Simplicity Part II

Simplicity Part II is a continuation of the previous post called Simplicity. Why I called him Simplicity !? Because life is very simple, and people are sometimes complicate . 

Robin Sharma is right. Simplicity is real power, and she can change your life on better. Just try it with small things. Try to be honest with yourself, and one whole new world will open in the front of you as a seashell and inside you will find a pearl!

Friend: Without words looking at me. But as you know, the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and he is telling me with eyes “YOU ARE RIGHT“.
Me: In life, you always have a choice. Always. To see things from a positive or from negative side. But what is the most important thing,you have a choice to be a victim or to be a predator .Life is hard, and life slaps you. But you  have to kick him back.
Friend: How ?
Me: With simplicity !
Friend: With simplicity !?
Me: Yes. Life is simple if you have a simple access to life. Can I be honest my friend ?
Friend: Yes.Please.
Me: You are dissatisfied with your life, although it looks like you have(had) everything. Job, house, family,but in fact you hate your job. You had a dream to open your own company,  but you never tried anything in that field. Because  your fear of failure  was greater than your  desire for success. And you started to drink, with the  intent  to  quench  your  desire.  One  weekend,  beer,  two,  then  in  working  days,  then  day after day,everyday . And you became an alcoholic.That’s why your family suffered. Because of your fear.
Friend: Please stop.
Me: I will continue. Because of alcohol, you became anxious, weak, and all the time you felt the guilty conscience. And in some period you were aware that you will destroy your life. But in fact, you thought it was a punishment for yourself for unfulfilled dreams.You thought you deserved it .And now you are here, alone, without job, family, money, but with big, really big feeling of guilt.
Friend: O my God, I am lost.I had everything, and now, I  have nothing.
Me: You have a second chance to be honest to yourself.You are born again but with one more ability, with one more experience .Death experience . You are like Phoenix bird , born from ashes,born for the new beginning. That is great power, and you must use it.But first you need to be honest with yourself, totally.Without that, you will lose another chance .
Friend: I am honest, I know I have a problem.
Me: You don’t have a problem. You are the problem.Your way of thinking is a big problem , because you are so destructive toward yourself, and toward people who love you, who care about you.

Oh, I will continue in my net post. This was long conversation, and it seems that I need a more space .Stay tuned and please don’t forget to be honest toward yourself.Life is very simple if we are simple .

Don’t forget You Can Do It !!!



Simplicity is when you are brave enough to call the things with the right names !

I had a conversation with a friend who was in severe depression and who tried to kill himself. This is an essential part of the conversation.

Me: How you feeling ?
Friend :
I’m very sad and nervous.
Me: What is the reason for that ?
Friend: I got divorced from my wife. I do not see my children at all. I have that problems with the liver and my life is falling apart…death is my only exit!
Me: Death will always be there for you, for us. We can not escape from her
Friend: My time has come!
Me: It is not your call . But, why did you get divorced from wife ?
Friend: Well, she said that I was not at home often. That I am bad husband, that I’m irresponsible etc.
Me: Is it true ?
Friend: Of course not. I am good father, and I love my kids. I love to drink sometimes , but not every day. It’s my exhaust valve.
Me: Do you think that’s why you have a liver problem ?
Friend: No. I do not think that has anything to do with it. Why you asking me that at all !? You think you are perfect!? I will tell you, you are not !
Me: Only God is perfect, and I am not a God. I am human being just like you, and I am trying to help you.
Friend: How. With that stupid questions. You just make me feel guilty, and I will tell you something. You did it. Now, I am feeling terrible. Thank you.

Me: There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers. But your answers are not honest.You’re not honest with yourself my friend.
Friend: He began to cry….
Me: I met you as a brave man and what you’re doing now is not the behavior of a brave man.
Friend: Even brave people cry sometimes.
Me: Of course, we are humans.I’m not talking about your tears. I am talking about your destructive behavior.
Friend: I am great guy, funny, good friend. I like to drink, so what. I like to smoke too, is that a crime !? I will answer , no it is not.
Me: It is a crime, against you, and against your personality. If you want, against your family too. You said that you love your kids, but love is not just a word. You have to be their superhero. Show love to the people you care about. Show love to yourself.Otherwise, this word has no meaning.
Friend: But I hate myself .
Me: No, that is not true my friend. You hate the person you’ve become. You hate that weak person in yourself, because your are not weak. You hate the coward in you, because you are not a coward. But that is not you, that is alcohol. He manages with you.He possessed you. You let him to ruin your marriage, you let him to ruin your life, and you let him to ruin your personality.

