Death Is You Friend

Death is your friend because she is always there to  reminds you of the passing of life !

We’ll all die but not all are alive !

Fear of death is probably the strongest fear in the world and can block all our life processes. But if you asking me it is a part of universal justice, because we can not avoid death. Rich, poor, tall, short , man, woman, president, king, no matter who you are, you will die .

I believe that our destiny is when we will die. You will die when your time comes.Since the beginning of the earth, 100 billion people had lived on the planet . Of the seven billion people currently living on the planet from 100-120 years from now no one will be alive.

Can you prolong your life ? Maybe if you live in your house your whole life, you have a smaller chances:
that the car hits you or
to be the victim of a terrorist attack or
to get into a stressful situation that can lead to illness

Maybe on this way you will be alive a longer time. But will you live in this period ?

You are not born to live in your house . Our great plane is your house. You are born to have a great life.You are born to explore this great planet, to travel around the globe.

Turritopsis nutricula  is a jellyfish that can not die.After breeding, this animal should die, but instead returns to youth and develops again. Scientists say it works through a change in the internal structure of their cells. You’re also made up of cells.You are Superman .

You must be aware that in this moment, when you are reading this article you are the youngest you will ever be. You’re older now than when you started reading the text. But this should be your best indicator to live with full lungs.  

Ask yourself, do you live on the way you want ??? Be honest. Run and live, you don’t have a time.

On the other hand, you are pure energy, and energy never dies. Energy does not have  beginning and no end. You have a soul, and your whole body is filled with her. The body is like every material thing  prone to decay. But your sole is not. We are afraid of the unknown.

Energy never dies,it just change shape !

Death is your friend, because she is always there to remind you that you must live now, you must act now, not tomorrow, not later.Now is the best time for you.

I will ask you here What if there is no tomorrow ???

Death is your friend because she sits on your shoulder and  gives you a great tips about life. 

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
Norman Cousins

They say that somewhere in India is living a man who is old about 200 years old, and his secret is the Sun.  On the whole day he is sitting and looking at the sun. Would you like to live like this for so long? I don’t .We are not sunflowers.We are humans and we are born to live.

Live now my dear friends. Use your psychical body to explore your house (planet Earth).

You Can Do It !!!

Internal Hygiene-The Last Chapter

You have to create the world you want !

This is the last chapter of this serial about Internal Hygiene. I will write more about. In some way you can find  in  all  my  posts  the  idea  that  you  are  creator  of  your  worlds.  You  should take your life in your hands. Please , read  first  my  previous  articles ( Internal Hygiene part I, Internal Hygiene part II and Internal Hygiene part III  and  then  come  back  to read this one, to have  complete picture.

As I said, we all need peace. But the world is not peaceful place . From word war II for now,on the world was only 11 minutes without war. We are  destructive beings. We need to create our, inner peaceful world.

Internal hygiene  will  help you  here.  Alpha state is the state of  mind  where  you  can  change  your subconscious. You must know that everything is possible in what you can convince your subconscious. And you can convince her in Alpha state of mind, but you can convince her with positive affirmations.

I will write for you now a statement, and please try to read it every day two times aloud. Also it is very important to believe that is what you read has already happened. Faith is very important for Internal Hygiene .

Now, I am sure that I am the master of my life,
That my life is in my hands,
That no one has power over me,
To offend me with  words,
To offend me with  actions,
Because of that I am always happy,
Because of that I am always calm,
Because of that, I am the master of my life,
Because of that, I am free,

Because of that I am always happy.

My friends, this is the mantra for all people who want to have peace in their lives, who want to be calm. The people leads  to  despair  the  fact  that  they  are  not free in any sense. You have an influential boss , wife, husband, parents, friends, people who like to control you. On the other hand, you have the media who bombard you with bad news.  If they can disturb you in any way, they control you, because  they affect your subconscious mind.

You are born to be free, you are born with free will, so be free .Do it something for yourself every day.Do it something before they infect you. Infect it yourself with positive energy, with positive attitude because my friend You Can Do It !!!

Internal Hygiene -Part III

To be calm and balanced should be the purpose of everyone’s life!!!

This is the third part of this serial about Internal Hygiene . If  you have not read the previous articles, you can do it here Internal Hygiene Part I, Internal Hygiene Part II .

I will ask you here, do you have a time to supply a fuel into your car, when your fuel is gone ?
Or you will supply your car with fuel even before the fuel is gone ?

Internal hygiene is a process, mental exercise that aims  :

  • to become calmer,
  • to become happier,
  • to become healthier.

Internal hygiene will help you to become calmer and I believe that is the purpose of all of us.  I have always admired to Eastern philosophy, and to the monks on their peace. They are so calm. By calm I mean primarily the ability to control your emotions in everyday situations. We all need peace. Peace, who is free from all worries, fears. 

Not only declaratively , but really. 

I have heard a lot of times about some people who  were calm and had a healthy life and they died from  terrible diseases. I wonder if they were really so peaceful  in themselves  !!!???

Internal hygiene will help you to become happier. My main goal is to help people to become happy. I have a lot of articles about that like How to be happy, King George  but you can find that idea in all my articles, because I think this is the most important thing in life.

No matter where you live, no matter how much money you have, no matter which religion you belong, you should be happy. You must be happy. You deserve to be happy.

Internal hygiene will help you to become healthier. As you can notice probably by yourself, calm people are very happy and healthy. Health is not something beyond you , it depends on you.

