How to become a wise king



Once upon a time lived a king ,who had a great kingdom, and took care of him good, but he has never go outside of  the castle.

Outside he was associated with five deputies who reported to him constantly on the ground situation in the kingdom .

First one is told him what he saw .

The second is told him what he taste it.

The third is told him what he heard .

The fourth is told him which smells is felt out of the castle .

The fifth is told him what he is touch out of the castle.

Based on that the king is wrote a book. The king have the biggest library in the world. In the books, he recorded everything his deputies spoke to him.Everything.

He was also connected with the biggest market in the world, which gave him everything he asked of them .No matter what. But for market owner it was really important in which way the king was asked them for some stuffs. If he was too excited they gave him all he asked ,but when he was inert they did not gave him anything.

Also, he was read a lot. All things that his deputies said to him, he is immediately compared with his books and on that basis he product emotions.The fate of the entire kingdom is depended on the king’s emotions.

He had a strong guard, which was in his castle allow access only deputies who bring them good news .The other messengers are expressed their news in a separate room with big window, and they are disappeared in the night .

The king did not like it bad news, and because of that he was very successful.

By king I mean subconscious. By deputies I mean our five sense :sight,hearing,taste,smell, touch. By market I mean universe. By guard I mean conscious.By castle I mean our life.

We all have two level consciousness.Conscious and unconsciousConscious  level controlling our thoughts based on our five sense, and unconscious level controlling our body.We called them conscious and subconscious.The easiest way to imagine those levels are to imagine conscious like driver and subconscious like car. They can not function individually.Driver determine the way he want to go with car.Car can not decide alone in which way to move.But driver can.

Every day they bombard us with negative energy. Negative peoples are around us, in every corner.But because of that we must train our guard, our  conscious, to allow entrance in our  subconscious only to positive news, and all negative news our conscious should send to garbage.In this way our subconscious will create only positive emotions. With positive emotions, we could ask from universe everything we want and we will get it.Also with positive thoughts our body will secrete hormones of happiness Serotonin and Endorphin.

I will write post about chemical process in our body based on our thoughts.We are pure energy and pure chemistry,just like hole universe.Everything depends of your thoughts,and they are the first step towards the road to success or failure.

So filter all news which is coming to you based on your five sense and allow entrance in mind  only positive news, and all negative news, just like in story above let to disappear in the night, because positive news will born positive thoughts, and attract positive things in your life.

Try and you will see it is so easy. Train your guard and be positive always because You Can Do It !


King George

There is no better time to be happy than now. We should enjoy every moment of your life as if it was the last one. We assume that there will always be a tomorrow but the future doesn’t exist because nobody has seen it. We only have the present!


King George is a very wise king. Life has taught him that we need to make big effort in life if we want to make some goal. He is very cautious . He said :You have to try the water for a long,long, long time before throwing yourself into the pool.

He lives in the province of Catal. He is not only wise, he is rich also. His wealth is huge. His wealth is worth more than all the treasures of the world .His wealth is his family. He have a great family, twin boys, two great kids , two great princes and great queen.

He is so wise that he enjoys in small things like cooking food for them, because he knows that the biggest happiness is in small things.He said “To see my family healthy, happy and when my little twins tell me that I am the best cook in the world …, this is happiness, the best gift in the world. This is not paid with money, this is priceless. “

He teach his kids that changing a life style is not that easy but we do when we are forced to it. Let’s take the right road to a healthy life before it is too late.

I like to talk to him, because I learn every time something new, like:

-Being alive is a gift, being healthy is another gift, and if you have love around you…, that’s happiness. What else ? Also:

Maybe today is our last day, maybe tomorrow we get ill or we lose our health, maybe tomorrow we are going to die for whatever reason. Illness and death come without warning even if we are young!

I always listen to wise people carefully because every little word is important: “We should not leave so many things to do for tomorrow. Today is the best time we have. In fact, the present time is all what we have. Don’t wait for tomorrow to do whatever you want, if you can do it today, do it.”

“We shouldn’t take for granted that there will always be a tomorrow for us. I think this is the main problem for a lot of people. They don’t value the present and they always think that tomorrow will be best time. Enjoy now, there is no better time to be happy than right now!”

This are the words of great king George.

Great, wise, happy people are real, and we should be thankful because they live in our time .

Special note

King George is my friend Jordi. You can find his comments over my articles, and believe me you should read them couple times.

Thank you Jordi for your wise comments, for the positivity that you are spreading here .

Be wise, be happy like our wise King George because You Can Do It !!!

