Miracles are happening



“Miracles always happen in harmony with nature, but not with our understanding of nature”

Thomas Aquinas  !

I like true stories. Because they reminds me that miracles are happening here and now, to people from our age, from our family, to our friends. We people, we  are prone to negate  all miracles around us,to close our eyes in front of them. Because we do not believe in miracles.

But believe it or not it they are happening,every day everywhere, and they are in harmony with nature.

So far I have told two true stories told on my blog.This is the third.Very true story.

Unfortunately, in our world there are many diseases.Some are less dangerous, some more, some are dangerous for life.We all suffer from certain diseases.High pressure, low pressure,allergy, bronchitis, arthritis etc…This is normal

They say do not exist  healthy people, exist only unviewed from the doctor !

One of the disease is a disease of blood vessels which is hit a very good man named Bronco in his best ages.She sneaks to him slowly and punch him when he least expected. Because of she he is lost her right foot and became an invalid for life.

He was lying in a hospital on the edge of life and death.And he choose life.Because of his optimistic spirit, the disease is withdrew…for a while….Twenty years a disease was still, because he was peaceful in his soul.

But than, he was decide to move on, and to build a house.For that it was necessary permits from the municipality.He handed his application and waited, and waited and waited…six months…then another six months…He went several times to try to speed things up, but he is failed.He was desperate.

And guess who is visited him then,after 20 years. Disease.

The right foot was not receiving enough blood and therefore no oxygen.Gangrene occurred,for which he have had in the hospital,for surgery.He was desperate, dejected, and the worst without hope.

His son has decided to start to building the house no matter what,  without waiting for permission.He ordered a material for construction, brought masters workers, and construction  is began.

He was informed about that his father in the hospital. That moment the  disease symptoms are disappeared.On the same day he was discharged from hospital when doctors are determined that there is no need for surgery.

The disease is withdrawn suddenly, and it never came forward again.

It is scientifically proven that is only 5% of disease inherited from ancestors.Other 95% is  the result of our thoughts and our environment.

We are the creators of our destiny, our illness and our health.We are holding the keys of our health in our hands. Use them carefully.

You can see from the story above how powerful our thoughts are. You can see that from this true story, the story about my father !

Use your thoughts wisely and do not forget You Can Do It !!!

Can We Beat Cancer?

Can we beat cancer is probably the biggest question of our time !We are the answer on all questions, we are that link, we are that power !

I am a lawyer. And from the start I need a proof for everything.For faith, for miracles. Simple I must know why and how to believe ! On the other hand I could never accept the fact that we have a brain,  just to do the most basic life functions . If that’s the case, than we are like animals, right !

What is cancer !?

I wrote several articles about our subconscious. I will write a lot more about that, because there is our answer. Our answers lie in our subconscious. Everything in our DNA is the product of our thoughts  and our environments.

Here, you can read a true story about the true  victory over this wicked disease !

Research conducted by Dr.Bruce Lipton,American developmental biologist in genes field, who worked on the study of DNA and genes to the US Government has proved that everything in our DNA is the product of our Thoughts  and our Environments.

We all learned from biology about cell division, right !

So,he has taken a single cell gene and put it in a test tube . After 10-12 hours the cell is divided into two parts, so he got two identical cells. After couple of days he had in the test tube a couple of thousands of cells .


He took a few cells and put them into specific test tube under certain  circumstances, and the cells created Bones.


He took a few cells and put them into another test tube under other circumstances, and the cells created Muscles.


A third group of cells was placed in an unhealthy environment and they  created Cancer.



But, the biggest EUREKA was the moment, when he moved cancer cells in a healthy environment, and they were healed .

So what is cancer !? Simple, sick cell.

EUREKA. This is the biggest invention after wheel . Are you aware what this  means ?

You should be happy  because you  are reading this.

American Association for Cancer Research which pays attention to cancer genes,  proved that only 5% cases has genetic link. They say that 60 percent of cancers can be avoided by changing diet and lifestyle .

Conscious mind is similar to the processor of 4o bits speed, because it can process information at once, which is coming from 40 different nerves.

The subconscious mind is a processor of 40 million bits,because it can process 40 millions information in same time.

95%-99% of the time we are using the information from our subconscious mind ,but we are not aware of that.

The direction of our thoughts

Our emotions are processed in the  part of the brain which is called the hypothalamus.

-After that it sends a signal  to the thyroid gland to secrete hormones.
Hormones are released depending on our emotions.
Our emotions depend on our thoughts.

So, if your thoughts are positive you will released the hormones of happiness.
If they are negative you will released  stress hormones, which increase the PH value of the body and conducive to the development of cancer cells, and all other disease.

