Thank You !!!

How many times in one day you are thankful to someone ? How many times your are thankful for health,for happiness,for day, for night,for opportunity, for success, for home, for family ???
I am thankful to you who are reading this, because you are taking the most precious thing in the world ,the thing you can not back ,your time !

In the desert Neshamah was lived a tribe. It is possibly the oldest tribe on the planet. All around  them was a harsh desert .The desert is so harsh that kills almost all life.Temperatures rise during the day to +60 Celsius degrees,and at night the temperatures falls to zero Celsius degrees.

But in their part of desert thrives life. They have plenty of water. Plenty of cattle,various fruits and vegetables. They have plenty of food,and they have plenty of water,and with that plenty of life.

They have a very simple philosophy,they are grateful for all of that. When they greeting among themselves they say “Thank you “. They talk with trees,with vegetables,with fruits, every day, and they say them “Thank you ” .They say to universe, to animals “Thank you“. They are thankful when the sun warms,they are thankful when the rains falls.They are thankful for everything and to everyone .

And the nature hear their gratitude and responds with the abundance of everything.

So my friends. The most important thing in life,in world is gratitude.We have enough reasons everyday to be grateful. You should be grateful for everything you have, and I am sure that you have a lot of things to be grateful. You should be grateful every day to your parents because they born you ,to God because you are live,you are the choose one,to Earth because she gives you oxygen,water,food and everything you need.To nature because she feeds you. To yourself because you are aware that you are the most beautiful on the planet,you are unique.

TRY THIS AT HOME ! Take a rise and put it in two glasses, and say every day to the first one “Thank you” and to second one don’t say nothing.After one month, you will see the real power of your words!


Try to be grateful for all that you have and you will discover one the hole new world.He will open  in front of you like rose and you will attract only positive energy in your life.

The great Japanese scientist Dr.Masaru Emoto had discovered that in water, the most beautiful crystals create  after words “Thank you“. And you are pure water my friends.

In life you must be focus on the things that you already have,and to be grateful.

As long as you are focused on the things that you don’t have,you will never be happy,because you will not see the things you already  have”.

Be grateful for everything you have, to be great.

You Can Do It !


Build Your Emotions

Build your emotions to  raise their frequency on higher level because this is so important for your life and for your health !

We are now sure that we are pure energy thanks to Albert Einstein who proved that there is enormous energy in the atom, and our whole body is formed from atoms.Each atom vibrates with a certain frequency, and that frequency is very important for us, humans.

Frequency is all around us, and your every organ has its own frequency. For example your heart, which is your vital organ, has its own frequency measured by a device called an ECG. With device called EEG, you are measuring electrical activity generated by the various cortical layers of the human brain. Specifically, electrical signals are picked up from gray matter regions, which have high densities of pyramidal cells that communicate with each other.

“Ignorance makes the largest division among people”

You must know that your every single thought have own frequency, but also  your emotions as well.Your emotions depends of your thoughts . Every frequency below 200 Hz  is bad for you, and  your body becomes weaker.But I have a good news for you too. Every frequency above 200 Hz  it strengthens your body. In range of 200-1000 Hz your body becomes stronger, according  to Dr. Hawkins .

So , Let’s look closer.

First, the worst emotion for humans is humiliation. It has the lowest frequency which is about 20 Hz.

Next is guilt with frequency of 30 Hz . Can you imagine how strongly this emotion hit your body with this frequency.

It is interesting that Fear  have a frequency about 100 Hz .This is because fear is one emotion with whom we are born.

Pride is also emotion with very law frequency , about 175 Hz . It is good to be proud on yourself, but you must know that this emotion have a negative influence on your body 🙂

Neutrality  is emotion with law frequency, but it is above that range , so we can say that this emotion has a little positive impact on us with frequency about 250 Hz.

Love is of course one of the strongest emotions on Earth.With frequency of 500 Hz love can heal your body, with good vibration.

One emotion is above Love, but it is somehow involved in her. That is Peace, with frequency of 600 Hz.

Can you guess which emotion has the highest frequency !? It is one emotion which we all strive for and which can be achieved by knowledge, with work on yourself, with  an open mind. That emotion has a frequency 700 Hz or more . Her name is Enlightenment.


