Thank You !!!

How many times in one day you are thankful to someone ? How many times your are thankful for health,for happiness,for day, for night,for opportunity, for success, for home, for family ???
I am thankful to you who are reading this, because you are taking the most precious thing in the world ,the thing you can not back ,your time !

In the desert Neshamah was lived a tribe. It is possibly the oldest tribe on the planet. All around  them was a harsh desert .The desert is so harsh that kills almost all life.Temperatures rise during the day to +60 Celsius degrees,and at night the temperatures falls to zero Celsius degrees.

But in their part of desert thrives life. They have plenty of water. Plenty of cattle,various fruits and vegetables. They have plenty of food,and they have plenty of water,and with that plenty of life.

They have a very simple philosophy,they are grateful for all of that. When they greeting among themselves they say “Thank you “. They talk with trees,with vegetables,with fruits, every day, and they say them “Thank you ” .They say to universe, to animals “Thank you“. They are thankful when the sun warms,they are thankful when the rains falls.They are thankful for everything and to everyone .

And the nature hear their gratitude and responds with the abundance of everything.

So my friends. The most important thing in life,in world is gratitude.We have enough reasons everyday to be grateful. You should be grateful for everything you have, and I am sure that you have a lot of things to be grateful. You should be grateful every day to your parents because they born you ,to God because you are live,you are the choose one,to Earth because she gives you oxygen,water,food and everything you need.To nature because she feeds you. To yourself because you are aware that you are the most beautiful on the planet,you are unique.

TRY THIS AT HOME ! Take a rise and put it in two glasses, and say every day to the first one “Thank you” and to second one don’t say nothing.After one month, you will see the real power of your words!


Try to be grateful for all that you have and you will discover one the hole new world.He will open  in front of you like rose and you will attract only positive energy in your life.

The great Japanese scientist Dr.Masaru Emoto had discovered that in water, the most beautiful crystals create  after words “Thank you“. And you are pure water my friends.

In life you must be focus on the things that you already have,and to be grateful.

As long as you are focused on the things that you don’t have,you will never be happy,because you will not see the things you already  have”.

Be grateful for everything you have, to be great.

You Can Do It !


Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominate for three awards from Tamara Hoerner  . This is the third award from Tamara, “Sunshine Blogger Award“.  Tamara have a great blog about nutrition,about food, respectively how to  your food be your medicine .I believe that our  health depends on our thoughts and our food. She’s working on Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree program ,which is great because she is merged the job she loved with her education. The most important thing in life is to love your job.

I don’t like word RULE(S), so I have a little bit change basic rules.Tamara sorry,but I’m running away from too many rules in life.

Do what you love,otherwise  you will need to love what you do.

I like Sun.We are here because of Sun.We are live because of Sun.When I say WE, I mean here on all life in our great planet.

Thank you Tamara for your nomination,and especially because you think that my blog it deserves that !!!


  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog√
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you√
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post √:
    1. Do you believe in ghosts?
    I believe in energy.Ghosts are energy,so my answer is Yes.
    2. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
    Get away from people who are not afraid of God and not ashamed of people.With  good people be good, but do not  hate bad people too,you will not help  them you’ll only hurt yourself.
    3. Would you want to know the place and time of your death? Why or why not?
    No.Some things is better to not know.
    What are you most grateful for?
    Mostly on my beautiful family.
    hat is your biggest pet peeve?
    5. Apple Pie or Chocolate Cake?
    Chocolate Cake,definitely.
    6. Pizza-Chicago style or New York?
       – I’m not a pizza fan.So it does not matter.
    7. If you could keep only 5 possessions, what would they be?
      – Family,Love,Care,Happy,Smile 🙂
    8. What does a perfect day look like for you?
    – When everyone around me are happy .
    If you were invisible for 1 day, what would you do?
    I would spend it in meditation, because no one could have to distractions me.
    10. What is your favorite season and why?
    Spring, because everything around me  awakens.This is a great proof of life.



Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominate for three awards from Tamara Hoerner  . This is the second one “Mystery Blogger Award“.  Tamara have a great blog about nutrition,about food, respectively how to  your food be your medicine .I believe that our  health depends on our thoughts and our food. She’s working on Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree program ,which is great because she is merged the job she loved with her education. The most important thing in life is to love your job. Do what you love,otherwise  you will need to love what you do.

I like word Mystery.We are one big mystery.

This is my first award of this type. I have read in Tamara’s article that this award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.

Thank you Tamara for your nomination,and especially because you think that my blog it deserves that !!!


Display Award Logo √
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Say 3 Things About Yourself…again :)… I like horror movies, I like comedies, I like to do yoga√
Answer 5 Questions From Nominee:√
1. What is one thing on your bucket list?-
Fish soup !
2. What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?
I’d transfer the money on my account !
3.Your greatest fear?
That I would  not have enough time to fulfill all my dreams.
4.If you had the opportunity to be a colonist on mars, would you go?
No.I’m too addicted to the Earth.
5.If you could ask God 1 question-AND GET AN ANSWER-what would you ask?√
Are we alone ?

Share Your Best Post….hm..I believe this post is very important,because we need something more to believe . We must believe !!!

Thank you Tamara 🙂




Blog-A-Holic Award!

I was nominate for three awards from Tamara Hoerner  . She have a great blog about nutrition,about food, respectively how to  your food be your medicine .I believe that our  health depends on our thoughts and our food. She’s working on Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree program ,which is great because she is merged the job she loved with her education. The most important thing in life is to love your job. Do what you love,otherwise  you will need to love what you do.

I will write a three different articles about three different awards.

This is my first award of this type. I have read in Tamara’s article that this award is  an award for bloggers addicted to blogging with creative, ingenious and inspiring posts.

Thank you Tamara for your nomination,and thank you because you think that my blog meets these requirements.

I must say that I runaway from to much rules in my life, and also in my job so I must  break the rules a little.


  1. Put the above award logo/image on your blog √
  2. List the rules √
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog √
  4. Mention the creator ( Tamara Hoerner ) of this award and please provide a link √
  5. Write a post to show your award √
  6. Share a link to your best post(s)  – This is so hard,because every post is unique and talks about the different things,which are united in a single unit.I like this one which can measure your happiness,if you are  honestIQ TEST” √
  7. Share 3 interesting and different facts about yourself…..Hm…I don’t  like to talk about the events more about ideas and dreams, I like poetry,I do not like to read the news 🙂 √

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was very surprised when I was nominated  for The Versatile Blogger  Award . Positively surprised.I want to thank you all because you are reading my blog.I hope that you are recognize that I’m writing for the bottom of my heart.I’m writing about things in which I believe,and which I apply  on my life. We can menage our life to be great.It is all about us. Thank you all.

I believe in law of attraction. I deeply believe in this natural law.He is realistic as well as the law of gravity and he always works. This law has attracted in my life, in  my search for positive people a one beautiful and positive person Whitney. She is doing a great job on her blog,because she  motivates people to with  faith in God create a great life.With faith in God, we believe in ourselves,and with faith in ourselves we can do everything.

Thank you so much Whitney. I wish you the best in your life and with your blog, and I am sure that you will make it, because you are so positive and you have a strong faith.God bless you .

This award nomination have some rules,and this people nominated by me should implement them.And the rules are:

You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog!

. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination

. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice

. Share 7 facts about yourself

I want to nominate this great bloggers because I really appreciate their work:

1: Ipuna Black

2. Jahnavi Desai

3. jyotisubhashsinha

4. Riddhi Sharma

5. Shiva Malekopmath

6. simple Ula

7. neidebrasileiro

8. mihirtrada

9. nigarzindani

10. A @ Inner Ramblings Boulevard

11. eliza rudolf

12. Steph McCoy

13. vishu89760

14. Gbolabo Adetunji

15. girlandworld

Congratulations to all the nominees. Continue a great job !

