

We are all humans.We all have merits and demerits.We all sharing tips and God we love when we are right. With good intentions to our children, to our friends we giving advice’s, and we receiving advice’s too .This is all normal. All you have experienced the sentence “I told you ” from your loved ones, from your friends. And this is normal.

What is not normal in most cases. Your reactions. Feelings of guilt.

How many times in your life have you been at the crossroads and you have asked someone for advice. You must to make decisions every day.Some decisions are small and irrelevant and some decisions are big and they can turn your life for 180 degrees.

I will tell you something. The hardest thing in life is make decisions.This is very hard sometimes.

After the battle  we are all the generals ! This means that we all know what we  should have done and what not.But you must know also that belated wisdom is not wisdom !

Your life is your hole time in your hands. This is something what we  should learn in school.

The boy wanted to become an actor and he wanted to enroll on the Academy of Dramatic Arts.But his parents were against that.They told him that is very hard to enroll academy and that a very few people enroll in the academy. The entrance examination is very difficult. Their desire was to enroll medical school.

And the first time he failed to  enroll on the Academy, and the second time. And his father  told him famous sentenceI told you!

On the third attempt he enrolled at the Academy and he  became a movie star.He became famous .

As Einstein said, Every action has reaction ! Stop paying attention to the famous sentence “I told you” and live your life with full lungs. If you failed, don’t blame yourself. Try to make conclusion, and to learn new lesson .But the most important lesson is that you will failed sometimes whatever you do ,and this is normal. You will make some decisions for which you will after  some  time  said  they  were wrong , but  you  must  say  to  yourself  in  that period  “belated wisdom is not wisdom” .

All we in ourselves speaks  with our other creature,with our alter ego . And even worst is when you say to yourself I told you. If you are doing this, just stop. It is not worth. You have only one life, and there is no point to waste him on guilt  feelings .

Make decisions, choose your  ways, and I will finish with title of my favorite book from my childhoodDo not look back, my son“.

You Can Do It !!!

Are You A Judge ?

Don’t judge anything,enjoy in everything !

The mother was walking with her  son through the park and the son asked her:
Mother, why this little bird does not sing on our language ?
Because my son, it is her language, bird language.
-But I don’t understand it at all mother.I have read  
that birds sing ,but this is not a song,this song does not have words.

All of this was listening a father with his son and he told him:
I am so proud of you my son.You are so smart. You have four years and you know that animals are not the same like humans,and we can not understand them.People are strange.This boy has at least 10 years, and he don’t know how bird sings.

On the other hand, the boy’s mother was also proud.She was proud because her son was defeat his  disease, and  after a serious surgery he is able to hear for the first time after 10 years !

I will tell you know something as a lawyer, as a human and as a friend. Don’t judge, because  you might not have the whole picture.

People like to condemn other people, because it is in our nature.

When we see someone who is not like us, our brain automatically compare him/her with us, with our culture, our education , and we find out that we are better , and we are feeling good .This is normal. But you must  know that you are in very dangerous area. Why. Because   you have to defend your beliefs to yourself, which includes conflict. You are in this case prosecutor and judge.Your subconscious wants you to be better of the accused.

But my friend, in most cases you don’t have a wider picture.

For yourself you should stop to judge other people, other’s actions. If you something would not do, it does not mean that is wrong.And who cares  is it wrong or not.What is wrong and what is not ? You, society, state ?Life is not always white and black, and  should not be.

We are all different. If I am doing something, it does not mean it’s right.If I believe in something it does not mean that you should believe too in the same thing. I have my reasons, and I am sure that you have yours. If I like to wear jeans, it does not mean that jeans is “IN“, or that everybody should to dress jeans. It means that I like it, and I don’t care do you like it or not.

Before you start condemning other people ask yourself:

  • Whether his/her action endangers me ?
  • Would I like that someone  condemns me on the same way ?
  • Am I perfect ?
  • Does this can help me to have a better life ?

I am sure that you will answer with NO on all questions !

For this you need some time.For better life you need practice, and after some time you will be happier, and your life will be better.

Until than , work on yourself because You Can Do It !!!

How To Be Healthy-Last Chapter

You need to control what you eat because it will control you after some time !

I have explain in this serial some important information  about food and about metabolism.So with this information’s you can always create your menu, and you should know does some food is good or not for you.

If you skipped them,read them first Part I,Part II and Part III.

