Do Not Accept…

Your life is a set of your choices !!!

Do not accept to be ordinary .

Do not accept to be mediocrity .

Do not accept to be sick.

Do not accept to  work a job which you don’t like.

Do not accept to be in bad marriage.

Do not accept tо crawl in life.

Do not accept to judge others.

Do not accept not to think with your own head.

Do not accept to impose you their opinions.

Do not accept to impose you their taste.

Do not accept to lose yourself .

Do not accept to compete with others.

Do not accept to be slave.

Do not accept to your fear overcome you.

Do not accept life which you don’t like.

Sometimes we are not aware that our life is in our hands. Our hole life is in our hands.Where we live, how we live is the meter of our choices . We sometimes make some choices unconsciously to please others (parents, society,friends), because it is easier .Simple, we don’t want to be criticized. With that we  accept the rules that others impose to us. But please, do not accept….. to go to college because of your parents (if you don’t want that), to work every day from 9-5 if you don’t want, to live in the country where are you born if you don’t want, to work the job which you hate, to do anything in your life which is against your will.

You have a free will to accept or not the things .

My friend told me that he want to change his job, because he despises him, boss mistreats him, but he have a good salary and good reputation, and a lot of people would do anything to work in that company. And it is so rude  to be dissatisfied with his job, because his parents are very proud on him too. It is sin !

This is a one great example of  a man who is not his own master. He is ready to accept all that torture which create to much stress for him, to save that perfect image about him, to please his parents and society.

If you asking me, this is a very big price for that.

Do not fall on baits set by others. They are here just to keep you in the line. Make your own choices.Next time when you be in situation in which you are unsatisfied you must know that you are accepted that !

Do not accept not to believe in sentence You Can Do It !!!


I’m Scared …

“If people would know how little common sense is managing the world,
they would have died of fright”

-I’m scared of small people in responsible positions .

I’m scared of ignorance.

I’m scared of big capital.

I’m scared of carelessness to the planet.

I’m scared of carelessness  to the people.

I’m scared of  wrong and bad educations.

I’m scared of non education.

I’m scared of  interest of the great powers.

I’m scared of ideals.

-I’m scared of discrimination.

I’m scared of lack of love on Earth.

I’m scared of hatred.

I’m scared of fear of change.

-I’m scared of  acceptance .

I’m scared of human destruction.

I’m scared of climate change.

I’m scared of ideology.

I’m scared of nepotism.

-I’m scared of interest of individuals.

I’m scared of wrong beliefs.

I’m scared  that you are not aware that You Can Do It.



I Admire…

Only the bravest see the world through different eyes !

I admire the people who are brave enough to raise after defeat!

I admire the people who are brave enough to take their life in their own hands!

I admire the people who are different than others!

I admire the people who change their jobs in looking for happiness!

I admire the people who  have their own opinion and who are defending their views  with arguments!

I admire the people which is not visible on the face when they are angry!

I admire the people who have ended bad marriages !

I admire the people who have ended bad friendships!

I admire the people who are proud, because they prices themselves, but thy are not arrogant!

I admire the people who knows to live in the moment!

I admire the people who  do not pay attention on age, and who are always young!

I admire the people who have overcome prejudices!

I admire the people who are not afraid to say I am sorry!

I admire the people who are not to proud to say Thank you!

I admire the people who are working on themselves to be better!

I admire the people who do not condemn other people!

I admire the people who raise their voice when everyone is silent!

I admire the people who thinks with their own head!

I admire the people who are working jobs in which they enjoy!

I admire the people who are happy every day!

I admire the people who are full of loves!

I admire the people who will lived after dead !

I admire the people who are ready to make some changes in life!

I admire the people who are honest with themselves !

I admire the people who are not envious !

I admire the people who believes in their dreams!

I admire the people who refused to give up ever!

I admire the  who move  the edges!

I admire the people who really believes in sentence You Can Do It !!!

I’m Sorry

To err is humanly, to forgive is godlike !

Two best friends they grew up together.They shared good and bad in life. They went to the same school.They lived in the same  location on the same town.They spent their entire lives together. In life it happens once that you meet a person of the same energy like you. That was that friendships which should last forever.

When they grew up, and began to study they have agreed to come together in old  neighborhood.They arranged to meet at the old oak.It was a huge oak from their childhood  around which were built small shopping facilities.

One was waiting on one side and the other on the other side of oak.

They waited 15 minutes and they both went home angry.

They had never talked again.

Love, when it is sincere and deep, easily forgives and forgets.

But there is something stronger than love. It is proud.It is ego.

To say I’m sorry you have to conquer your ego.You must admit that you are wrong,that you are just a ordinary human being with all merits and demerits.In true story above, both friends were right and both were wrong.It was a misunderstanding.But in their minds they thought they were right.They failed to beat the ego and to ask his friend where have you been !?

Here is a little test for you.As in all my tests it require only sincerity .

  1. Do you think you are always right ?
  2. Do you think that you are right in most cases ?
  3. Is it hard for you to say sorry ?
  4. Does your ignorance  about some topic you defend with your contempt?

If the answer is YES on most questions, than you have a problem to say sorry !You should work on yourself  to make it get there. If I could choose the words that I must pronounce it would be Thank you and I am sorry.

Those words means that I am human.That I am conscious being. That I am great.

We all have bad days.We all have days  when we react excessively,when we say things that we do not think .This is normal. But after that, when you realize that you are wrong say I’m sorry. You will feel much better after that. That will build you as a human being,and after some time you will be free.


Defeat your ego.It is not your friend.You’ll be great only if you defeat your ego. You will be great only when you admit your mistakes.Can you imagine society where everybody are ready to say sorry and everybody are ready to say thank you .

Of course, another person should be ready to accept that.


You Can Do It !!!