Now,according to rules,here is some things about me:

  1. I love to read and particular books about great people
  2. I love to work out in the gym
  3. I love to eat chocolate …..acts contradictory with previous fact 🙂
  4. I love to motivate people in everything they do
  5. I love animals, particularly dogs. I have a black German Shepard
  6. I love dreaming
  7. I love you all.You are all great and unique.I love specialty in humans.

Make A Wish, And Do It !

Once upon a time lived a king,who was very wise, and who knew answers to all questions. The people from all over the kingdom are  came to him for answers, and they all went satisfied. One day has come to him a one very unhappy man.He was lethargic,displeased.

He stepped in front of the king and asked :

–  I want to know how to be happy,how to know what I want.

– What you want,the king asked him ?

– I don’t know.I’m just not happy.

-If you don’t know what you want, how do you think you can get anything? But, please be my guest next few days. Go around the whole of my kingdom, and after that we will  talk.

After couple of days, the man is came to the king with the smile in his face.He was happy after so many years. The king asked him:

Have you seen my horse farm,my divine gardens, my halls, my forests.Did you find out what you want?

-Yes I am my lord. I have seen all of that, and to be honest I’m not impressed.

-But, why you so happy than ?

-While I was walked thought your kingdom I was impressed in the beginning  with all your material goods.You have a beautiful horses,gardens and everything.  I imagined myself in your position, and my heart is not danced, I was unhappy. But than I am realize that  material things are not the ones which make me happy .I don’t want to have material things.I want to  people remember me at my music.I like to play music , and this is the first time to publicly admit that. I did not dare to admit that in my conservative environment. Thank you my lord.

The king was pleased, he knew it that the man will find answers at which he came.

In general, we all know what we want.Our heart know what we want,but we are sometimes so scared to admit that. We also know what we do not want. Sometimes our desires are contrary to the understanding of our environment.Sometimes our desires are contrary with our education, our culture.

This is not important at all.You must be honest with yourself in terms of your desires.And believe me you always know what you want.You’ll always be able to give an answer to yourself.I watched on TV cooking show and one of the  competitors is a doctor who is decide to change his career and to become a cook.Of course he was condemned by environmental because occupation of doctor is far more appreciated than cook,but he was not interested in the opinion of environment.What is matters for him is only his opinion.

The doctor is really one enlightened man.

So my friends, don’t be scared,be brave and move yourself toward your desires .Make your dreams come true.Don’t care about your friends opinion, your parents opinion. Grab your desire strongly, and don’t forget You Can Do It !


The Beginning Of My Awakening


I was young student in those days.In my  early twenties.I was in rising power, sportsman. The world was mine. A friend of mine was operated , and I went to visit him in hospital.He was lying in a room with three other patients who were seriously ill.One of them was deeply engraved in my memory.

I visited a friend, I talked to him a little  and I  was preparing to go when one patient is spoke to me.The patient who was lying next to my friend.What I have immediately noticed about him is his calmness. The calmness with which he was disarmed me.

He asked me what am I studying. I said law school.He said, please be fair judge. I said, of course I will be.He continued, these are my last days, but I am more than happy.I have a wonderful family, beautiful children,lovely home, I have met many wonderful peoples here, in hospital,and what is more important of all I am aware all of that.

He told me I’d never changed with you,with your ages, because I am past what I am past, but what is waiting you on your road, it is big question.

I’m stormed out of the hospital that day, angry at that old man.Why would not he changed with me. I have youth,I have  strength,  I have  all time on this world.I have even hear.It is insulted me whit his calmness.I was defeated that day from that old man,because maybe he don’t want to change with but I would like to change with him. For that peace behind those big blue eyes .

I went home, but I could not get out that old man from my  head.I was thinking about his sentence “,I have a wonderful family, beautiful children,lovely home” , of course you have, I was thinking, I also  have wonderful family…. “and what is more important of all I am aware all of that…I am aware all of that”…..say again…”I am aware all of that”,”I am aware all of that”….

