Internal Hygiene-The Last Chapter

You have to create the world you want !

This is the last chapter of this serial about Internal Hygiene. I will write more about. In some way you can find  in  all  my  posts  the  idea  that  you  are  creator  of  your  worlds.  You  should take your life in your hands. Please , read  first  my  previous  articles ( Internal Hygiene part I, Internal Hygiene part II and Internal Hygiene part III  and  then  come  back  to read this one, to have  complete picture.

As I said, we all need peace. But the world is not peaceful place . From word war II for now,on the world was only 11 minutes without war. We are  destructive beings. We need to create our, inner peaceful world.

Internal hygiene  will  help you  here.  Alpha state is the state of  mind  where  you  can  change  your subconscious. You must know that everything is possible in what you can convince your subconscious. And you can convince her in Alpha state of mind, but you can convince her with positive affirmations.

I will write for you now a statement, and please try to read it every day two times aloud. Also it is very important to believe that is what you read has already happened. Faith is very important for Internal Hygiene .

Now, I am sure that I am the master of my life,
That my life is in my hands,
That no one has power over me,
To offend me with  words,
To offend me with  actions,
Because of that I am always happy,
Because of that I am always calm,
Because of that, I am the master of my life,
Because of that, I am free,

Because of that I am always happy.

My friends, this is the mantra for all people who want to have peace in their lives, who want to be calm. The people leads  to  despair  the  fact  that  they  are  not free in any sense. You have an influential boss , wife, husband, parents, friends, people who like to control you. On the other hand, you have the media who bombard you with bad news.  If they can disturb you in any way, they control you, because  they affect your subconscious mind.

You are born to be free, you are born with free will, so be free .Do it something for yourself every day.Do it something before they infect you. Infect it yourself with positive energy, with positive attitude because my friend You Can Do It !!!