Fill Years With Life

Fill years with life, not life with years!

Once upon a time lived an old fisherman. He lived alone in an old and dilapidated house. He cleaned the house and kept it in solid shape by itself, despite his age. He spent the entire life of the living in the same way : catch fish, sell fish,  clean the house and again.Just like in the circle .

But, his legs became heavy ,weakened his eyesight. He could no longer tossed his nets .

He felt that he is closer to the last days.

One day after awakening ,he felt pain in the body and he could not get out of bed. Tears were streaming down his cheeks . In despair, he decided that he will not spend the last days in the house.

He decided to spend just one day on the way he want. His last day.

That idea gave him the strength to stand up, to jump to his feet and ran to the city.He had several traders who owed him the money, and he went to collect it. With that money he bought a couple of bottles of good wine, food and repaired his boat.

He sailed on his last trip !

Far, far, in the open sea,fishermen found the old man with a smile on his lips .On the old boat, he was engraved the lesson he learned from his life :

Fill years with life, not life with years.

Sometimes we must spend our whole life to learn something. But with an open mind we are on the speed track towards enlightenment .

You know, we will come at the end of our life, one day. We will ask ourselves :

Have I used all the opportunities ?
– What am I leaving behind?
– What I remember ?

It would be great to answer on all questions with smile. Because that will be a sing that your life made sense.

Someone once said :“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

How often you are doing things for yourself !? Life is magical circle. Indeed life is Copy/Paste. If I want to show you your next day, I’ll look for your today’s schedule. Rising-Dressing-Working-Resting,  and again Rising-Dressing-Working-Resting and again.

To have fantastic memories, you must do something fantastic, something different. It’s very sad if you can put your whole year in a single sentence .You are born to be great.

Live now my friend, create memories .Don’t regret one day,breath now, act now because You Can Do It !!!

I’m A Fisherman In The River Of My Life

I’m A Fisherman In The River Of My Life, because I am the only who know, which fish I wanna catch !

Once upon a time was lived a man named Rosario. Rosario was the wisest man in their region, and people around the world are came to him for advice in the field of love, happiness, success.He advised them, briefly, clearly, and with a great deal of wisdom. There was even a saying, “You’re Smiling as you got Rosario’s advice.

 Rosario was an illiterate man. He came from a poor family.His whole life he was suffering. And nobody knew what was the secret of his happiness. He never charged for his advice. People have left him gifts, and he was unwillingly receive them .

One day, he was visited by an old man of 90 years. The old man was a wealthy owner of the fish market. Rosario was surprised with his visit,and he asked him “How come you seek advice from me,the old man, when you’re so old and with age comes wisdom”. The old man said, “The river of life that carried me all these years, has led me to you, in spite of my years “.

The same river that kept me alive so many years has led me to you, wise Rosario.This river is from an early age learn me how to fish a fish, and how to feed my family. But this same river is learned you how to feed the souls of all people who are hungry for happiness. I was not that lucky.

I have a daughter. She had everything in life. But she was desperate, sad, depressed.A many years ago, my daughter came to you hungry for happiness. She had a gap inside her soul, that no one could fill, and you filled it up.
For years I tried to do the same but I’m failed, and it bothered me for years, the same question How you helped her. I said to myself, before I die I will go to Rosario to tell me how he helped her. My time has come, and with that ,the question in which I need to know the answer.

Now she is very happy, she has found happiness in traveling.She is working for the famous magazine that she pays her to travel and report about that. She does not work at the company I started.

Oh, I remember those sad eyes. I told her” If you know which fish you want to catch,then you certainly know what bait you need“.

Dear friends,  we are the only ones who know how we need and how we want to live. We know what we want to do for living. Sometimes this is the opposite of what our parents want for us. Sometimes this is the opposite of what others want for us. Be believe me, the only important is what you want !!!

Grab you life in your hands, and live with full lungs your life, and you must know that You Can Do It !!!

What We Can Do !?

What we can do to save the world is the question above all questions. It is the question  from whose answer our whole life can be changed !

It is too much negativity in our world. Too much negative news  and with that too much negative people .

We live in the material world. In the world where money is the  most important. Because with the money you can buy health, beauty, friends, popularity . For the sake of money, we destroyed the planet . Because of the interest of oil companies we broadcast too much CO2 into the atmosphere. We  cut our forests which make the air and absorb CO2. 

We exterminated animals for fun, because of the trophy.

We forgot, everything that happens to the animals, will happened to  people too . Nature is our mother, but are we her children !?

And the nature  returns  a blow. With hurricanes. With earthquakes . With floods .With fires.

