Stephen Hawking Is Moving

Stephen Hawking is moving too, because nothing in the world stands still, everything vibrates,with a certain frequency !

If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of frequency, energy and vibrationNikola Tesla.

This is one of the basic laws of nature. If you think you’re still, you’re wrong. If you think you can’t levitate, you’re wrong. The greatest discovery of the modern man was that the atom is empty.It is full of energy which vibrate with certain frequency.

The healthier we are, the vibration is higher.The first thing we need to heal is the frequency of our body. But first you must know that you are pure energy.Energy which vibrate with certain frequency! With this knowledge you are ready for the next fact. 

Your present life is the result of your thoughts from the past ! With same  thoughts like yesterday, your future will be the same like your present,in every sense ! You know for now that you have about 60.000 thoughts in one day.These thoughts, together with your environment, determine the frequency of your body.

People are beings  of habit, and our thoughts are the  result of our habits. The main question is here, what are the dominant thoughts of your mind ?

Please here, be honest !

Because, if the dominant thoughts in your head are negative, then you are set to a low-frequency!If you constantly blame yourself for everything,if you’re scared,if you’re angry, than you will create a bad emotions which will lower the frequency of your body and lead to illness.

I’ll take the feeling of guilt with frequency of 30 Hz , which is a terribly low-frequency as an example. If you constantly feel guilty for something you did or for something you did not do, I must say to you a couple of things :
you live in the past;
– the feeling of guilt is the dominant emotion in your mind;
you are set to a low frequency field .


All this things are bad for your, because you have a great chance to get sick. I love to say, that you are what you think you are. You must change your frequency my friend, now, immediately ! This is not to hard, just change your focus on positive things. Pay attention on the things you have already. Love, home, friends.

Change your expectations. Expect positive things to happen to you. Instead of failure, expect success. Instead  of illness except health. Try to convince yourself that you are happy, because I am sure that you have a lot of reasons for that.

Write it on paper:   “I am happy,  I am healthy. My  life  is  filled  with  joy and happy.  I am perfect human being, because I am living in perfect time, on perfect place, in perfect body “, and read this every day after awakening and before sleep . And you will be all that.You will increase your body frequency on higher level.

Your energy is in your hands.Use it in the best possible way, because I know that You Can Do It !!!

How To Become A Superhero

How to become a superhero is simpler than you think !

When I was a little boy, I loved to watch movies  about heroes. A hero who fights evil and who is a fighter for justice ! The greatest hero for me was Supermen, with all his powers, he could fly, he was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive. Most of all, I was fascinated by the fact that he used his power to help people !

When I grew up and I formed my own family, I realized how much is actually difficult to raise children and direct  them to the right path .
Then I realized my parents are actually heroes because they devoted their whole life to us, unselfishly. They worked hard all the time. They ignored their needs, and in the first  place they put the needs of his  children.

Today, the greatest adventure is peaceful and orderly family life !

Now I got a different understanding of heroes .What it means to be a hero ? Do you know any hero?
When I changed my definition of hero, I began every day to meet them, on the street, on the Internet, in the neighborhood, in the family .

The hero (a real story about my dear friend from Syria) is a person who is aware of the transience of lifeand which, in spite of this, helps himself and others to have a better life, who never gives up,who looks at life positively.Hero is aware that nothing will fall from the sky, and he has to fight for his dreams.

The hero is a person who stands upright while others are knelt on their knees!

The hero is a person who has own opinion when everyone else is losing their!

The hero is a person who dreams own dreams when everyone else lose their!

The hero is a person who sees the light when darkness is everywhere!

The hero is a person who is trying to learn us something new, while everyone else is trying to confuse us!

The hero is a person who gives us helpful advice, without asking  anything for himself!

Heroes are everywhere . Maybe you are one of them. If you have a dream, without the fear of what will say your environment. If you are generous and helping others without expecting anything in return,if your child sees in you a role model and they want to be like you tomorrow . Then you are a hero.Then you’re a bright example !

Be nice and help others, have your attitude, have your opinion no matter what, dream big dreams and not be afraid to try to make them happen no matter  what the opinion of others is, no matter how much it seemed impossible.

We need heroes now more than ever, because we must fight we have to fight for a better planet against evil, against negativity and we can only do it together, positive energy

You will make it, you are true hero, and You Can Do It !

