How To Become A Baby ?

How to become a baby is dream which can be achieved!

Children are really the most beautiful beings on the Earth . They are honest, beautiful, so pure, so divine. Small children, babies are so wonderful. I love them. Children know exactly what they want,and they have the courage to say that loudly.They have the courage to dream loudly. But what is fascinating with them, it is their state of mind. They are always in Alpha state of mind !

Babies, their brain vibrates at the frequency at 3Hz. We are most of the time in Beta state, or at a frequency of about  14 Hz. But kids are in dream world, most of the time. In wonderland . It is believed that this is the human brain  frequency from period when people lived in harmony with nature.In this state you are turned more to your inner being .

The main question is how can we bring our mind to the state of 3HZ  ???

How we can become  a  baby ?

It is believed that we have two states of consciousness, depending on the brain frequency:

  • Sleep state (0,5-14 Hz),
  • Awake state (14-40 Hz),

But the babies  have another state of mind . It is state of mind  when their brain vibrates with the frequency at 3Hz. An opinion has been established that this can be achieved only in a deep sleep for adult. But then, scientists have proved that it is possible to be in this state of brain activity in awake state too. How ? With prayer.

It has been proven that the frequency of the mind in prayer descends on 3HZ. Prayer is that connection between us and the Universe, God, Power, in whatever you believe. The word Alleluia which means Glory to the Lord is pronounced on the same frequency on which the baby is emitting sounds when she sees mother. It is believed that this is an onomatopoeia of the word Alleluia .

Universe is such a great place. The great power is above us, but the great power is in us too. The more we know about ourselves, we will make more progress. We will have a better life. We all need to ask ourselves a questionIn what we believe ?” After that we should pray, with sense, with faith.

We live in a time of convergence of science and religion. Science has already proven that we are not matter, we are energy, because our  subatomic particles consist of energy which vibrate with a certain frequency.

Everything in what you are ready to believe, you can achieve too!

During prayer, our brain turns off the orientation center which means that we lose touch with reality and it does not matter where we are.With a brain frequency of 3Hz we can say that our brain is off,without activity.

A strong relationship exists between prayer and brain state at that moment.It is very positive that science began to deal with this phenomenon.

Be like babies my friends, my dear readers, you are lucky because you live in a great epoch, because you know now with from the scientific side that You Can Do It !!!