They impose to us the fashion taste, culture taste, music taste. We have too much depressed people because they can not to satisfy all the norms expected from them. They are fat, they are ugly, they are broke,they are……

Our school does not learn us “How to be happy“, “How to heal ourselves” “How to think with our head“. They teach us how to listen our bosses, to work without thinking , to kill for country, to  fight for the state . To buy products without thinking. To be IN.

But for God’s sake we are not machines. We are not made from microchips and power circuits.

We have a “real” brain. We have a “real” heart . We are humans. We are from flash and blood , and we have emotions. And, we, we have to fight .

What We Can Do !!!???

Our strongest  weapon is our mind. Our the  most powerful weapon are our thoughts. We are born free. With free will to do, to think , to act. Please friends, let’s unite with common goal. To share positive energy over the glob. To share positive thoughts and positive views. We are on the same side.  On the side of light .

You may think that you are powerless as an individual,
but you must know the real power is in you !

Our main weapon is our positive energy. The world needs us, more than ever. We must share love, because this is the most powerful emotion. Earth is our mother and we are her children. We must protect her, we need to take care of her. Spread positive things, smile, love, kindness. Our common energy ,positive energy is the best gift for our mother. When  she  sees us smiling, she will smile too. She, like any mother, has only one goal, that her children be happy.

So be happy my friends, we can do it together. We are connected with our mother, no doubt, with energy, with thoughts, with water .

Think, act and be positive because I know that You Can Do It !!!

Wake Up

Wake up and take your life into your own hands !
It is time !

The beginning of my awakening has  start  at  the  turning  point  of  my  life,  when  I  was   at the intersection. In period of my life when I was too young to deal too much with my thoughts and too mature to ignore the power of the mind.

After that, my whole life has changed. Because I changed.

I believe in change. That word  have a great meanings. That word for me is the call  for awakening. Change your thoughts, and your whole life will change. That word is that powerful .

In our lives, we create  pictures in our head, the picture of our friends , the picture of our parents, the picture of our  relatives.  But ask your self is it this picture good !? Is it real  !?

People often say “I was disappointed, in my friends, in my brother, in my parents, in my wife, in my husband ,in my…..” But in fact what you were disappointed with . You’re disappointed in the  picture about that person created by you in your head. If you are disappointed  that only means that your picture was wrong .

You can blame only yourself.  Your picture was wrong and you should be aware of that.  You  created in your head an expectations from your friends, that they will be for you in the hard times, because , hey , they are “great”. And when the hard times come, and you stay alone, because your friends are not there with you and you start to blame them for that. Stop here. Please WAKE UP !!!  They are not guilty for anything. They are humans, just like you. Your picture was wrong. Your expectations were wrong.

You can not change them. You can not change  a single person. But you can change yourself. And this is the real power.This is great, and this is real freedom my friends. Freedom is in us, and the real power is in humans.

You better be surprised than disappointing !

After awakening you will become free. Free in full sense . You will become the master of your life .You will become born again.

Is it rain outside, who cares, I am happy.
You did not come to my wedding, I don’t care, you can not hurt me.

The real life begins when you take your life in your hands. After my awakening my  third eyed opened and with that my whole, new life started 🙂

Be responsible for yourself and your life. Stop blaming other people for everything. Be brave enough to WAKE UP because on this way your life will become Amazing, so, you are amazing and I am sure that You Can Do It !!

Liebster Award (2)

I’m nominated from Ultimatetravel  for Liebster Award . This is  really an honor for me, to be nominated for blogger award . He has a great blog about travel around the world .If you need some free tips about best places on the world and similar I suggest you  to visit his blog . Thank you Ultimatetravel.



Answer on couple questions, is the only rule.Very simple.


Where is your favorite place in the world?

It is my home, with my family. That is the place where I have a peace. That is the place where I fill my batteries.That is  my base camp.


What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

I believe that is my family.My kids. Also peace in my soul is that is an accomplishment that I am particularly proud of. Although I don’t like that word <Proud>.  That was a long journey.

 What makes you happiest?

The chance to support somebody.

What are your hobbies?

My hobby is to work with the tree .That was my wish, to learn how to make objects from wood, and I learn it.For example like shelf for flowers that I made of old wood 🙂

or this coffee table.

What fictional place would you most like to go?

It is my Tibet. It is the place above clouds where I like to sit and to watch the environment.I am going for the necessary piece here.

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

It would be a mission on Mars, or somewhere in space.

 What makes you nervous? Any phobias?

I don’t have any phobia. But makes me nervous global warming.It’s terrible what we did to our planet. To our blue,great planet Earth

What can’t you live without?

Without AIR.Definitely

The important one – cats or dogs?

I have both, but my answer is Dog’s .