Are you aware of that?Are you scared? You have to be afraid of your thoughts , if they are negative.You must change them.You must think positive,if you want to be healthy.

You Can Do It !!!

Your Subconscious Is Stupid

Your subconscious is stupid because she is ready to believe in everything !Think positive if you want well for yourself !

My dears friends, you know that I love to write about great people . About miracles. Because I want to show you that is possible. I believe that the key of our happiness is in our hands .But not only that. I believe that the key of our health is also in our hands . First, it’s important to read this articles  I,II,III, IV !

Now I wanna talk about one great man . He is  a doctor of Medicine, Psychology, Pedagogy and Philosophy! Impressive right !? It is nothing compared to the following facts. In WW2 he was seriously injured couple times . The doctors found that he is a severe disabled person and that he will die.

In 1954 it was noted that he is completely healthy.

At the age of 70 years, he became the father of a daughter and at the age of 75 he became a father for the second time. It was  established then that the age of his organism corresponds to a person of 30-40  years.

When he was 84 years it is found that the aging of his organism is stopped.

It’s a Russian scientist, George Nikolajevich Sitin !

What is his secret?

His secret is in his head. He developed texts which he reads on a daily basis and with whom he convinces himself that he is health, young and great. And he is !

How is it possible ?

Because you are  Superman my friend ! Compare this. Consciousness processing data with speed of 40 bit/s and   the subconscious with speed of 40 million bit/s.

Because of this speed he works exclusively at present.She does not know for the future, neither for the past.  Here is one simple question for you and I’ll offer you some answers.The question is How are you ?:
answer 1 “I’m not good
“, is a sign for your subconsciousness to fulfill your wish NOW;
answer  2 I am great”, the right answer,  is also a sign for your subconsciousness to fulfill your wish NOW;
answer 3 
I will be better” , means nothing for your subconsciousness.Because it is future time, and your  subconsciousness only knows for present.

If you can believe, you can achieve !

The subconscious is very boring. She does not have a sense of humor. She’s very stupid because she  believes in everything you tell her. It’s very easy to cheat her.She does not know to argue. 

She is so stupid, that she will believed that you’re healthy even if  you are not.
She is so stupid that she will believed that you’re young even if you are not.

And when she believes that something is true she will turn it into truth.

My dear readers , please take advantage of her naivety for your better life.

Convince yourself in amazing things and you will be amazing because I know now, that  You Can Do It !!!


I Want To Be A Pear

Everything is possible in what we are ready to believe !

  The real power is in you !!!

A farmer has planted several apple trees in row. He was worried about them well.He cut them regularly, on the spring and in  autumn . The apples were happy. They have given many good apples to the farmer every year.

They often talked between themselves. They spoke, we are clean, because our farmer cleans us.We do not have dry branches because our farmer cut them on a regular basis. We have a lot of foods because our farmer feed the ground around us well.We  are very happy with him.

All except one. She was always in the clouds, in own thoughts. When they asked her why she is like that, aren’t you happy like we are ??? She said, yea, I guess I am….but I have one wish,which I’m constantly thinking about. I Want To Be A Pear !

You want what !!!??? Other apples were horrified. That is impossible. You are apple, you can not be anything else except that. You will be an apple your whole life. You are not normal. Give up from that desire. Be what you were born.Ordinary apple !

But she, she had a dream To Be A Pear !

One day, the farmer comes home with a pear tree.He decided to plant it on an apple tree. And he  decided to plant it on that apple who so much wanted that.

My friends, everything is possible if you have strong desire . You can be everything you want in your life.
If you are still skeptical about miracles ,please read this : Miracle I, Miracle II,Miracle III!

You have met the most important condition for that. You are born. That is all you need. And that is the most important in life.

Ignore your environment. They will be there your whole life to remind you that you are just human, to say to you: That is impossible.You are not normal. Give up from that desire. That’s their job. But do not believe them.They just do not want to you be different. Be deaf my friend.

Did you know that the plants communicate with each other?They even have emotions and they can feel jealousy. They are living beings. They communicate with us too . Everything in nature is connected somehow.As the great Indian chief,Sitting Bull has said “That, what happens to animals and plants will happen to humans too“.

But you, you are human. You are born to have great life. To share love and support around you. Because you were born of love and you are the pure love.

I will be here my whole life to tell You Can Do It !!!



Try To Be Deaf

Try to be deaf sometimes to the words of others !

The river was big, the river was strong. No one has ever managed to swim to the other side. It was simply too fast and too dangerous. A group of young men gathered together with the intention to try to swim to the other side.

People came from all sides of the country to watch them, to see who dared to try to conquer the river, when that was impossible. The river was big,cold,  strong and fast, and no one  can swim in such an environment.