Think about it, enlightened people are always happy, no matter how much the material things they have, no matter where they live, and how old they are. They are happy, and this have a very positive influence on their body.

Enlighten your world  my friends, and I am sure that if you are ready to  believe in the mantra given below that your body frequency will rise on 1000 HZ.


You Can Do It !!!


Do You Have A Faith ???

Think only about the things you want to achieve, if you really want to achieve them !

  1. The driver was on his way. He went on vacation and he knew it exactly where he was going. He have in his head his final destination .He knew it that his destination was not far away.He had never been to that place before .But, on his road he was constantly thinking  about  the  roads  through which he  can  not  reach  his  goal. About roads which leads on others destinations.And as a result of that thinking he failed to rich his destination.
  2. The writer  began to write a book. He had no idea about what to write. He was only thinking about   things he did not want to write about. About the things that others have already written about.And as a result of that thinking, he was failed to finish his book.He failed to rich his destination.

I like the definition of faith by Bob Proctor Faith if  is when you see invisible, and when you believe in impossible”. I like this sentence because it is also in line with my understanding of faith.

Friends, let me ask you something :
When you go on trip, do you really believe that you will rich your destination ?
Do you behave like you’re already there?
Do you make plans about what you will doing there ?

If you can answer with YES, on those questions then my friend you have a faith.Then my friend, you can see invisible things. Can you apply this analogy on your life. Try to answer on couple more questions, please :
Do you have a dream ?
Do you believe that you will accomplish it?
Do you sometimes feel that your dream is beyond your powers, that is impossible to achieve it?

If you can answer with YES on all questions,then I can tell you one thing in which I deeply believe “You will make it “. Then, you have a faith because that is real  faith. And you are believer. If you can not answer on all questions with YES, you must know that you should work on yourself .You must upgrade your faith. You must believe that you will make it.Without any doubt. If you believe, you can achieve.

It is very easy to believe in material things.It is easy because you see them with your eyes. But those people who can believe in things which they can not see, they can make a miracles in their life’s.

I do not see you my friend, but I really believe that You Can Do It !!!


The Christmas Tag

I’m nominated by my friend Vero, for this award. I love this title “Christmas Tag” and I love her blog. Her little son, and my little buddy Canito is simple beautiful . I saw him in her Instagram account, and he fascinated me at first  glance. Vero and Canito, enjoy in Christmas and in food, in love, in family, in positive energy.

Here are the rules for this award:

  • Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog √
  • Add the picture in your blog √
  • Copy these rules into your post √
  • Add a link to this original post √ Original Christmas Tag
  • Answer the 10 questions (you can add extra Christmas – related questions if you want) √
  • Tag at least 3 other bloggers with links to their blogs √
  • Have fun! √

Answers on questions :

  1. What´s your favorite thing about Christmas? Family together.This is my first association. I am a very traditional man who enjoys in his family .
  2. What´s your favorite Christmas memory? Emotion of happiness when the family is together, I remember emotions in most cases, and happiness is my emotion about Christmas. It is my memory .
  3. Are there special traditions your family has for Christmas? We have  a tradition of going to the forest day before Christmas, on Christmas Eve to cut Christmas three.We’re going very early, about 4 o’clock in the morning to find oak three.We cut it and bring it home.
  4. What´s your Christmas wish? (can be personal or general). My Christmas wishes are always the same .Personal and general. I wish you good health , for my family, and for my readers .Mental health , and physical health.Health is not everything,but without health everything is nothing.
  5. What´s your favorite Christmas dish? It is gruel.It is a dish made of corn flour and cheese.A lot of cheese. I love it 🙂
  6. What´s your favorite Christmas decoration?Christmas and  New Year’s tree. My kids love to decorate the three, and I am happy when they are happy
  7. Where do you usually celebrate Christmas? It’s a family holiday,so at my home with my family.
  8. What does the “Christmas spirit” mean to you? The spirit of the family.
  9. Who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your Christmas with? I don’t want to change anything here .With my family,with my kids. I love to say Thank you God for my kids.I love to watch them, to smell them, to kiss them. Everyday is Christmas when we are together .
  10. Additional question for my interest: How do you celebrate your Christmas day, food, presents and everything related to that day?  We  get  up  early,  and  dressed  festively. Congratulations Christmas to each other.The food is on the table all day.We sing, eat, socialize, laugh.Life is beautiful 🙂

And who are my nominees for Christmas Tag…

Tiffany Bel Harper

Gail Dorna

Anne Leueen

Here is the questions for my nominees .Thank you !