Now I will show you a food menu with low fat and carbohydrates percent .

Before that, you should know that carbohydrates are dangerous for you   then fats and you’re gaining weight from carbohydrates in most cases. Carbohydrates are in everything,in juice, in  candies,in braid, in pasta in rise, in potato,in milk You should control entry of carbohydrates  in your body.

For example, if you eat pasta for dinner it is not good for you,because she has a very big percent of carbohydrates   which are accumulating in your body in the form of fat.But if you eat fish, your body will be grateful for that  because the fish has no carbs at all (almost), you will not gain weight.Also it has Omega 3 fatty acids great for your brain!

  1. The breakfast 07:00- it should start maximum half an hour after awakening. Your body is hungry and in this part of the day you should  eat complex carbohydrates. Oatmeal with milk, cornflakes with milk or with yogurt,also scrambled eggs and similar and two glasses of water.
  2. Sneak 11:00- this is the right time for your sneak .You should eat here some fruits, a banana, an apple, orange,grapes and two glasses of water.
  3. Lunch 14:00- in lunch time you should eat some proteins. You should eat steak meat, and some carbohydrates   like bread, pasta, potato.If you’re a vegetarian proteins from soy bean are good choice and after that two glasses of water.
  4. Sneak 17:00- it is time for another sneak.Here you can drink some fruit yogurt,or eat some law fat cheese,or big portion of salad with  fresh seasonal produce and fresh herbs and  two glasses of water.
  5. Dinner 20:00- You need to prepare your body for night and you should eat here a fish,or law fat cheese, or salad ,just like in previous sneak fresh seasonal produce and fresh herbs and two glasses of water.Cheese is here good choice because it has a casein protein .

Tips and notes:

-Between meals you can eat vegetables.Green salad,potato,carrots,cabbage.It is the best to eat them fresh.You need to eat seasonal vegetables.You can eat this when you want and how much you want !

-Avoid fruits between meals because of fructose (fruit sugar). It is not the same like vegetables .

Select always white meat instead of red meat.It is much healthier and has less fat and it is easier to digest.

Cook foods instead of baking. Too long thermal treatment is killing nutrients.

-Read food declaration.Learn how much some food have fat,proteins and carbohydrates. You can check its value here.

-Every 15 day you can eat whatever you want,if you were disciplined 🙂

If you eat something you should not, don’t worry, it is not the end of the world.Just keep it going .

-Diet is life style.Diet is habit just like everything in life.Small steps for big changes ,remember!

Special note

You Can Do It !!!

How To Be healthy-Part III

Eat healthy, to be healthy !
Stop making excuses that you don’t have a time,that you are too busy. You are to lazy to make some changes in your life.Small changes can bring you a better life.

If you have are already read my last two posts about food, and metabolism you should know some important things about food and about diet. With this knowledge you should be able to recognize what is good for you and what is not.You should recognize which diet is good and which one is not. It is a math. You should eat less calories to lose weight than your basal metabolism is.

If you have not read it.you should read it first Part I and Part II.

In this post I will tell  you how to accelerate your metabolism, which is very important for your health, and for your weight. If you feel weak, listless  and without energy, it is your fault, because you were not careful with your body.Your health is in your hands .

You must know that your body is perfect organism. Just perfect in every sense.You should have at least five-six smaller servings per day. Three main servings and two-three snacks. You can say it is too much for you,but it is not.On this way you will:

  1. speed up your metabolism
  2. prevent the creation of fats.

Simply said, when you eat only one time in day, or two times,you must know that your body knows that you will not give him any food at least 12 hours.So to save your life, your body will save all your energy in fat deposits for every case. But if you are eating every two or three hours,your body knows that should not to save any energy because it will receive the necessary energy very soon.

You should  accelerate your metabolism  for better calorie consumption and you can do that doing this things:

  1. Eat breakfast-I purposely put breakfast on the first place,because it is your most important meal.After night your body needs energy.
  2. Eat 5-6 smaller servings per day.On this way your body will not create fat.
  3. Drink a lot of water (at least 2 liter per day). Water hydrates your entire body ,and is used for all metabolic processes in the body. According to one study ,drinking 500 ml of water was  accelerated a body metabolism in one hour for 30%.
  4. Drink coffee or green tea. It is  proven that caffeine has a metabolic effect.
  5. Train with weights.In this way you will increase  your muscle mass. The more muscle you have your body consumes more calories by itself.
  6. Reduce sugar intake. Sugar increases insulin production which according to new research slows metabolism
  7. Eat almond,nuts or other similar fruits . This is a good food which can accelerate your metabolism for 10%. You need very small portions every day.