My nominees are:

Robbie + Chase
Tanya Simone Simpson
Matthew Meadows
Lisa Nowak

You just need to answer couple   questions just like me and first to accept the award :

1. Where is your favorite place in the world?

2. What’s your funniest travel story?

3. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

4. What makes you happiest?

5. What are your hobbies?

6. What fictional place would you most like to go?

7. What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

8. What makes you nervous? Any phobias?

9. What can’t you live without?

10. The important one – cats or dogs?

I Want To Be A Pear

Everything is possible in what we are ready to believe !

  The real power is in you !!!

A farmer has planted several apple trees in row. He was worried about them well.He cut them regularly, on the spring and in  autumn . The apples were happy. They have given many good apples to the farmer every year.

They often talked between themselves. They spoke, we are clean, because our farmer cleans us.We do not have dry branches because our farmer cut them on a regular basis. We have a lot of foods because our farmer feed the ground around us well.We  are very happy with him.

All except one. She was always in the clouds, in own thoughts. When they asked her why she is like that, aren’t you happy like we are ??? She said, yea, I guess I am….but I have one wish,which I’m constantly thinking about. I Want To Be A Pear !

You want what !!!??? Other apples were horrified. That is impossible. You are apple, you can not be anything else except that. You will be an apple your whole life. You are not normal. Give up from that desire. Be what you were born.Ordinary apple !

But she, she had a dream To Be A Pear !

One day, the farmer comes home with a pear tree.He decided to plant it on an apple tree. And he  decided to plant it on that apple who so much wanted that.

My friends, everything is possible if you have strong desire . You can be everything you want in your life.
If you are still skeptical about miracles ,please read this : Miracle I, Miracle II,Miracle III!

You have met the most important condition for that. You are born. That is all you need. And that is the most important in life.

Ignore your environment. They will be there your whole life to remind you that you are just human, to say to you: That is impossible.You are not normal. Give up from that desire. That’s their job. But do not believe them.They just do not want to you be different. Be deaf my friend.

Did you know that the plants communicate with each other?They even have emotions and they can feel jealousy. They are living beings. They communicate with us too . Everything in nature is connected somehow.As the great Indian chief,Sitting Bull has said “That, what happens to animals and plants will happen to humans too“.

But you, you are human. You are born to have great life. To share love and support around you. Because you were born of love and you are the pure love.

I will be here my whole life to tell You Can Do It !!!



Mystery Blogger Award (3)

Time is for mystery.Time is for awards .

Thank you to Love Alchemy for nominating me. I love every title which includes the word “Love” .She have a several different blogs where she write about love .If you need love, but I know that you do, please visit her blog on the above link. Thank you Love Alchemy 🙂



  1. Feature the award logo/image on your post.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  4. Tell the readers 3 things about yourself.
  5. Mention the creator of the award and give a link as well — Okoto Enigma.
  6. Answer the questions provided.
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  8. Nominate 10-20 bloggers and notify them by commenting on their blog.
  9. Ask the nominees 5 questions of my choice with one weird/funny question (specify)
  10. Share and link to your best post(s)

Three things about me

  1. This is always the hardest part of all awards, because I don’t like to speak about me.
  2. I love silence.
  3. I love the rain.

My answers for questions !

1.What did your past relationship teach you? That I should always  look on good in people.I always     pay attention only to virtues.

  1. What one thing do people always misunderstand about you? Sometimes they think I’m cruel because I like to call the things with the real name. This is the only way to resolve your problems.

3.What makes you feel accomplished? When I’m able to listen to someone, to help him/her, to teach him/her. This is very important for me.

  1. What is your favorite song? Extreme – More Than Words. Love is more than words , because words are empty without deeds.

5. Weird Question: What would you name your boat if you had one?  If you already do, what did you name it? It would be “Poseidon” because I love Greek myths. He was god of the Sea and other waters.


                                                 My best posts

I do not like to rate my posts,because  I love them all. I’ll tell that the most interesting posts are those which can help to the people the most, because we are every day in contact with this divine liquid. It’s my posts about water.

Her Majesty Water Part I

Her Majesty Water Part II

Her Majesty Water Part III

                                                 My Nominees:

Roni B

                              Questions for my nominees

  1. What is your favorite book and why ?
  2. Where you see yourself in 22 years ?
  3. What is for you the most important thing in life ?
  4. If you have only one more day of life, what would you do that day ?
  5. Are you doing the job you love?

One weird question . All my questions are weird, so there is no need for extra.

Try To Be Deaf

Try to be deaf sometimes to the words of others !

The river was big, the river was strong. No one has ever managed to swim to the other side. It was simply too fast and too dangerous. A group of young men gathered together with the intention to try to swim to the other side.

People came from all sides of the country to watch them, to see who dared to try to conquer the river, when that was impossible. The river was big,cold,  strong and fast, and no one  can swim in such an environment.