  1. What´s your favorite thing about Christmas?
  2. What´s your favorite Christmas memory?
  3. Are there special traditions your family has for Christmas?
  4. What´s your Christmas wish? (can be personal or general)
  5. What´s your favorite Christmas dish?
  6. What´s your favorite Christmas decoration?
  7. What´s your favorite Christmas song?
  8. Where do you usually celebrate Christmas?
  9. What does the “Christmas spirit” mean to you?
  10. Who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your Christmas with?
  11. Additional question for my interest: Do you believe in Christmas ?

The Sunshine Blogger Award (4)

Award from dear friends has a higher value !

The person who nominated me is my little friend Canito.  This is the first award  in which I am nominated by such a young blogger.And that is real honor, because kids are so honest. He have a great mum Vero, and she meets all his culinary desires and publishes them on their site With colours and Canito in the kitchen.

Thank you guys 🙂

Here are the rules for this award:

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  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them √
  • Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 new questions to answer √
  • Notify your nominees and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post √

Answers on questions 

  1. What is your best memory to your childhood? My whole childhood is one great memory .Sometimes some period of life should pass through to become aware of how beautiful it was.Carelessness, is my best emotion from my childhood !
  2. What is your most favorite dish? I love to eat chicken breast, on any way.They are so delicious , and what is very important they are very healthy.
  3. What is your biggest fear? That we will destroyed our beautiful planet with our selfishness.
  4. How do you start your day? With meditation. I wake up fifteen minutes earlier, to start my day with meditation, with silence, with peace.
  5. What is your biggest dream? That is  freedom.Geographical freedom, to be in any place on Earth where I want to be. Time freedom, to be in any place when I want to be! 

My nominees are:

The long road to yourself
A Learning Poet

Questions for my nominees :

In what you believe ?
Are you ready for change ?
Do you think that you have an opened mind ?
Can people affect you?
Are you living on the way you want ?

The Sunshine Blogger Award (3)

In accordance with the law of attraction, the same things attract the same things. One lovely blogger award has attracted the Sunshine blogger award !

The person who nominated me is dear  and irresistible Whitney. Her blog is the same. If you need Comfort, go there .If you need Love, go there. If you need Support go there. If you need God’s Word. Just go there and I am sure you will be  satisfied!

Thank you Whitney !

Here, I have to answer on couple questions, so here is my answers ! I will pass the questions later to my nominated !

What’s your inspiration?

People. People around me.Brave people. People who think with their heads.People with their opinions. People who are ready  for change. To change oneself primarily. People who are brave enough to be different. They are my inspiration.Real superheroes !

What is the best thing you’ve done this year?

Oh, there are many things and competition is strong. I like to believe that it is this blog. From this year I have a self hosting blog. I was on free wp platform last year, but now, I have my own domain.

If you were to change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I would have deleted all the fears and doubts!

What is your safe haven?

I said once somewhere, that I have my safe place.It is a place above clouds,I have a throne there  , where I sit and rise above all my problems. I am there couple minutes per day, in my meditative state.

What is your favorite meal?

I like to eat white meat, fish.  It’s a low-fat food. The fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids  and I like to eat healthy food. I eat to live, I do not live to eat 🙂

When are you most productive?

In the morning in every way :). I like to  get up very early, and I am feeling fresh in that period. I’m starting a day with a meditation and then various ideas come to my mind.

What do you do in your spare time?

What is that ?I don’t believe in spare time. I always do something. I don’t have spare time. I read, or I am writing, or I am on the Forex market, or I am playing with my kids, with my dog .So spare time !