I got also youth,health,strength… Then why am I so restless. Is it possible that I don’t see that .Is it possible that I am not aware of that ….Noooo…

Yeeeeeees…this is true.In that moment I felt a great relief…Hey I am happy too. I was so burdened by things that I do not have,that I’m totally disregarded the things which I already have. This for me was the greatest discovery in my life,because this is the key of happiness.

This was the beginning of my awakening.After that moment I have became always happy.

And the old my, he died that day. Old man, if you’re reading this from somewhere, I just want to tell you thank you .

So,happiness is in us.Happiness is now and always. We are born to be happy always. Children’s are happy always .If you want to be happy you should be aware of the things that you already have. Home, family,health…you can always find a reason to be happy, and vice versa .

Look around you.Find the  things that you already have,be happy, be grateful, because I am sure You Can Do It !


Life is….

first morning coffee, with people you love…

the first ray of sunshine in the morning…

breathing air with full lungs…

hanging out with friends…

the breeze in your hair….

smile of a loved one…

rain on our cheeks…

lying on the grass…

thinking …


Life is now my friends. Life is here. Life is what happening to us when we are chasing our dreams. Life is everywhere and always.


Once upon a time lived a prince,which had all the material wealth in the world.He had towers, castles, meadow, barns full of food, stud full with best horses on the world,the woman of his dreams,treasury full of goods,offspring,except one thing.

Except peace in his soul !

He had a strange habit, to change into a beggar, and to walks around the streets of his kingdom.Walking throw the streets,one day he came across an old man who was wearing heavy bag on his back and he decided to help him. He picked up his load and brought him to the old man’s house.

The old man asked him to as a token of gratitude be a guest in his home, and drink a coffee with him. Prince has accepted.The old man’s house was modest. He had only one table, kitchen range and a bed. But what the prince immediately noticed is the old man’s smile.And he asked him :

– Old man, you have a little and old house,one table, one bad and one old range. How is that you always have a smile on your face and you seems so happy ?

I’m just my friend, aware of the things that I have.The wind in my hair, the air in my lungs,chirping of birds in my backyard,the health of my body….Because of that I am always happy, because all around me there is peoples who are sick, cripples,hungry,deaf, blind, but not me,I have all in my life. Because of that, I am always happy.

The prince began to cry.All my life I was blindfolded,and you’re my friend took off the blindfold from my eyes. Thank you for that. He went home with smile on his face.

So, my friends, do you need someone to took off the blindfold from your eyes to start living now ? Are you aware what you already have ? Just turn around you. Enjoy in every breath, in every smile, in every day.Be happy now, not tomorrow, not when you are achieve your dreams, because “If happy“,conditional happiness  is very dangerous. I will be happy If I achieve that, because it is my happiness. Stop !

Enjoy now,be happy now .I know You Can Do It !




Small Steps For Big Changes

Those who follow me know that I always  stress the importance of changes.
If you wanna a change, be that change !

Your hole life is in your head.When you make some decisions your hole life will change. I will speak here about your body. About your life engine.Do you care enough about your engine,or not. I will ask you now a simple question.

When you go on a trip will you check your car first,pour fuel in the car ?

I know your answer.It is Yes !!!

You are on the trip called life.It is a long journey,and your car must be able to withstand it. With small changes in your daily habits,your hole life will change,and you will have a great and healthy body.Small changes in your food habits.

Eat breakfast alone.Share lunch with a friend.And leave your diner to your enemy.

You need to have at least 5 meals (smaller meals) per day,and you need to drink at least 2 l of water,or 10 glasses.

