Blacksmith Of Own Happiness

We all need to ask ourselves at a certain point in our lives this question “Destiny, Is It Real ?”.I believe that everyone of us is the Blacksmith of own happiness !

“What’s the world’s greatest lie?… It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.”
                                                                                                             Paulo Coelho

I was three years old.I suffered from bronchitis,because of which I was very hard to breathe.I coughed a lot and  I  coughed often. On  a  routine  examination  is  revealed, that my pleura was broken,  that I need emergency surgery,because the blood from stomach  came to the heart.

My parents were scared.How did it all happen at once?That’s not possible.But they did not have a choice, they had to agree with  the operation,they had to give their consent.

During the operation, the doctor told my parents that I will not survive, I am too young, my body is to week , and they must be ready for the worst scenario. The operation lasted 7 hours.They allowed students to sew my stomach, because anyway I will not survive.They thought.

Because of that , I have a big scar on my stomach. But I am aliveIn this kind of destiny I believe.

To be a target of a terrorist attack, that  meteor drops on your head, to car hit you  at a pedestrian crossing. Bad luck. Destiny.

People are often left to fate, because they think that their some invisible forces are controlled  their lives, and they can do nothing about that.I heard that quotes ” Everything that needs to happen is going to happen”. 

I don’t believe in this. Does that mean you do not have to do anything in your life to change something. Just like on autopilot , just live like an animal or like a plant. Wait, and it will happen.No it will not.

Your life is your whole time in your hands,and your must be very proactive in your life. You must be an active participant in your life.If you want something, take it. Do your best to accomplish that.

Do your best, and forget the rest!

Because of destiny illusion, we have millions of autopilots around us. A millions of people who spend their whole  lives not even trying to change anything. I will tell you something, it is easier on this way. Just sit on your “destiny” chair, and fly on the wings of destiny.

Destiny is  what you choose.Your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, job, profession, mood, it is your call. Not destiny call. In your way, you will find a many challenges. You will have to make many decisions. These decisions determine your destiny.

Be wise on your road, create your destiny brave. Create amazing life because you are amazing, and on your road don’t forget the biggest truth in the world You Can Do It !!!