24 Ducats

Imagine that someone give you  every day 24 ducats.Every single day, and on all that he give you free will to do whit ducats whatever you want.What would you do ?

One master had three servant. And he told them this:

I will  give you every day 24 ducats. Every single day.With that,with ducats you have  a free will to do  whatever you want .I give you free will for that. But one day, I’ll stop to giving you.And after that we’re going to obliterate our accounts.

They were more than happy.They could not wait to begin to spend their gold coins. In the beginning, they knew exactly what they want with them.They spent them in the best possible way. They where happy,very happy because they have those ducats.They kept saying what they want to do and they did it. After some time they began to speak less about their desires,and their desires in them are began to fade.

The ducats were losing value for them!

After a certain period they have become very dissatisfied, and they start to spend their  ducats on irrelevant things, on arguments, on the nervousness.

They forgot how much value has ducats.

They become blind, in spite of their eyes.

They steeped in immorality, in discontent, into depression, in apathy.

When the master has seen all that,he decided to take from them all ducats for awhile  but to give them a second chance.

When they realized that they could lose all the gold coins, they have realized their true value,they pray the master for a second chance.And they get it.

This time, they are realize how much is really worth ducats, and they have to use them very wisely and very courageous.

24 ducats are symbol for 24 hours, how much we have every day for life.We have a free will to do with our 24 hours whatever we want.We are free.But we never know when are we going to lose them.Maybe tomorrow, and maybe not.

As you can see from the story, when we are young, when we where kids we knew exactly what we want, and we did not afraid to say that laud and clear.

I like children.They are so honest and happy.

But over time we stop to appreciate our time.We become sad,depressed , unhappy…..

The most important question in life is how we spend our time !?

Some people begin to live after they experienced some trauma.They begin to live when  they are near to death.Only than they recognize the true value of their life.Only than they start to appreciate “the time”.

The most realistic thing in life is time.We can not bring back our time.You can not turn back this second,this minute,but you can use your time on the best possible way.Ironically we have timers on every corner to measure whether we’re late to work,to school, on date,but we don’t measure our life time.

What if we’re late for Life ???

I like the definition of wealth by Robert Kiyosaki  “You are rich as much,as much you have a time“. If your monthly costs are 2.000$, and you have 2.000$ in your pocket,than you are rich a one month!

Life is too short for stress, for the anxiety, for sorrow.Be happy every day,be happy now.

My question to you is on which way you are spending your ducats ?

You must be aware how your time is valuable.

You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. “… Some people begin to live after they experienced some trauma.They begin to live when they are near to death..”

    We often appreciate things and health when we do not have them anymore. There is no better time to be happy than now. We should enjoy every moment of your life as if it was the last one. We assume that there will always be a tomorrow but the future doesn’t exist because nobody has seen it. We only have the present!

    Thank you one more time, Ben, to help us setting our feet on the ground!


    • Hi Jordi,

      it is so sad but it is true.We are now aware what we have until when we are faced with the loss.It is the same with health,with life,with money,with love.I think that we, humans quickly getting used on things,and as a result we stop to notice them.But if we start to notice them consciously, it will by time become our habit, and we will become grateful for everything we have.

      I am grateful to you on your comment 🙂


    • Hello Tamara,

      thank you so much for your nomination.
      I will write article about rewards 🙂

      Thank you


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