“What’s the world’s greatest lie?… It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.” Paulo Coelho

Our health is the result of our thoughts and our environment. Try to look at the things on this way:

1.Our health depends on our hormones;

2.Our hormones depends on our emotions;

3. Our emotions depends on our thoughts .

As I said in my previous article, one single thought can produce about 1.400 chemical reactions in our body.

When you look at the things on this way, you will see how the Paulo Coelho was right.

With Internal hygiene you will become the master of your life, so stay tuned.

I will tell you now something in which I deeply believe You Can Do It !!!

Internal Hygiene – Part II

“It’s better not to think at all than to think negative thoughts”

If you have not read my previous post about same subject, please do it now, than you read this one .

You should start your day with Internal hygiene and you should finish your day on the same way. Internal hygiene should be your daily habit, your escape from the outside word. If you create those habits you will be calmer, more happier, better person.

So, in fact what is internal hygiene. Simple, it is care about your mental state.

Under mental state I mean:

  • the way you are dealing with stress,
  • the way you are dealing with fear,
  • the  way you are watching yourself ,
  • the way you are thinking about your goals.

STRESS. The way you are dealing with stress is on the first place, because the stress is today our biggest enemy. Stress is the cause of all diseases, because he increased heat rate and blood pressure, he have impact on our immune system and disturbance on our digestive system .

A current example of this is AIDSAcquired immune deficiency syndrome. Here the immune system is suppressed leaving the vulnerable to illness. Stress would just lead to frequent illness and infections. 

Stress is responsible for all diseases like:Heart disease, Asthma, Diabetes Depression, Premature death etc.

FEAR. The way you are dealing with fear. First and second dot are connected somehow, because fear causes stress .Fear of illness, fear of losing a job, fear of loneliness. Fear can be so strong to lead to phobia. It is an exaggerated fear of certain things. We have a lot of phobias like:

Decidophobia– Fear of making decisions,
Eleutherophobia– Fear of freedom,
Hydrophobophobia– Fear of rabies
Koinoniphobia– Fear of rooms,
Nephophobia– Fear of clouds,
Ponophobia– Fear of overworking or of pain,
Symbolophobia– Fear of symbolism,
Uranophobia or Ouranophobia– Fear of heaven,
Technophobia– Fear of technology,
Prosophobia– Fear of progress,
Nomatophobia– Fear of names,
Leukophobia– Fear of the color white,
Katagelophobia– Fear of ridicule,
Heliophobia– Fear of the sun etc.


They are all real and they causing panic attacks.

YOURSELF PICTURE . The way you are watching yourself is also important part of your mental state, because this picture must be in high resolution. Must be perfect.

To achieve goals in life you must think about yourself the best,because you are the best. You  are being of the Universum , and you are pure energy. You have your purpose on our great planet, and you should be proud on yourself because of that.

GOALS. The way you are thinking about your goals, is the last but not the least important part of mental state. You are the full of life, and that life always pretend  to develop. Just like plants, they always have new goals. In the spring they have a goal to flourish. In summer they have a goal to born a fruit. In fall they are preparing for the winter and so on in the circle. When they stop developing, they dying.

With internal hygiene you will become you will become enlightened and with that more happier, and whit that, you can do everything you want.

Stay tuned.

Until my next post don’t forget You Can Do It !!!







Internal Hygiene

Did you know that people in the Middle Ages did not bathe never ?

The Royal families had that privilege to bathe twice in life. Once  they are born and the second time when they get married. But the queen Elizabeth  loved scents, and she  always carried the perfume with her.

I’m sure that you all take care of your hygiene. It’s normal today to shower every day, to wash your teeth because hygiene is half the health.

But do you take care of your internal hygiene?

Today it is a ignominy not to take care of hygiene, right !?

I am sure that it will be ignominy  to  be ill in the future. Now we know that illness is the result of our thoughts. The stress in which we bring ourselves.  I believe that we always have a choice how to react on every situation.

Did you know that one single  thought can produce about 1.400 chemical reactions in your body.

You must be aware that according to parity theory everything in nature comes in pairs. Good and Bad.
Black and White. Big and Small. Glow and Darkness. With that our thoughts comes in our head in two forms Positive thoughts and Negative thoughts .

            Positive thoughts produce                                      Negative thoughts produce
positive  emotions                                                        negative emotions

Love                                                                                       Hate
Joyfulness                                                                           Dissatisfaction
Kindness                                                                                  Hostility
Happiness                                                                                 Sorrow
Faith                                                                                       Despair
Empathy                                                                              Intolerance
Gratitude                                                                               Disrespect
Enthusiasm                                                                            Agony
Trust                                                                                    Jealousy

When you look at this list, you can conclude by yourself, how are you  feel when you experience positive and negative emotions. How your body is feeling in that moment. Ask your self  What kind of benefits can  bring you above mention emotions. I will help you.

Negative thoughts will bring you depression, anxiety, agony, cancer etc…. and with that a life in agony.

Positive thoughts will bring you prosperity , development, health, success etc… and with that a great life.

Positive emotions will bring you a happy, and healthy life. Negative emotions will bring you illness and dissatisfaction with life. Also, every thought have own frequency.And one thought will create a couple similar thoughts , and that is a real power. That power will create a thousands of chemical reactions in your body.

Great news is that all this is under your control. Internal hygiene must be your daily routine. Why ? Because your present life is the result of your thoughts from the past. You have about 60.000 thoughts in your day .One single thoughts are not so important. What is really important are your dominate thoughts .They must be positive , and you must make them positive.This is not easy job, but you must do it.

We will start with internal hygiene in my next post, so stay tuned.

Until then don’t forget You Can Do It !!!