What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

I got a comment that sounded “You are great writer”. I thought in myself “Me, the writer!!!???I don’t consider myself as a writer. And I was terrified because I thought of all the famous writers like Hemingway,Dostoevsky,Dickens, Orwell,Twain , Kafka, Camus ….  I comforted myself with words, they are real writers, and I am just a blogger.

What super power would you want if you could have one?

That would be the power to heal people, definitely !

Would you encourage other people to make their blog and why?

I encourage people to do what they want because I consider that the road to the star is covered with thorns. And people need every support they can get on that road.

Who is your style icon?


The Messy Beard Food Blog

Siddhartha Dua


Madison LaBarge









Questions For My Nominees:

What’s your inspiration?

What is the best thing you’ve done this year?

If you were to change one thing in your life, what would it be?

What is your safe haven?

What is your favorite meal?

When are you most productive?

What do you do in your spare time?

What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

What super power would you want if you could have one?

Would you encourage other people to make their blog and why?

Who is your style icon?


One Lovely Blog Award (2)

While I’m drinking my coffee I’m writing this Award post about One Lovely Blog Award ,and I like to say Thank you  to my friends Vero and little Canito. They have not only wonderful blog, they have also a wonderful soul.You can check in link above  how one  structural engineer write about cooking, about  kitchen creations … Amazing !

Thank you Vero and say hello to baby Canito,on any language, I’m sure he  will understand 🙂

Maybe this is the same award I have already received, because everything in life goes in circles!


  1. Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  3. Must add 7 facts about themselves.
  4. Nominate 15 people to do the award.

Seven things about me (the hardest part)

  1. I don’t like rules in life.
  2. I do not watch sports on television.
  3. I like to eat chicken because it’s healthy.
  4. I  eat to live,I do not live to eat .
  5. I love fairy tales.In fact I’m inventing them, and I tell kids before bedtime.
  6. I really believe that is the best way to predict your future is to create it .
  7. As a kid, I believed it that seven is  my lucky number .

My nominees are:





Adel Hanifa

His Perfect Timing

Cathy Lynn




Thank you, and don’t forget also that You Can Do It !!!

Interview With Ben Aqiba

In my Alpha state, before my bad time I told my subconscious to ask me a few questions to which I will give answers on my blog. When I woke up I wrote down the questions. These are her subconscious questions and my conscience answers. I will called her in text below Alpha !

This is the interview of my subconscious with me !

Alpha: In what you believe ? This is good question :)… In knowledge. I believe in knowledge. But not in any kind of knowledge. I believe in the knowledge that enables us to develop. Knowledge about us, humans is definitely that kind of knowledge. Knowledge that helps us to understand who we are and what we are. I believe also that ignorance divides humanity. Because we  are born as an empty plate “TABULA RASA“, and our parents and our teachers print the information in it, in the beginning, and later  we ourselves. Can you imagine how world would be when all people would learn about themselves much more. These days they  bombing us from all with ads, with information which are useless for us.We need to filtered them, and to leave the space for real knowledge!

Alpha: Are you positive ? I’m trying to be. I am just human being, and I  run my own battles. But I know that the dominant thoughts in my head are positive. I always look at everything from a brighter side. Thoughts shape words<words shape actions<actions shape character<character shape destiny. I believe that everything will be ok in every situation. So, yeah, I am positive !

Alpha: What is your goal ? I have a lot of goals. My goal is to be happy always, because I believe that happiness is a journey not destination. Life is usually what happens to us while we are  chasing our goals. My goal is to be positive, to raise my kids on the best possible way, to be aware of themselves and their roles in the world, not to be a servant of the system or someone else’s,  to think with their heads. One of my goals is to create a community of positive people where we will learn from each other, and share positive energy.Positive energy is the key.

Alpha: Do you believe in love ? Of course I do . I feel love for everything I do. I am a product of love.Love between two people, love between two cells . We are born to share love. I  feel love for everything I do. When  I write post, when I reply on comment,when I ride a bike. I love my family, my life. I love when I am able to do the things in which I enjoy . My children are a product of love. I believe that most people are born out of love. The lifespan is very short to spend it on negative things. I really believe that the love is all we need.