People came to tell them that is impossible.

The boys jumped into the water and started swimming. People stood on the shore and they shoutedGive up“, “It is impossible“, “You can’t do it“, “No one has succeeded so far,Come back now”.

Little by little, the words from shore are started to influence swimmers. Little by little, one by one swimmer is gave up . Except one. One swimmer was  persistent enough.One swimmer was  determined to achieve his intention to come to another coast. And he did it.

People were shocked.People were angry. People  were in disbelief.

How he did it when it’s impossible !?

They started approaching the swimmer, to be photographed with him. They wanted to talk to him. To  ask him how you did it.

But he just watched them and did not say anything. He stood and watched all these people and tried to understand what they wanted from him.

He was deaf !

Sometimes it is necessary to be deaf, and to not hear what others have to say .

How many times have you been in a situation when you have some idea, but your friends , parents, told you “If you think it’s a smart idea,why no one had thought of it before” or, “It is impossible“, “It is too risky” etc, and all this with  the best intentions.


But the path to hell is paved with good intentions. The biggest risk in life is not to try anything, to be passive. The biggest risk in life is to be a silent observer of your life. That is to risky my friend. I will tell you this, you can do anything you want.  Ignore others. Maybe they love you,  but  from that love comes an overly concerned for you. Motives can be different,jealousy, envy, who cares, don’t listen them.

Be deaf  for your conscience part of the consciousness. She compares your idea with earlier behavior, and if you do not have experience with that you will feel the fear.

You are born for great deeds, you are born for great life.You are born for great ideas. Do not run away from them, accept them,create them, be brave to realize them, because my friend I am now totally sure that You Can Do It !!!

How To Stay Positive

“You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With” Jim Rohn

Since I started to  write this blog I must say that I started in my life to attract much more positive energy than  earlier.  This is  because  I’m  surrounded  by  positive people.  I’m  in  touch  with positive  people everyday. With people who want to make  from this world a better place for all.

How to stay positive my friend !

We are here  united with the common goals. In this world, where you can only hear bad news on daily basis, my goal is to my blog be the place where you can read a lot of positive things, and where you can learn something new about yourself, about your body, where you can look at things from a different perspective about our planet,where you can find solace because I really believe in knowledge .But in knowledge which you can apply on yourself .

I like helping people. Sometimes we all need a person who will tell us that everything will be ok. This was a purpose of my post about support “Contact me and I will support you”. I mean this. I really do.

You  must  be  very  careful  with  your  company and you need to be surrounded only by positive people. But this days  this can be very difficult because we’re going to work where we can not choose the company there. On the other hand they bombard us with news with all sides.

The big question is How to stay positive in this negative time.

First you must choose this . Being positive must be your choice,your goal. This choice has no alternative . I believe that you have some friends in your life, and you do not know why you hang out with them .Stop that ,you don’t need energy vampires in your life .

You must  to start to appreciate your time.It’s very expensive !

You have to learn to filter the information that comes to you.
Negative news,let them pass.
Negative comments,let them pass.
Negative energy,let it pass

Do not fight with them you can not beat them on this, because you will attract more negative energy in your life.

Find your safe place.This could be the place from your head, it is not matter, but also this could be physical place, and go there. For example : I have a chair above the clouds. I sit and watch the clouds. Everywhere around is peace, there is nothing except clouds. I am going there couple times per day. I am above all my worries above  all matter .I am the pure energy in that moment.


To be  positive is the best thing you can do for yourself and I know that You Can Do It !!!

Do You Have A Faith ???

Think only about the things you want to achieve, if you really want to achieve them !

  1. The driver was on his way. He went on vacation and he knew it exactly where he was going. He have in his head his final destination .He knew it that his destination was not far away.He had never been to that place before .But, on his road he was constantly thinking  about  the  roads  through which he  can  not  reach  his  goal. About roads which leads on others destinations.And as a result of that thinking he failed to rich his destination.
  2. The writer  began to write a book. He had no idea about what to write. He was only thinking about   things he did not want to write about. About the things that others have already written about.And as a result of that thinking, he was failed to finish his book.He failed to rich his destination.

I like the definition of faith by Bob Proctor Faith if  is when you see invisible, and when you believe in impossible”. I like this sentence because it is also in line with my understanding of faith.

Friends, let me ask you something :
When you go on trip, do you really believe that you will rich your destination ?
Do you behave like you’re already there?
Do you make plans about what you will doing there ?

If you can answer with YES, on those questions then my friend you have a faith.Then my friend, you can see invisible things. Can you apply this analogy on your life. Try to answer on couple more questions, please :
Do you have a dream ?
Do you believe that you will accomplish it?
Do you sometimes feel that your dream is beyond your powers, that is impossible to achieve it?

