Time is your best reminder that you must ACT NOW !

The story starts like this. In the modern era there was a man who did not have time for himself.He had a job and he was devoted to it.He liked his job, and he worked every day for ten hours. In  most  cases  he worked on Saturdays too.  He  had  a  good  salary  with  whom he could provide for himself and for his family  a large house. The kids had everything they wanted except one thing.Dad. He did not have time for them.

In the eyes of others he was very successful .Society is so percipated .If you have a big house, nice car, a lot of money, you have everything and you are successful.But, something was missing from him.TIME !!!

Time to spend it with his children.Time to spend it with his wife.Time to enjoy in his house.Time to go in the gym.Time to  do what he wants to do. Time for himself. He became dissatisfied.He became depressed.His children grew up but he missed their childhood.


Watches are all around us, in every corner, in every step.On our hands, on our walls, on churches, on shopping malls.But only to remind us  to hurry to reach our  next obligation. We’re hurrying to work, to pay bills, to pay taxes, to eat, to sleep and so every day.Just like a circle.

But when we will  have time for our dreams. We are not machines. We were not born to live on a autopilot.We are living  our dreams for later,for better time, for tomorrow .But what if tomorrow never comes ???

I’m starting to go to the gym on Monday .
I’m starting to run next month.
I will change my job next year.
I’m starting to meditate soon.

If you want something, you must take it .Not tomorrow, not next month, you must act now. Now is the only time  you actually have .Do not live in delusion that life is long, because it is not. It is too short . Also, life too valuable to be lived in a bad way.It’s bad every way you live the way you do not want it.

Now you are older than when you started reading this text. Look at the watch, and say to yourself “Now it is the right time“. Gather strength and start to change your life,your habits. Go toward your goal. Make a small step now. It’s important to move.

You Can Do It !!!