How To Become A Baby ?

How to become a baby is dream which can be achieved!

Children are really the most beautiful beings on the Earth . They are honest, beautiful, so pure, so divine. Small children, babies are so wonderful. I love them. Children know exactly what they want,and they have the courage to say that loudly.They have the courage to dream loudly. But what is fascinating with them, it is their state of mind. They are always in Alpha state of mind !

Babies, their brain vibrates at the frequency at 3Hz. We are most of the time in Beta state, or at a frequency of about  14 Hz. But kids are in dream world, most of the time. In wonderland . It is believed that this is the human brain  frequency from period when people lived in harmony with nature.In this state you are turned more to your inner being .

The main question is how can we bring our mind to the state of 3HZ  ???

How we can become  a  baby ?

It is believed that we have two states of consciousness, depending on the brain frequency:

  • Sleep state (0,5-14 Hz),
  • Awake state (14-40 Hz),

But the babies  have another state of mind . It is state of mind  when their brain vibrates with the frequency at 3Hz. An opinion has been established that this can be achieved only in a deep sleep for adult. But then, scientists have proved that it is possible to be in this state of brain activity in awake state too. How ? With prayer.

It has been proven that the frequency of the mind in prayer descends on 3HZ. Prayer is that connection between us and the Universe, God, Power, in whatever you believe. The word Alleluia which means Glory to the Lord is pronounced on the same frequency on which the baby is emitting sounds when she sees mother. It is believed that this is an onomatopoeia of the word Alleluia .

Universe is such a great place. The great power is above us, but the great power is in us too. The more we know about ourselves, we will make more progress. We will have a better life. We all need to ask ourselves a questionIn what we believe ?” After that we should pray, with sense, with faith.

We live in a time of convergence of science and religion. Science has already proven that we are not matter, we are energy, because our  subatomic particles consist of energy which vibrate with a certain frequency.

Everything in what you are ready to believe, you can achieve too!

During prayer, our brain turns off the orientation center which means that we lose touch with reality and it does not matter where we are.With a brain frequency of 3Hz we can say that our brain is off,without activity.

A strong relationship exists between prayer and brain state at that moment.It is very positive that science began to deal with this phenomenon.

Be like babies my friends, my dear readers, you are lucky because you live in a great epoch, because you know now with from the scientific side that You Can Do It !!!




Lovely Blog Award

I’m nominated   for  Lovely Blog Award , from great blogger Smitha. She have a really great blog, where she is writing about life, about traveling, about parenting. She is a great philanthropist and   I have to admit that I often leave my comments on her blog because she write wonderful posts.

Smitha, thank you so much for your nomination.

Continue with great work because in every post I can feel  your passion for writing ! Thank you


Like every award, this one is not exception in terms of rules, so :


  • Mention and thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Pass this on to as many people as you  (max 15).
  • Include this set of rules.
  • Inform your nominees.


This is always the hardest part, because I really don’t like to speak about myself !

  1. I don’t like to divide people ,on any ground, because I like to believe that we are all equal !
  2. I don’t believe in bad people, only in bad actions !
  3. I have not always thought on this way.I passed the bumpy road to this way of thinking !
  4. I do not like to say “I would never do this or that“, because life can lead you to unthinkable situations.I remember lecturing at a university from a reputable lawyer and he said “Every one of us is a murderer,depends on the circumstances in which you find yourself” . And this is true !Defending your life and the lives of your loved ones people you are ready for everything !
  5. I do not like to  condemn people, just their actions, if they are wrong according to my opinion!
  6. I do not believe in mistakes. I think there are only lessons which we learn from mistakes !
  7. I don’t like to speak about myself !


I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to the my new friend Jay, because she wrote the post about me (you can check it in the link below), and made it clear to me that I’m definitely on the right track with my blog. This is a great award for me, and definitely great honor .Because of this, I  will nominate this time only her !


Can We Beat Cancer?

Can we beat cancer is probably the biggest question of our time !We are the answer on all questions, we are that link, we are that power !

I am a lawyer. And from the start I need a proof for everything.For faith, for miracles. Simple I must know why and how to believe ! On the other hand I could never accept the fact that we have a brain,  just to do the most basic life functions . If that’s the case, than we are like animals, right !

What is cancer !?

I wrote several articles about our subconscious. I will write a lot more about that, because there is our answer. Our answers lie in our subconscious. Everything in our DNA is the product of our thoughts  and our environments.