In next posts I will bring to you a diet many,so stay tuned.

Start now, not tomorrow, not in the Monday. Now !!! I am sure You Can Do It !!!


How To Be Healthy-Part II

In healthy body,healthy spirit !

If you’ve read my last post,then you know what is Metabolism, what is Basal Metabolism, what is calorie and how many calories per one day you need . You need to know that every declaration have its own caloric list where you can check how many calories that article has.

On declaration it is expressed how many calories that food has. Sometimes it refers on 100 grams,sometimes per portion,but it is also stated how much grams is one portion.

From the left you can see it how it looks like.

This food has on 100 grams,which is one cup respectively one portion:

250 calories ,and that comes: 15 g respectively from fat, 25 from carbohydrate and 5 grams from proteins. This food is bad,because it has a very high percent of calories from fat and carbohydrate  and a very small part of calories from  protein.

Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs.Protein is the body’s building block. All of our organs, including the skin, are built from proteins, as are the muscles, hair and nails.

When we say that a food is good it means,that has a very low percentage of fat,carbohydrates and a high percentage of protein.For example chicken breasts,without skin of course. They have a very big percent of proteins and very  low calories. They have about 125 calories in 100 grams,from that 25 grams of proteins, 0 carbohydrates  and about 1.5 grams of fat.

This is perfect food for everybody. This is great food for you. You should always find a law fat food which have a high protein percent.And you need to calculate based on yours basal  metabolism,how much calories do you need per day. With summing you will  come to  right measures for you. You can find also over the internet caloric list where you can find all nutritional value for any food.

For example:you need 2000 calories per day,which is your basal metabolism. If you want to lose weight then take it in one day 1600, if you want to add weight then take about 2400 per day.

Calculate by yourself,and don’t forget to drink a lot of water in day. There is no magic trick for that. Eat everything  and loss weight is just not possible,or it is possible with some thermodynamic means but that is not healthy.

I will talk about this topic more,so stay tuned.

This is not too difficult,and I am sure that You Can Do It  !!!

How To Be Healthy

You eat to live, you not live to eat!

Being healthy is a precondition of all other goals !!!

When we hear a word “Diet” we immediately think of starvation on malaise etc. But in fact,diet is the life style. You can be on diet and not be hungry.It is a one hole concept of your life for better life,for better tomorrow and today.It is a concept of life where you have a lot more energy and you  feel much healthier.

For this, you need to change your habits.To replace them with the new one.To speed up your metabolism,to enlarge the consumption of fat tissue,and with that to cut down your body fat percentage at 15% for man and 20% for women.

This is not hard,believe me .You must know what you eating .You must know how much calories you need per day to keep existing weight, to lose weight or to gain weight.

Metabolism is the process by which calories from food into our bodies are convert into energy.

A calorie is the amount of energy required to heat one gram of water by one degree.For example:
-1 g of the protein gives  4 cal,
-1 g of carbohydrate gives 4 cal,
-1 g of fat provides 9 calories .

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is is the amount of calories how much a person spends in idle status.About 78-80% the total energy consumption went to this metabolism.This BMR is different from person to person,and  it is about 2.000 calories ,but this is a unisex formula with which you can calculate it approximately:

BMR=  655 + (9,6 x weight in kilograms)+(1,8 x height in centimeters)- ( 4,7 x age in years)

The number that you get multiple with 1,2 if you train a little or you are not active, 1,5 if you are active 3-5 days per week and with 1,9 if you are very active,every day.

Let’s say that you are get a number of 2.200. That is your number of calories which you will spends in idle status. Add on that about 20%,which is 440 calories,and that is you Daily consumption of calories.

If you want  to lose any weight you should eat a less calories than 2.200 per day,about 20%.

If you want to gain your weight you should eat more calories then 2.200 for about 20%.

This is so simply,right.The metabolism naturally slows down over time, and this is normal. But if you are active you can use some tricks by which you’re going to speed up your metabolism.

I will write more about that in next posts,so stay tuned.

Don’t forget You Can Do It !!!

Small Steps For Big Changes

Those who follow me know that I always  stress the importance of changes.
If you wanna a change, be that change !

