Lathraea Squamaria

Lathraea Squamaria is a plant that looks like the others,with tiny, pale red flowers.But it is ordinary plant.

It is a parasitic plant living on the roots of a range of woody plants, on which it is dependent for its nutrition. This plant does not have green leaves. But that’s why it has a big root.

She lives in most cases  at the root of the beech .She  does not perform synthesis. A perennial root parasite that lacks chlorophyll  (the  green  pigment  that  allows plants to obtain energy from light) and remains below ground for most of the year. Essential nutrients are obtained from the energy of her host. She can steal the host’s genes.

This plant is a parasite. She can not  survive independently.But this feature does not belong only to plants.

This plant reminds me of people who feed themselves with the energy of other people, with their  fear. So called haters. They are like Lathraea Squamaria. They feed with fear and negative energy. They are always here, around us, with small pale bodies and big a large energy vacuum cleaner. They are always here to tell you, that you are average, that you are nothing special, that you will failed, that you have to give up on what you do.

Do you think these people have green and healthy leaves? Do they have an own life, do they know what is positive attitude , or do they know  what is an open mind !? I don’t think so.

They are poison for your soul, and your fear is their only food. They need you, they need your insecurity.But be careful.They  can be people close to you.Your friends, cousins, neighbors.

They are here, and you can not change them.You can change only one person, and that is you. You do not have to fight them, because it’s a futile job, you will spend your energy only.You do not need to pay attention to them,you do not need to think about them.

In fact, they should be your road sign that you are on the right path.The more you have them,  the greater the chance are that you’re on the right track.

If you have one opinion,and other people, another opinion,your opinion is probably correct, because you can’t find such a large consensus of thoughts in one place.

Be yourself, listen your brain, listen your heart,you know all answers, you are the great answer.Here , you can find a big support for your deeds, and I will be here always to tell you, You Can Do It !!!