If you can answer with YES on all questions,then I can tell you one thing in which I deeply believe “You will make it “. Then, you have a faith because that is real  faith. And you are believer. If you can not answer on all questions with YES, you must know that you should work on yourself .You must upgrade your faith. You must believe that you will make it.Without any doubt. If you believe, you can achieve.

It is very easy to believe in material things.It is easy because you see them with your eyes. But those people who can believe in things which they can not see, they can make a miracles in their life’s.

I do not see you my friend, but I really believe that You Can Do It !!!


You Are Different

Everyone has his own path that should  pass in life !

Three friends, they argued  about that, who have a better life, and whose life road is more correct.

-The first one, he liked to  sleep  a lot. He had a job , a own company and he was his own boss. That kind of job is allowed him to sleep to noon and to go on his job .

-The second one was a very hyperactive. He despised sleeping , because according to him it was a wasting of time. He liked to get up early and to start working immediately.He loved the saying “Who gets up early, two happiness takes”.

-And the third one was liked to travel. He was a very  happy only when he is  going somewhere. Life is to short to be your hole life in one place,he said. He thought that a man was born to travel.That is only important in life.

Far in the east of the country was lived a one wise man,wise old man. People from all over the world were coming to him for advice,and after some time, three friends has appeared at his door with question.

Which life is better!!!???

We must know who is  right.They started, he likes to sleep a lot, and that is wrong……he likes to travel a lot and I don’t…he likes to work a lot, and that is so wrong……

  • And wise man told them: You are different !

  • That is all!!!??? Tell us the truth,who is wrong and who is right !

That is all.You are different !!!

When you want to be like others just remember You are different !

When they except from you to be like them, just remember You are different !

When you think that you do not fit in system just remember You are different !

When you think that you are alone in the world, it is because You are different !

People, society, friends,state, they want to create you according to their standards.To be like them. Like your parents, like your friends, like your brothers or sisters , or your cousins. If you let them, you will work against yourself, because You are different !

Those people who accept you as you are, those people are your real friends.And not only that.Those people are truly enlightened people.

You like to sleep, you like to walk, you do not talk much etc…How is that God who have a right to say to you that is wrong.Compared with what ??? Based on what ???

You should be proud on yourself, because you are different. Be yourself, and don’t care about others.Be brave and forget about standards.

Be different, because you are and don’t forget the most important fact   You Can Do It !!!

One And Only You by James T. Moore

Every single blade of grass
and every flake of snow-
is just a wee bit different…
There’s no two alike, you know.
From something small
like grains of sand.
To each gigantic star
all were made with THIS is mind:
To be just what they are!
How foolish then, to imitate-
How useless to pretend!
Since each of us comes from a MIND
Whose ideas never end.
There’ll only be just ONE of ME
To show what I can do –
And you should likewise feel very proud
There’s only ONE of YOU.
That is where it all starts
With you, a wonderful, unlimited human being

Is Levitation Possible ?

The short answer is YES !

I like to consider us, humans, as miracles. We are walking miracles . If you want to see the miracle, just look at the mirror. All prejudice comes from ignorance. And you really need to have an opened mind to discard prejudices and have a great life.

Just remember the astronomer and mathematician Galileo Galilei  who was first proved that the earth revolves around the sun. The Inquisition forbade such learning but he is on the end of his life said: E pur si muove which means “And yet it moves“. Today it is an indisputable fact.

The fear comes from ignorance !

The fact is that we are made up of atoms. We have about 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in our body.But hey, everything around us is made by atoms too. Atoms make up molecules, the molecules tissues .

Two atoms can’t never be touched.They bounce off from each other.So you are created from atoms, just like floor, just like ground, just like stairs,just like everything in this universe.Our great universe. Since the atoms never touch each other, when you are walking actually you are not touching the ground.Also when you are seating you not touching the ground.You can’t never  touch the ground . We levitate above the ground whole time. 

All you are “feeling” are the electromagnetic forces of electrons.

So my friends, is levitation is possible. I would say loud and clear YES !

That day, when you start to  see yourself as a miracle, you life will become magical.You are the miracle. You just, I can not say need, I will say must, you must start to thinking about yourself on this way.You must start to think about yourself as a miracle.

If someone ask me to define humans I would say that humans are ” Electrical beings, with great powers, composed of atoms“.

We are the only beings with awareness. God gave us free will to decide how we will live.

I think the biggest deception from the world ruling structure is that,they  convinced us, humans that we are ordinary. God gave us free will, and they took us,because they convince us that we are average.

We are not average,we are extraordinary ,we are great,we are miracles !

Consider yourself as miracle, and your life will become as your observation,because You Can Do It !