Here, you can read a true story about the true  victory over this wicked disease !

Research conducted by Dr.Bruce Lipton,American developmental biologist in genes field, who worked on the study of DNA and genes to the US Government has proved that everything in our DNA is the product of our Thoughts  and our Environments.

We all learned from biology about cell division, right !

So,he has taken a single cell gene and put it in a test tube . After 10-12 hours the cell is divided into two parts, so he got two identical cells. After couple of days he had in the test tube a couple of thousands of cells .


He took a few cells and put them into specific test tube under certain  circumstances, and the cells created Bones.


He took a few cells and put them into another test tube under other circumstances, and the cells created Muscles.


A third group of cells was placed in an unhealthy environment and they  created Cancer.



But, the biggest EUREKA was the moment, when he moved cancer cells in a healthy environment, and they were healed .

So what is cancer !? Simple, sick cell.

EUREKA. This is the biggest invention after wheel . Are you aware what this  means ?

You should be happy  because you  are reading this.

American Association for Cancer Research which pays attention to cancer genes,  proved that only 5% cases has genetic link. They say that 60 percent of cancers can be avoided by changing diet and lifestyle .

Conscious mind is similar to the processor of 4o bits speed, because it can process information at once, which is coming from 40 different nerves.

The subconscious mind is a processor of 40 million bits,because it can process 40 millions information in same time.

95%-99% of the time we are using the information from our subconscious mind ,but we are not aware of that.

The direction of our thoughts

Our emotions are processed in the  part of the brain which is called the hypothalamus.

-After that it sends a signal  to the thyroid gland to secrete hormones.
Hormones are released depending on our emotions.
Our emotions depend on our thoughts.

So, if your thoughts are positive you will released the hormones of happiness.
If they are negative you will released  stress hormones, which increase the PH value of the body and conducive to the development of cancer cells, and all other disease.

Are you aware of that?Are you scared? You have to be afraid of your thoughts , if they are negative.You must change them.You must think positive,if you want to be healthy.

You Can Do It !!!

Your Subconscious Is Stupid

Your subconscious is stupid because she is ready to believe in everything !Think positive if you want well for yourself !

My dears friends, you know that I love to write about great people . About miracles. Because I want to show you that is possible. I believe that the key of our happiness is in our hands .But not only that. I believe that the key of our health is also in our hands . First, it’s important to read this articles  I,II,III, IV !

Now I wanna talk about one great man . He is  a doctor of Medicine, Psychology, Pedagogy and Philosophy! Impressive right !? It is nothing compared to the following facts. In WW2 he was seriously injured couple times . The doctors found that he is a severe disabled person and that he will die.

In 1954 it was noted that he is completely healthy.

At the age of 70 years, he became the father of a daughter and at the age of 75 he became a father for the second time. It was  established then that the age of his organism corresponds to a person of 30-40  years.

When he was 84 years it is found that the aging of his organism is stopped.

It’s a Russian scientist, George Nikolajevich Sitin !

What is his secret?

His secret is in his head. He developed texts which he reads on a daily basis and with whom he convinces himself that he is health, young and great. And he is !

How is it possible ?

Because you are  Superman my friend ! Compare this. Consciousness processing data with speed of 40 bit/s and   the subconscious with speed of 40 million bit/s.

Because of this speed he works exclusively at present.She does not know for the future, neither for the past.  Here is one simple question for you and I’ll offer you some answers.The question is How are you ?:
answer 1 “I’m not good
“, is a sign for your subconsciousness to fulfill your wish NOW;
answer  2 I am great”, the right answer,  is also a sign for your subconsciousness to fulfill your wish NOW;
answer 3 
I will be better” , means nothing for your subconsciousness.Because it is future time, and your  subconsciousness only knows for present.

If you can believe, you can achieve !

The subconscious is very boring. She does not have a sense of humor. She’s very stupid because she  believes in everything you tell her. It’s very easy to cheat her.She does not know to argue. 

She is so stupid, that she will believed that you’re healthy even if  you are not.
She is so stupid that she will believed that you’re young even if you are not.

And when she believes that something is true she will turn it into truth.

My dear readers , please take advantage of her naivety for your better life.

Convince yourself in amazing things and you will be amazing because I know now, that  You Can Do It !!!