  1.  First you should do after waking up, you should drink a one glass warm water on your empty stomach.Take a glass of water and say Thank you and leave it for about ten minutes,then drink it .
  2. Breakfast  is your the most important meal.It should include complex carbohydrates,oat flakes,corn flakes… You need energy after night.This is the one thing which you should not skip.I know that a lot of people don’t eat early.They eat about 10 or 11,on the lunch break.But this is wrong .You should eat right after you get up from bed ,before coffee.
  3. Replace food baking with food cooking. Meat baked in the oven with meat cooked in a saucepan.This is a small habit,but it is much healthier .
  4. Replace your fat milk  with milk with a little percent of fat.You have a milk with 0,5% of fat. Yogurt also ,and also cheese .You have everything with law fat.This is small habit,and it is almost the same taste.After a while,you will you’ll get used to it.
  5. Replace your read meat with white meat. Digestion of red meat takes about 5-8 hours,and digestion of white meat about 1-2 hours.This is a big difference in digestion sense. For example chicken breast they don’t have fat at all.The taste is great.I love them. Fish is very important .She has omega 3 fatty acids,which is great for your brain,for you heart,for your blood .
  6. Instead ordinary chocolate,or cake, buy chocolate for cooking.It has significantly less sugar and also a higher percentage of cocoa which is good for veins,for blood pressure, even helps the secretion of endorphins and serotonin. Instead of white sugar use brown sugar.Instead white bread use the black one.
  7. Go by bike instead of car,wherever is possible.Walk instead of use the elevator. 

These are small habits,and you can adopt them  easily .But they will finally change your life,because you will have a lot more energy, you will be a much healthier than now. I know that many will think about breakfast “it is to early for me to eat”, but you must know that you have a habit not to eat early.Change it, and you will have a habit to eat  immediately after waking up. I have a habit to eat immediately after awakening ,and if I must go out very early I simply get up fifteen minutes earlier to eat.I am so hungry,that I must eat.

At the end I must tell you one big secret,You Can Do It !!!



How To Be Happy

Happiness is a state of satisfaction that lasts a lifetime!

A one famous singer was deeply unhappy.All his life he dreamed of to becoming a singer. He had a talent, he had a beautiful voice,he had a charm. He had everything for great life.

To succeed in business, that job should fulfills one of two conditions:-

it should be well paid, or

it should be a job that you love.

His job was fulfill both conditions.He  became famous, he became rich. He became everything  he had dreamed about. But somewhere along the way, he has lost.

He became very dissatisfied with his life.So much so that he took his own life.

All happy people resemble one to another, but every unhappy person is unhappy in its own way !

I will now give you my definition of happiness,  which is so simply as everything I do,  because I love simplicity , and so easy to use,  before I answer on the question from my title . Happiness is a habit !

Happiness is not in material things.Happiness is a state of mind to which can be reached through our subconscious but also through our consciousness. Happiness is the firs prerequisite for great life, for health, for luck (yes for luck) .

You always have a reason to be happy.You have to focus on the things that you have already, and work on it to get the things you want. Both things are very important.  I will give you now few things which can make you happy every day, and I am know that we all have them .

  1. You are alive. Think about that,why you.The universe is enormous, infinite,but you are here.
  2. You are healthy. Here, please,ignore smaller or larger diseases that you have and  focus yourself on your health,on the healthy part of you.
  3. You are young. Now,at the time you read these lines you are younger than you’ll ever be.
  4. You will live forever. As you can see from the description of my site, this is not a phrase.I don’t like phrases, demagogy.I love science. I am a  twenty-first century man. I must have something more to believe,and I have. You are pure energy my friend. You are made from atoms, and atoms are composed of energy. 99,999999999% of you is pure energy. You can read it about that here. And energy never dies.It just changes form.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

If you focus on the things that you don’t have, you will neglect the things you have, and you will destroyed your present with your future. With this knowledge, you will be happy always. Focusing on the things you have, say thank you every day to universe, and you will attracted more similar things,more positive energy in your life.

Also, you always must have some things  which you aspire,because this is life  which aims to develop.When you  disable this, you will become unhappy very soon. You must have a goal,always. You are live until you have a goals.It is time now for awakening.It is time for happiness , it is time to have a great life.Not tomorrow , not later, NOW.

  •  focus on the things you have,
  •  tends to things you want,

and one day you will feel a difference. You will become happy.

You Can Do It !!!