It seems like a too long post . I will continue…..stay tuned, and don’t forget You Can Do It !!!

Free Things

The best things in the world are free.Free things are around us, and the main question is “Do you notice them?”

In  this  material  world we  all  strive to have as much material goods as possible.To have a nice car, nice house,  to dress nicely.The capitalist world imposes us forms dressing,looks, behavior. I’m a lawyer, but I do not like norms.I do not like when society forces me to work and to think like others. To have a valuable watch to have  a greater value as a human being . Unfortunately, we live in the consumer world, where everything is measured by money.

But you must know, the most important things in the world are free, the most beautiful things in the world are free, and I will list them below to remind you to use them…a lot!


Hug is so important for children. A 20 second hug can help your child grow smarter, healthier, happier, more resilient and closer to the parent. Psychologists have found that oxytocin  (hormone of love and happiness) is released in both women and men during embrace. Consequently, the embrace reduces cortisol (stress hormone).


Wow. This is one wonderful emotion, and guess what. It is free. This emotion has a very high frequency. Love is of course one of the strongest emotions on Earth.With frequency of 500 Hz love can heal your body, with good vibration. I’m not just thinking about love between loving couples here. I mean in love in every sense. Love is all around us. Love for a friend, love for parents, love for kids, love for marital companion….


We are social beings, and we need friends to feel good and fulfilled. Friends give us hope.A true friend helps us in difficult situations in life and with that reduce stress levels.A good friend is good for our health.

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” Hubert H. Humphrey


Believe it or not, you can dream for free! I believe that dream is the most important part of our humanity. All great things around us  are born in someone’s imagination first. All things, the chair we sit on, bed on which we sleep,TV, home, car, wheel.The list is huge. Dream free.


I was always a believer,because we are too complex creatures to be the result of chance.But now  I think that never before had religion and science been so close. We know now how big impact has our faith on our body . We know now how we can beat cancer, or any  other illness with faith in  healing. We know now how we can create new cells, healthy cells with our thoughts. Also we know that we are a pure energy, and we are connected with energy around us.

That’s what religion  propagated. Believe to achieve !

So dear friends,we forgot that the most important things are free, but they are free, and you should enjoy in them because You Can Do It !!!

Life Through The Rearview Mirror

Life Through The Rearview Mirror is hard,
because it’s very difficult to look back and move forward!

Have  you  ever  tried  to  drive  a  car  and move forward  looking at the rear view mirror ?  It is mission impossible. You will cause a traffic accident and you will not come anywhere with such a ride. Yes, we have   mirrors on our cars but only to look at them occasionally, not always.

Now look at your life. I like to say that I am psychic, because I can predict your future, but first I must know your past, because we are creatures of habit  and our whole life is in most cases the same. Our yesterday is the same like our tomorrow.  If you  do not believe me, look at your day. You rise to the same side of the bed every day at the same time, you perform the same rituals after getting up, you are going to the  school or at the work , you meet with the same people, talking about the same stories, which create in you the same emotions.

But what is tragic, your thoughts are the same as yesterday, like day before yesterday .From about 60.000 thoughts in one day, 99,99% are the same like yesterday ,and in 80 % of them you are thinking about your past, you’re thinking about two things:
– things you did not do, and you should (
missed opportunities);
things that you did and you should not (bad decisions).

80% of your time you live by looking in the rearview mirror ! It is impossible to move forward-looking at the rearview mirror. It is impossible to make progress in life   with same thoughts like yesterday. With same thoughts like every day.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
                                                                                                                          Albert Einstein

Change your thoughts !

You must look forward to move forward. You can’t change your future without changing your way of thinking. It’s simply not possible. With same thoughts your future will be the same like your past.If you want to beat some bad disease like cancer, you have to change the way of thinking which caused the disease.It is hard but you must !