Your hole life is in your head.When you make some decisions your hole life will change. I will speak here about your body. About your life engine.Do you care enough about your engine,or not. I will ask you now a simple question.

When you go on a trip will you check your car first,pour fuel in the car ?

I know your answer.It is Yes !!!

You are on the trip called life.It is a long journey,and your car must be able to withstand it. With small changes in your daily habits,your hole life will change,and you will have a great and healthy body.Small changes in your food habits.

Eat breakfast alone.Share lunch with a friend.And leave your diner to your enemy.

You need to have at least 5 meals (smaller meals) per day,and you need to drink at least 2 l of water,or 10 glasses.

  1.  First you should do after waking up, you should drink a one glass warm water on your empty stomach.Take a glass of water and say Thank you and leave it for about ten minutes,then drink it .
  2. Breakfast  is your the most important meal.It should include complex carbohydrates,oat flakes,corn flakes… You need energy after night.This is the one thing which you should not skip.I know that a lot of people don’t eat early.They eat about 10 or 11,on the lunch break.But this is wrong .You should eat right after you get up from bed ,before coffee.
  3. Replace food baking with food cooking. Meat baked in the oven with meat cooked in a saucepan.This is a small habit,but it is much healthier .
  4. Replace your fat milk  with milk with a little percent of fat.You have a milk with 0,5% of fat. Yogurt also ,and also cheese .You have everything with law fat.This is small habit,and it is almost the same taste.After a while,you will you’ll get used to it.
  5. Replace your read meat with white meat. Digestion of red meat takes about 5-8 hours,and digestion of white meat about 1-2 hours.This is a big difference in digestion sense. For example chicken breast they don’t have fat at all.The taste is great.I love them. Fish is very important .She has omega 3 fatty acids,which is great for your brain,for you heart,for your blood .
  6. Instead ordinary chocolate,or cake, buy chocolate for cooking.It has significantly less sugar and also a higher percentage of cocoa which is good for veins,for blood pressure, even helps the secretion of endorphins and serotonin. Instead of white sugar use brown sugar.Instead white bread use the black one.
  7. Go by bike instead of car,wherever is possible.Walk instead of use the elevator. 

These are small habits,and you can adopt them  easily .But they will finally change your life,because you will have a lot more energy, you will be a much healthier than now. I know that many will think about breakfast “it is to early for me to eat”, but you must know that you have a habit not to eat early.Change it, and you will have a habit to eat  immediately after waking up. I have a habit to eat immediately after awakening ,and if I must go out very early I simply get up fifteen minutes earlier to eat.I am so hungry,that I must eat.

At the end I must tell you one big secret,You Can Do It !!!



King Is Not Dead

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.” Elvis Presley

A boy from a poor family.The only child  has reached star popularity.A former truck driver and undestined electrician had a big dreams. He had a really  big dreams.His friends told him that it is better to drive a truck because he do not know to sing.Because he has no talent. But the boy is dreaming big dreams.
Be careful with your dreams because your friends and family can easily kill them !
He was born in small place Tupelo but they  moved to Memphis.Here in Memphis he tried to become a singer but a few groups refused to cooperate with him.His dream was on trial.But the boy is dreaming big dreams.
He decided to record a song dedicated to his mother which has long been in private hands but  thus he  attracted the attention the  owner of record label Sun Records.The rest is history.
But the boy is dreaming big dreams.
In 1956 he released his first album which is sold in couple millions of copies ,and  everyone then understoodthe star is born”.
Never trust people who have not realized their dreams because they will try to kill yours to justify himself to self.
He received an award for lifetime which is a great success,but the biggest success is to have a great life ,life worth of living.Happy is the one who will live forever,he had a reason to be born.
This is a story about one dream.We all have a dreams,but we are too scared to achieved them, to   try to accomplish them.I like kids, because they know what they want,they believe in own dreams,and they are ready to defend them .
Dream will not always be here for you.He will  to fade over time,and with time he will disappear.
He’ll back  to us like boomerang, from time to time to remind us on our failure.
So my friends, I know that you have a dream,and if you hesitate to do something about it, stop hesitate and take a first step. Don’t worry what will others tell you,they will not support you probably,but who cares,it is your dream,and I can tell you  something in which I deeply believe, You Can Do It !!!

How To Be Happy

Happiness is a state of satisfaction that lasts a lifetime!

A one famous singer was deeply unhappy.All his life he dreamed of to becoming a singer. He had a talent, he had a beautiful voice,he had a charm. He had everything for great life.