People came to tell them that is impossible.

The boys jumped into the water and started swimming. People stood on the shore and they shoutedGive up“, “It is impossible“, “You can’t do it“, “No one has succeeded so far,Come back now”.

Little by little, the words from shore are started to influence swimmers. Little by little, one by one swimmer is gave up . Except one. One swimmer was  persistent enough.One swimmer was  determined to achieve his intention to come to another coast. And he did it.

People were shocked.People were angry. People  were in disbelief.

How he did it when it’s impossible !?

They started approaching the swimmer, to be photographed with him. They wanted to talk to him. To  ask him how you did it.

But he just watched them and did not say anything. He stood and watched all these people and tried to understand what they wanted from him.

He was deaf !

Sometimes it is necessary to be deaf, and to not hear what others have to say .

How many times have you been in a situation when you have some idea, but your friends , parents, told you “If you think it’s a smart idea,why no one had thought of it before” or, “It is impossible“, “It is too risky” etc, and all this with  the best intentions.


But the path to hell is paved with good intentions. The biggest risk in life is not to try anything, to be passive. The biggest risk in life is to be a silent observer of your life. That is to risky my friend. I will tell you this, you can do anything you want.  Ignore others. Maybe they love you,  but  from that love comes an overly concerned for you. Motives can be different,jealousy, envy, who cares, don’t listen them.

Be deaf  for your conscience part of the consciousness. She compares your idea with earlier behavior, and if you do not have experience with that you will feel the fear.

You are born for great deeds, you are born for great life.You are born for great ideas. Do not run away from them, accept them,create them, be brave to realize them, because my friend I am now totally sure that You Can Do It !!!

Let Your Word Be…

Let your word be  wise, and let it happen after thinking !

Let your word be short, but with deep sense !

Let your word be modest, not to offend  your interlocutor!

Let your word be compassionate, to show that you sympathize with others !

Let your word be brave, to show that you are thinking with your own  head!

Let your word be warmto open the hearts of others !

Let your word be sharpto strike right into the heart !

Let your word be bright, to  illuminate the positive side of each situation !

Let your word be strong, to show  that  they can rely on you !

Let your word be good, to show your real character !

Let your word be true, to show  that you are a warrior of light!

 Let your word be comforted, to show that you are human being !

Let your word be nice, to show that you are nice !

Let your word be  positive, it is enough negativity in the world !

Let your word be deep, to force people to think !

Let your word be measured, not to show your emotions !

Let your word be full of confidence, to show that You Can Do It !

Mystery Blogger Award (2)

I got The mystery blogger award from great blogger and artist Vero.She has a great blog, called Vero and Canito in the kitchen  where she is writing about cooking, about artistic kitchen creations . There you can find a lot of useful information’s and my warm recommendation is to visit above mention site and to check from the first hand  what I’m talking about .Their blog proposed for the nomination by Mistamaan.

My rule is to always  accept the award, because  if someone remembers me at a particular moment that means that we can share together positive energy and to attract positive things in our lives.

So thank you so much Vero and Canito for your award. I wish you the best in your life and in your work.Say hello to little Canito 🙂

As you know, every award process has its own rules.



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Three things about me

  • I like to ride a bike. This is a great  exercise for the body but also a great exercise for my spirit, because I am connected with nature, and I am in nature, because I am nature;
  • While I ride a bicycle, I thank the God because of the air he gave me, because of water around me, because of my health,because of nature …
  • I like animals and especially dogs 🙂

My nominees are:


kitty Minaj
Ali Raza
Marly Rizma


Questions for my nominees

If you could be the animal, which one  you would choose ?

Regarding to the first question, explain why ?

What do you think of the universe?

What kind of movies do you like most?

                                                           What’s your favorite color and why ?


My answers for questions !

  1. Why did you start with blogging? I must answer like in the last time because nothing was changed .I was very active on one site about Forex. And the Forex is 90% psychology, because on the market two the biggest emotions are Fear and Greed . I wrote motivational posts on that site because I noticed that people need that. A friend suggested to me to open my own site, because this site can  extinguished one day, and all my posts will be deleted. And he was right, that happened and all my articles are gone from that site. And now, I am here, with my own domain , and I think on the safe side 🙂
  2. Do you have motto in your life which is moving you forward?  Yes I have. It is my mantra and that You Can Do It !!!
  3. Do you like roller coasters? No I don’t. I do not like extreme things, extreme sports but also extreme fun. I like to stand firmly on the ground 🙂
  4. What makes you really happy?The smile of the loved ones. Dust of a wind. The happiness of others. To helping others .
  5. If you had golden fish what would you wish? To stop global warming. That is a real problem on our great planet.