Paint Your Sea With Right Color

Pick the right color for your sea, to have a wonderful life !

There was once a wise ruler.He was aware of his power and that’s why he ruled very wisely.He wanted  everyone in his kingdom to be happy and he knew that happiness depends on him.He lived above all other citizens,in big castle.He commanded his servants every day. He had a lot of servants .

Depending on his command the slave was writing on paper message and carried further on execution.He traveled by boat to the port.A messenger awaited him in the port ready to react after reading the message.After each message, he would have poured lots of liquid into the sea.Each liquid had its own color and each color painted the whole sea after  that. Red,yellow, black,gray, green...

The color of the water was changed a couple of times per day,depends of the ruler. But what is interesting here ,that is the number of messengers which is huge. The ruler sent about 60,000 slaves every day.

Paint Your Sea With Right Color

The ruler is your brain !He is above all organs in every sense.He sends a thousands of messages to your hormones every day.Of these messages depends the  color of your sea.And  the ruler of the story from above is very wise because he knows that. He knows that if he send a negative message, the people will be unhappy.

These slaves are your thoughts. They carry messages to your hormones through your bloodstream.Yes, they are your slaves, respectively  your brain servant. They are not alone, they are not independent. You have about 60.000 thoughts per day.

The messenger is the gland that reads the message.You can not influence it directly,but you can influence your brain, which is their master.

The message is a protein, neuropeptide where your message is typed.The sea representation of our emotions.

The color of your emotions depends on your hormones, and they depend on your thoughts.

Your blood is red, and you can’t change that, but your sea are your emotions and  you can change their color with your mind.Will they be red,yellow, black,gray, green,blue or whatever, that depends only on you.

You are the owner of your thoughts, and with them of your life.

There is nothing like a bad mood.You have only bad emotions,because of bad thoughts .I’m not sure how you imagine the color of your emotions,but for me bad emotions are black and gray and the good ones are  blue, red, yellow.

Remember the color of your emotions depends only on you, but your whole life depends on them! Be wise , and paint them in the right color,the color of the love, the color of happiness,because I am sure now that You Can Do It !!!




I’m A Fisherman In The River Of My Life

I’m A Fisherman In The River Of My Life, because I am the only who know, which fish I wanna catch !

Once upon a time was lived a man named Rosario. Rosario was the wisest man in their region, and people around the world are came to him for advice in the field of love, happiness, success.He advised them, briefly, clearly, and with a great deal of wisdom. There was even a saying, “You’re Smiling as you got Rosario’s advice.

 Rosario was an illiterate man. He came from a poor family.His whole life he was suffering. And nobody knew what was the secret of his happiness. He never charged for his advice. People have left him gifts, and he was unwillingly receive them .

One day, he was visited by an old man of 90 years. The old man was a wealthy owner of the fish market. Rosario was surprised with his visit,and he asked him “How come you seek advice from me,the old man, when you’re so old and with age comes wisdom”. The old man said, “The river of life that carried me all these years, has led me to you, in spite of my years “.

The same river that kept me alive so many years has led me to you, wise Rosario.This river is from an early age learn me how to fish a fish, and how to feed my family. But this same river is learned you how to feed the souls of all people who are hungry for happiness. I was not that lucky.

I have a daughter. She had everything in life. But she was desperate, sad, depressed.A many years ago, my daughter came to you hungry for happiness. She had a gap inside her soul, that no one could fill, and you filled it up.
For years I tried to do the same but I’m failed, and it bothered me for years, the same question How you helped her. I said to myself, before I die I will go to Rosario to tell me how he helped her. My time has come, and with that ,the question in which I need to know the answer.

Now she is very happy, she has found happiness in traveling.She is working for the famous magazine that she pays her to travel and report about that. She does not work at the company I started.

Oh, I remember those sad eyes. I told her” If you know which fish you want to catch,then you certainly know what bait you need“.

Dear friends,  we are the only ones who know how we need and how we want to live. We know what we want to do for living. Sometimes this is the opposite of what our parents want for us. Sometimes this is the opposite of what others want for us. Be believe me, the only important is what you want !!!

Grab you life in your hands, and live with full lungs your life, and you must know that You Can Do It !!!

Let Your Word Be…

Let your word be  wise, and let it happen after thinking !

Let your word be short, but with deep sense !

Let your word be modest, not to offend  your interlocutor!

Let your word be compassionate, to show that you sympathize with others !

Let your word be brave, to show that you are thinking with your own  head!

Let your word be warmto open the hearts of others !

Let your word be sharpto strike right into the heart !