Alpha: Why “You Can Do It” ? Just look at around us,and you will see  what all man did. Everything you see is born in one’s head first. Bridge, airplane, car, electricity etc. I could write by tomorrow. The biggest obstacles are those in our head. You can do it is a grenade that breaks these obstacles.When you believe that you can do it, you can do it. I  would return to the first question here. The knowledge is power !


Alpha: And one more question.Why you think that I am stupid ? (read first Your subconscious is stupid) . Because you are 🙂 You believe everything I tell you. That black is white, and that white is black.  You  don’t  have  opinion about  anything.  If  I  know how,I can  influence you when I want. Although I have to admit that you’re a great servant but a bad master, just like money ! Although maybe I was too rough, You are just naive 🙂

Thank you for reading my dear friends and don’t forget that You Can Do It !!!

Lovely Blog Award

I’m nominated   for  Lovely Blog Award , from great blogger Smitha. She have a really great blog, where she is writing about life, about traveling, about parenting. She is a great philanthropist and   I have to admit that I often leave my comments on her blog because she write wonderful posts.

Smitha, thank you so much for your nomination.

Continue with great work because in every post I can feel  your passion for writing ! Thank you


Like every award, this one is not exception in terms of rules, so :


  • Mention and thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Pass this on to as many people as you  (max 15).
  • Include this set of rules.
  • Inform your nominees.


This is always the hardest part, because I really don’t like to speak about myself !

  1. I don’t like to divide people ,on any ground, because I like to believe that we are all equal !
  2. I don’t believe in bad people, only in bad actions !
  3. I have not always thought on this way.I passed the bumpy road to this way of thinking !
  4. I do not like to say “I would never do this or that“, because life can lead you to unthinkable situations.I remember lecturing at a university from a reputable lawyer and he said “Every one of us is a murderer,depends on the circumstances in which you find yourself” . And this is true !Defending your life and the lives of your loved ones people you are ready for everything !
  5. I do not like to  condemn people, just their actions, if they are wrong according to my opinion!
  6. I do not believe in mistakes. I think there are only lessons which we learn from mistakes !
  7. I don’t like to speak about myself !


I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to the my new friend Jay, because she wrote the post about me (you can check it in the link below), and made it clear to me that I’m definitely on the right track with my blog. This is a great award for me, and definitely great honor .Because of this, I  will nominate this time only her !


Liebster Award (2)

I’m nominated from Ultimatetravel  for Liebster Award . This is  really an honor for me, to be nominated for blogger award . He has a great blog about travel around the world .If you need some free tips about best places on the world and similar I suggest you  to visit his blog . Thank you Ultimatetravel.



Answer on couple questions, is the only rule.Very simple.


Where is your favorite place in the world?

It is my home, with my family. That is the place where I have a peace. That is the place where I fill my batteries.That is  my base camp.


What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

I believe that is my family.My kids. Also peace in my soul is that is an accomplishment that I am particularly proud of. Although I don’t like that word <Proud>.  That was a long journey.

 What makes you happiest?

The chance to support somebody.

What are your hobbies?

My hobby is to work with the tree .That was my wish, to learn how to make objects from wood, and I learn it.For example like shelf for flowers that I made of old wood 🙂

or this coffee table.

What fictional place would you most like to go?

It is my Tibet. It is the place above clouds where I like to sit and to watch the environment.I am going for the necessary piece here.

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

It would be a mission on Mars, or somewhere in space.

 What makes you nervous? Any phobias?

I don’t have any phobia. But makes me nervous global warming.It’s terrible what we did to our planet. To our blue,great planet Earth

What can’t you live without?

Without AIR.Definitely

The important one – cats or dogs?

I have both, but my answer is Dog’s .


My nominees are:

Robbie + Chase
Tanya Simone Simpson
Matthew Meadows
Lisa Nowak

You just need to answer couple   questions just like me and first to accept the award :

1. Where is your favorite place in the world?

2. What’s your funniest travel story?

3. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

4. What makes you happiest?

5. What are your hobbies?

6. What fictional place would you most like to go?

7. What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

8. What makes you nervous? Any phobias?

9. What can’t you live without?

10. The important one – cats or dogs?