Internal Hygiene – Part II

“It’s better not to think at all than to think negative thoughts”

If you have not read my previous post about same subject, please do it now, than you read this one .

You should start your day with Internal hygiene and you should finish your day on the same way. Internal hygiene should be your daily habit, your escape from the outside word. If you create those habits you will be calmer, more happier, better person.

So, in fact what is internal hygiene. Simple, it is care about your mental state.

Under mental state I mean:

  • the way you are dealing with stress,
  • the way you are dealing with fear,
  • the  way you are watching yourself ,
  • the way you are thinking about your goals.

STRESS. The way you are dealing with stress is on the first place, because the stress is today our biggest enemy. Stress is the cause of all diseases, because he increased heat rate and blood pressure, he have impact on our immune system and disturbance on our digestive system .

A current example of this is AIDSAcquired immune deficiency syndrome. Here the immune system is suppressed leaving the vulnerable to illness. Stress would just lead to frequent illness and infections. 

Stress is responsible for all diseases like:Heart disease, Asthma, Diabetes Depression, Premature death etc.

FEAR. The way you are dealing with fear. First and second dot are connected somehow, because fear causes stress .Fear of illness, fear of losing a job, fear of loneliness. Fear can be so strong to lead to phobia. It is an exaggerated fear of certain things. We have a lot of phobias like:

Decidophobia– Fear of making decisions,
Eleutherophobia– Fear of freedom,
Hydrophobophobia– Fear of rabies
Koinoniphobia– Fear of rooms,
Nephophobia– Fear of clouds,
Ponophobia– Fear of overworking or of pain,
Symbolophobia– Fear of symbolism,
Uranophobia or Ouranophobia– Fear of heaven,
Technophobia– Fear of technology,
Prosophobia– Fear of progress,
Nomatophobia– Fear of names,
Leukophobia– Fear of the color white,
Katagelophobia– Fear of ridicule,
Heliophobia– Fear of the sun etc.


They are all real and they causing panic attacks.

YOURSELF PICTURE . The way you are watching yourself is also important part of your mental state, because this picture must be in high resolution. Must be perfect.

To achieve goals in life you must think about yourself the best,because you are the best. You  are being of the Universum , and you are pure energy. You have your purpose on our great planet, and you should be proud on yourself because of that.

GOALS. The way you are thinking about your goals, is the last but not the least important part of mental state. You are the full of life, and that life always pretend  to develop. Just like plants, they always have new goals. In the spring they have a goal to flourish. In summer they have a goal to born a fruit. In fall they are preparing for the winter and so on in the circle. When they stop developing, they dying.

With internal hygiene you will become you will become enlightened and with that more happier, and whit that, you can do everything you want.

Stay tuned.

Until my next post don’t forget You Can Do It !!!