Life Is Like A Stock Market

Life is like a stock market, full of climbs and falls!


Market …hm. I love this word. The place   where supply and demand collide. If you want to buy some goods, the market is right place for you at the price at which the seller is ready to sell.

So, how  valuable a particular commodity is? As much as the market is ready to pay. All the goods in the world, gold, silver, sugar, oil, or currencies EUR,USD,JPY, GBP have their own charts. But not only they, open-ended joint stock companies have their own charts. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, McDonald’s have their own charts.

The situation of a company or a currency pair  we can easily find out by insight into their chart.We can find a lot of information’s there.  For good companies, which are in a healthy state, the trend is most of the time  in the upward path. For companies in bad shape, the trend is in a downward path.


We have three types of market movements:
-Ranging market (without trend).

None of these trends is  absolute.For example Uptrend on Daily time frame, could be a downtrend on lower time frames, like hourly . Also the trend never moves straightforward. Up trend is a trend that mostly moves up but not all the time. It is the trend with lot of ups and downs. Trend with a lot of consolidation, because market must enter in one period into the consolidation .

During the consolidation period, forces are being gathered for a new continuation of the trend.Also if consolidation takes a longer period then we can talk about ranging market.On ranging market the trend could  be reversed at any time, but here I don’t want to talk about downtrend.

Life Is Like A Stock Market

We all have ups and downs.We have a consolidation periods, when we are collecting strength for a new continuation of the trend.Sometimes we will meet an obstacle that is difficult to overcome. It is like strong resistance in uptrend. But we must be brave, and we must be persistent.We must to tell ourselves I can do it!
Sometimes we become apathetic,depressed, without  life energy.It is our ranging market.In that period we must be aware, that this period will pass,we are just in ranging market, and our uptrend will be continued.Our uptrend must be continued, and we must gather power and move on. That is life, full of ups and downs ,and we must overcame our obstacles and move only in direction .UP.

If you are sad, if you are depressed , if you are lost, you must know, you must be aware t that this is a passing state ,it will pass.

There is no resistance that can not be overcome if we have strong will for that. Strong will, will born strong desire, strong desire will born strong faith, and strong faith will break all resistance on your way.

You have to move in just one direction, you must have only one trend in your life and that is UPTREND, and I am sure that You Can Do It !!!