To succeed in business, that job should fulfills one of two conditions:-

it should be well paid, or

it should be a job that you love.

His job was fulfill both conditions.He  became famous, he became rich. He became everything  he had dreamed about. But somewhere along the way, he has lost.

He became very dissatisfied with his life.So much so that he took his own life.

All happy people resemble one to another, but every unhappy person is unhappy in its own way !

I will now give you my definition of happiness,  which is so simply as everything I do,  because I love simplicity , and so easy to use,  before I answer on the question from my title . Happiness is a habit !

Happiness is not in material things.Happiness is a state of mind to which can be reached through our subconscious but also through our consciousness. Happiness is the firs prerequisite for great life, for health, for luck (yes for luck) .

You always have a reason to be happy.You have to focus on the things that you have already, and work on it to get the things you want. Both things are very important.  I will give you now few things which can make you happy every day, and I am know that we all have them .

  1. You are alive. Think about that,why you.The universe is enormous, infinite,but you are here.
  2. You are healthy. Here, please,ignore smaller or larger diseases that you have and  focus yourself on your health,on the healthy part of you.
  3. You are young. Now,at the time you read these lines you are younger than you’ll ever be.
  4. You will live forever. As you can see from the description of my site, this is not a phrase.I don’t like phrases, demagogy.I love science. I am a  twenty-first century man. I must have something more to believe,and I have. You are pure energy my friend. You are made from atoms, and atoms are composed of energy. 99,999999999% of you is pure energy. You can read it about that here. And energy never dies.It just changes form.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

If you focus on the things that you don’t have, you will neglect the things you have, and you will destroyed your present with your future. With this knowledge, you will be happy always. Focusing on the things you have, say thank you every day to universe, and you will attracted more similar things,more positive energy in your life.

Also, you always must have some things  which you aspire,because this is life  which aims to develop.When you  disable this, you will become unhappy very soon. You must have a goal,always. You are live until you have a goals.It is time now for awakening.It is time for happiness , it is time to have a great life.Not tomorrow , not later, NOW.

  •  focus on the things you have,
  •  tends to things you want,

and one day you will feel a difference. You will become happy.

You Can Do It !!!

If He Can,You Can Too

My child, if you want to come into the world, about whom you‘ve heard so much, you have to have another pair of eyes – eyes to read and eyes to write. In the world there are many things which you can not find out if you can not read and write. Knowledge, these are the golden scales over which goes to heaven; knowledge is the light that illuminates our path through life and takes us into the life of the future is full of eternal glory. Michael’s mother

A man who was born in the village of Idvor in Vojvodina, the former Austro-Hungarian monarhy,poor so much that he was barely finish school. He arrived in America in the age of twenty with  five cents in his pocket, and he told : “For the young man did not have an accident with no money, if you choose to put yourself spasms own life, provided that in itself has enough power to overcome all the difficulties that will confront. “

He was worked 40 years as a professor at the University of Columbia.He is published 34 patent, and he was , Doctor of science of Columbia University, Honorary Doctor of Science, Johns Hopkins University, Honorary Doctor of Science, New York University, and 15 more titles.

Whether he was destined to become a great scientist, I think not. Did he have the conditions for it, I think not. Born in a small village in a poor family. He’s just a man who decided to take their own destiny into their own hands. He was not a silent observer of his life, did not allow him to govern with him and decided that he is the master of life. He did not let to a life big  lies “that we have no control over our life and we must be left to destiny”, destroy his life.

History is full of great people who have managed to realize their dreams.

People who motivates us to believe in ourselves and then, when all the circumstances are against us, even then  when no one else believes in us, we must believe in ourselves.That is the most important thing in world.

People who knew the secret.They know a secret which is so simple that many of us do not believe in  her and that is everything is possible. All the big secrets are very simple, which is why many do not believe in them. All things made by man have been made twice, once in his head a second time in reality.

Be brave, take your own life in your hand. Grab your life and manage with him, be the manager of your life, live your life on  the way you want.

Millions of people just live the life which they  do not want, the life that others have planned for them (parents, community) and they did not asked them  whether they want it or not.Ask yourself do you live the kind of life you want?

You can do it ,this really works as a phrase, however, when you really look at the people who have succeeded, and people who have had only a strong desire to succeed and they believed they can do it , I must say to myself and to all of you, You Can Do It.