Let your word be bright, to  illuminate the positive side of each situation !

Let your word be strong, to show  that  they can rely on you !

Let your word be good, to show your real character !

Let your word be true, to show  that you are a warrior of light!

 Let your word be comforted, to show that you are human being !

Let your word be nice, to show that you are nice !

Let your word be  positive, it is enough negativity in the world !

Let your word be deep, to force people to think !

Let your word be measured, not to show your emotions !

Let your word be full of confidence, to show that You Can Do It !

Internal Hygiene

Did you know that people in the Middle Ages did not bathe never ?

The Royal families had that privilege to bathe twice in life. Once  they are born and the second time when they get married. But the queen Elizabeth  loved scents, and she  always carried the perfume with her.

I’m sure that you all take care of your hygiene. It’s normal today to shower every day, to wash your teeth because hygiene is half the health.

But do you take care of your internal hygiene?

Today it is a ignominy not to take care of hygiene, right !?

I am sure that it will be ignominy  to  be ill in the future. Now we know that illness is the result of our thoughts. The stress in which we bring ourselves.  I believe that we always have a choice how to react on every situation.

Did you know that one single  thought can produce about 1.400 chemical reactions in your body.

You must be aware that according to parity theory everything in nature comes in pairs. Good and Bad.
Black and White. Big and Small. Glow and Darkness. With that our thoughts comes in our head in two forms Positive thoughts and Negative thoughts .

            Positive thoughts produce                                      Negative thoughts produce
positive  emotions                                                        negative emotions

Love                                                                                       Hate
Joyfulness                                                                           Dissatisfaction
Kindness                                                                                  Hostility
Happiness                                                                                 Sorrow
Faith                                                                                       Despair
Empathy                                                                              Intolerance
Gratitude                                                                               Disrespect
Enthusiasm                                                                            Agony
Trust                                                                                    Jealousy

When you look at this list, you can conclude by yourself, how are you  feel when you experience positive and negative emotions. How your body is feeling in that moment. Ask your self  What kind of benefits can  bring you above mention emotions. I will help you.

Negative thoughts will bring you depression, anxiety, agony, cancer etc…. and with that a life in agony.

Positive thoughts will bring you prosperity , development, health, success etc… and with that a great life.

Positive emotions will bring you a happy, and healthy life. Negative emotions will bring you illness and dissatisfaction with life. Also, every thought have own frequency.And one thought will create a couple similar thoughts , and that is a real power. That power will create a thousands of chemical reactions in your body.

Great news is that all this is under your control. Internal hygiene must be your daily routine. Why ? Because your present life is the result of your thoughts from the past. You have about 60.000 thoughts in your day .One single thoughts are not so important. What is really important are your dominate thoughts .They must be positive , and you must make them positive.This is not easy job, but you must do it.

We will start with internal hygiene in my next post, so stay tuned.

Until then don’t forget You Can Do It !!!



You Are Different

Everyone has his own path that should  pass in life !

Three friends, they argued  about that, who have a better life, and whose life road is more correct.

-The first one, he liked to  sleep  a lot. He had a job , a own company and he was his own boss. That kind of job is allowed him to sleep to noon and to go on his job .

-The second one was a very hyperactive. He despised sleeping , because according to him it was a wasting of time. He liked to get up early and to start working immediately.He loved the saying “Who gets up early, two happiness takes”.

-And the third one was liked to travel. He was a very  happy only when he is  going somewhere. Life is to short to be your hole life in one place,he said. He thought that a man was born to travel.That is only important in life.

Far in the east of the country was lived a one wise man,wise old man. People from all over the world were coming to him for advice,and after some time, three friends has appeared at his door with question.

Which life is better!!!???

We must know who is  right.They started, he likes to sleep a lot, and that is wrong……he likes to travel a lot and I don’t…he likes to work a lot, and that is so wrong……

  • And wise man told them: You are different !

  • That is all!!!??? Tell us the truth,who is wrong and who is right !

That is all.You are different !!!

When you want to be like others just remember You are different !

When they except from you to be like them, just remember You are different !

When you think that you do not fit in system just remember You are different !

When you think that you are alone in the world, it is because You are different !

People, society, friends,state, they want to create you according to their standards.To be like them. Like your parents, like your friends, like your brothers or sisters , or your cousins. If you let them, you will work against yourself, because You are different !

Those people who accept you as you are, those people are your real friends.And not only that.Those people are truly enlightened people.

You like to sleep, you like to walk, you do not talk much etc…How is that God who have a right to say to you that is wrong.Compared with what ??? Based on what ???