You must be aware that everything starts in your head,your future, your health, your mental state. You are born for great deeds, but first your must start to believe in great deeds,you should be in the same line with your dream.At the same frequency with your dream.

Analyze your life here, are you satisfied in every aspect, or are you satisfied in any aspect!? Be honest with yourself. If you want to change something, you must first change your thoughts, and with this small change your whole life will change .


Look forward because your present and your future are there, your past is behind you, and you can’t change her, but your future you can because you have that power and I know, You Can Do It !!!


Change Your Perspective

“The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don’t have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it.Change your perspective ”  Chris Pine

Look at carefully, what do you see in the picture?  The picture is  dark,  and  we  can see a dark clouds,  we can see desert,stones.  It looks like a heavy storm is being made. It seems like a landscape without life. This picture can born in you a different emotions, negative emotions. Dark, storm, desert….All these  are associations for our mind to create negative emotions, and with that stress hormones.

But do yo see life in this picture ? Forget the storm, forget the dark clouds,focus only on life in the front of you. Do you see red flower in the picture? Just that little word “Life” is a sign for your brain to create positive emotions in your body, and with that positive hormones.

“Our emotions are processed in the  part of the brain which is called the hypothalamus.

-After that it sends a signal  to the thyroid gland to secrete hormones.
Hormones are released depending on our emotions.
Our emotions depend on our thoughts.

So, if your thoughts are positive you will released the hormones of happiness.
If they are negative you will released  stress hormones, which increase the PH value of the body and conducive to the development of cancer cells, and all other disease.”

Everybody knows the famous philosophical question about the glass. Whether the glass is half-empty or half-full !?

That is the matter of perspective.You can observe this question from one or from another side. But also, this question has the third side, or the third answer.The glass is full. The first half of the glass is filled with water, and the second  half of glass is filled  with air.

Perspective in life is that a thin line which divides optimistic from pessimists.Just that little line in your view. You can always find some positive things in every negative situation, and some negative things in every positive situation. It is all up to you, and you always have a choice to  direct your view in the direction you want.

If you think glass is half-empty you must be aware that your  fear speaks from you .Your fear is deep in you, and he is ready to destroy you with a lot of negative energy.He tells you that the glass is half-empty, and that you can not change it.

But this is not true,you can change a lot with small view change. Change your perspective and you will change your whole life. Everything is in the eye of the observer ! Great power is in you, and it is just manifested in  the possibility of changing the perspective.

You Can Do It !!!



Be Persistent

If I had to choose which message to send to anyone who wants to realize their dreams
I would say shortly
“Be persistent”.

Winter was at the door. The snow could begin to fall at any moment.A one little bird  had an important task in front of her.To build a nest. She flew far away every day, to collect materials necessary for the construction of the nest. She collected twigs, mud, water all that’s needed to build a small house for her family, which will protect her from wind, rain and predators .

And she did it.When she was finished, she was proud of herself, but then, the strong wind was blowing and he blew up the whole house from the tree.

The bird began to sing, and she flew away and began to collect a material for their new nest. She collected twigs, mud, water,and all that’s needed to build a small house for her and for her family, which will protect them from wind, rain and predators .

And she did it.When she was finished, she was proud of herself, but then,group of boys was passing by,and they threw stones on the nest and they knocked it on the floor.

The bird began to sing, and she flew away and began to collect a material for their new nest. She collected twigs, mud, water,all that’s needed to build a small house for her family, which will protect them from wind, rain and predators .

And she did it !

Be Persistent 

The bird has no option to give up.

How many times in life we thought we should give up, when we  was just near the finish line. How many people have surrendered and give up of his life .It is so sad.

The most important common characteristic of all successful people is that they never gave up on their goals.

In his famous book Think and grow rich great author Napoleon Hill (he studied the 500 most successful people of his time including Henry Ford,Edison ), he said that successful people have  only   one common characteristic different from other people.PERSISTENCE !

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success!
Napoleon Hill

Persistent implies a strong faith in achieving the goal. Because a great power is in you and when you have a strong faith  you  will attract  great  positive energy in your  life which  will help you to achieve the goal.You  have to be persistent and you have to endure to the end,because at the end, your dream is waiting for you !

You Can Do It !!!