Wild Alaska

People are happy when they live on the way they want !

I like to watch television, but only educational programs because I like to learn something new every day, and channels like National geography, Discovery, History channel  are great for me. I don’t like to watch news channel   because they are so negative and they  leave a negative trace in my subconscious whether I wanted it or not.

I have watched in National geography channel  emission about Alaska. It is really great and big country. But it is also very wild. Also,I  watched several stories about people who live there in very difficult conditions according to modern man’s understanding.Without water, without electricity , without health care.

One story is about a guy who is trapper. He sets traps in the forest and haunt animals like wolverine, fox,wild cats. He sells their fur in the city, and with that money he survives the winter in her hut. He travels a lot every day, visiting traps. But, one sentence was affected me strongly. When they asked him about  his biggest fear. He said:

My biggest fear is that I will failed to collect enough fur, and I will not be able to live here anymore.

This is the biggest fear and the second family from the second story about Alaska. They sold everything in the city, and they bought a small hut  in Alaska . They have a little baby, and they travel a lot together every day through the great snow to set the  traps  for animals. They are very happy . 

So what we need for happiness ? Do we need expensive car ? Do we need big house with pool ? Do we need a lot of money to be happy ? Maybe we do. But also think about the possibility that they  imposing it in us . Our society, our parents, our teachers , main stream media.

The biggest happiness is when you have a clear goal, and when you are living on the way you want. I will tall you one more thing. I have repeated this couple times for now, and I will every day if I have to “Happiness is habit” . 

Live your life on the way you want.Be brave to achieve your goals no matter what they are. Stop care about the opinions of other people.As you can see from the stories above, you can be happy in every corner of the world.

Live your life with full lungs because You Can Do It !!!