You should be proud on yourself, because you are different. Be yourself, and don’t care about others.Be brave and forget about standards.

Be different, because you are and don’t forget the most important fact   You Can Do It !!!

One And Only You by James T. Moore

Every single blade of grass
and every flake of snow-
is just a wee bit different…
There’s no two alike, you know.
From something small
like grains of sand.
To each gigantic star
all were made with THIS is mind:
To be just what they are!
How foolish then, to imitate-
How useless to pretend!
Since each of us comes from a MIND
Whose ideas never end.
There’ll only be just ONE of ME
To show what I can do –
And you should likewise feel very proud
There’s only ONE of YOU.
That is where it all starts
With you, a wonderful, unlimited human being

Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominate for three awards from Tamara Hoerner  . This is the third award from Tamara, “Sunshine Blogger Award“.  Tamara have a great blog about nutrition,about food, respectively how to  your food be your medicine .I believe that our  health depends on our thoughts and our food. She’s working on Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree program ,which is great because she is merged the job she loved with her education. The most important thing in life is to love your job.

I don’t like word RULE(S), so I have a little bit change basic rules.Tamara sorry,but I’m running away from too many rules in life.

Do what you love,otherwise  you will need to love what you do.

I like Sun.We are here because of Sun.We are live because of Sun.When I say WE, I mean here on all life in our great planet.

Thank you Tamara for your nomination,and especially because you think that my blog it deserves that !!!


  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog√
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you√
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post √:
    1. Do you believe in ghosts?
    I believe in energy.Ghosts are energy,so my answer is Yes.
    2. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
    Get away from people who are not afraid of God and not ashamed of people.With  good people be good, but do not  hate bad people too,you will not help  them you’ll only hurt yourself.
    3. Would you want to know the place and time of your death? Why or why not?
    No.Some things is better to not know.
    What are you most grateful for?
    Mostly on my beautiful family.
    hat is your biggest pet peeve?
    5. Apple Pie or Chocolate Cake?
    Chocolate Cake,definitely.
    6. Pizza-Chicago style or New York?
       – I’m not a pizza fan.So it does not matter.
    7. If you could keep only 5 possessions, what would they be?
      – Family,Love,Care,Happy,Smile 🙂
    8. What does a perfect day look like for you?
    – When everyone around me are happy .
    If you were invisible for 1 day, what would you do?
    I would spend it in meditation, because no one could have to distractions me.
    10. What is your favorite season and why?
    Spring, because everything around me  awakens.This is a great proof of life.



Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominate for three awards from Tamara Hoerner  . This is the second one “Mystery Blogger Award“.  Tamara have a great blog about nutrition,about food, respectively how to  your food be your medicine .I believe that our  health depends on our thoughts and our food. She’s working on Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree program ,which is great because she is merged the job she loved with her education. The most important thing in life is to love your job. Do what you love,otherwise  you will need to love what you do.

I like word Mystery.We are one big mystery.

This is my first award of this type. I have read in Tamara’s article that this award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.

Thank you Tamara for your nomination,and especially because you think that my blog it deserves that !!!


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Answer 5 Questions From Nominee:√
1. What is one thing on your bucket list?-
Fish soup !
2. What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?
I’d transfer the money on my account !
3.Your greatest fear?
That I would  not have enough time to fulfill all my dreams.
4.If you had the opportunity to be a colonist on mars, would you go?
No.I’m too addicted to the Earth.
5.If you could ask God 1 question-AND GET AN ANSWER-what would you ask?√
Are we alone ?

Share Your Best Post….hm..I believe this post is very important,because we need something more to believe . We must believe !!!

Thank you Tamara 🙂




Blog-A-Holic Award!

I was nominate for three awards from Tamara Hoerner  . She have a great blog about nutrition,about food, respectively how to  your food be your medicine .I believe that our  health depends on our thoughts and our food. She’s working on Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree program ,which is great because she is merged the job she loved with her education. The most important thing in life is to love your job. Do what you love,otherwise  you will need to love what you do.

I will write a three different articles about three different awards.

This is my first award of this type. I have read in Tamara’s article that this award is  an award for bloggers addicted to blogging with creative, ingenious and inspiring posts.

Thank you Tamara for your nomination,and thank you because you think that my blog meets these requirements.

I must say that I runaway from to much rules in my life, and also in my job so I must  break the rules a little.


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  7. Share 3 interesting and different facts about yourself…..Hm…I don’t  like to talk about the events more about ideas and dreams, I like poetry,I do not like to read the news 🙂 √