Ultima forsan




What would you do if you knew that you will live just one more day?

Have you ever thought about that ? Are you aware that life is passable ?Do you behave and live with the knowledge ? How often do you do the things that you love ?

All of these questions asked himself a very busy man after traveling to  Tibet.

He has worked hard throughout the whole year.From 9 am to 9 pm .He was under a lot of stress during the year.His soul was poisoned with anger,sadness,with depression and he decided to go on a pilgrimage in Tibet to try to find  peace and energy for new working victories .

He left his cell phone, laptop, and went on a journey.

After much walking he came to the monastery, where he spent seven days .

He was impressed by the peaceful energy which is spread in monastery .

He was particularly enthusiastic about one monk who lived in a separate part of the monastery. Seven days he was gathering the courage to speak to him ,but the monk sensed that and invited him into his home .

He had a thousand unanswered questions yet he did not ask monk a thing.

The monk knew for his moral dilemma, and for his questions, so he gave him hourglass with the words Ultima forsan ( maybe the last).And that was all.The monk asked him to leave.He was confused but he went  without comment.

He stayed  for seven days more,alone, thinking about himself and his life,keeping all the time an hourglass in his hand.In his head  was echoing Ultima forsan,Ultima forsan,Ultima forsan.

The rest of the story finished by itself .

Life is passable, be aware of it.This should not discourage us. This should give us the power to live. One wise man asked himself, “Is there life before death“. I say YES!!!

Do the things which make you happy. Breathe fully. Life is usually what happens to us while we rush  for our dreams. Do the things that you love, no matter what someone will say. Be free. Live the life how you want, because YOU CAN DO IT !!!

Internal Hygiene -Part III

To be calm and balanced should be the purpose of everyone’s life!!!

This is the third part of this serial about Internal Hygiene . If  you have not read the previous articles, you can do it here Internal Hygiene Part I, Internal Hygiene Part II .

I will ask you here, do you have a time to supply a fuel into your car, when your fuel is gone ?
Or you will supply your car with fuel even before the fuel is gone ?

Internal hygiene is a process, mental exercise that aims  :

  • to become calmer,
  • to become happier,
  • to become healthier.

Internal hygiene will help you to become calmer and I believe that is the purpose of all of us.  I have always admired to Eastern philosophy, and to the monks on their peace. They are so calm. By calm I mean primarily the ability to control your emotions in everyday situations. We all need peace. Peace, who is free from all worries, fears. 

Not only declaratively , but really. 

I have heard a lot of times about some people who  were calm and had a healthy life and they died from  terrible diseases. I wonder if they were really so peaceful  in themselves  !!!???

Internal hygiene will help you to become happier. My main goal is to help people to become happy. I have a lot of articles about that like How to be happy, King George  but you can find that idea in all my articles, because I think this is the most important thing in life.

No matter where you live, no matter how much money you have, no matter which religion you belong, you should be happy. You must be happy. You deserve to be happy.

Internal hygiene will help you to become healthier. As you can notice probably by yourself, calm people are very happy and healthy. Health is not something beyond you , it depends on you.

“What’s the world’s greatest lie?… It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.” Paulo Coelho

Our health is the result of our thoughts and our environment. Try to look at the things on this way:

1.Our health depends on our hormones;

2.Our hormones depends on our emotions;

3. Our emotions depends on our thoughts .

As I said in my previous article, one single thought can produce about 1.400 chemical reactions in our body.

When you look at the things on this way, you will see how the Paulo Coelho was right.

With Internal hygiene you will become the master of your life, so stay tuned.

I will tell you now something in which I deeply believe You Can Do It !!!

War Zone

Do you have the time for everything ? I believe you don’t.  I believe that you have time for everything except for yourself.Please find some  time for yourself .You must  find time for yourself.

A young business man has traveled around the world, visiting a branch of his company. He had great wealth, he was a very rich.He had no time to enjoy in  his wealth.He had no time to go on vacation.He had no time to sleep on time.He had no time to eat on a regular basis.He had no time to walk. He had no time to work out. He had no time for anything except for his job.

For some people money becomes the goal, instead of means for achieving the goal !

He had time only for business. Between two cities in which he had his missionswas located desert.He was rushed to a meeting,and he did not have time to stop at a gas station,and poured fuel into the car.He had no time.When he reached  half of the desert the car went off, due to lack of fuel.

He was alone, without a car, without fuel, without hope. Through the desert was  passed a vehicles very rare. He was desperate.He spent two days wandering through the desert.  Then, finally has appeared  a truck.He was exhausted,  dehydrates but safe.

Do you have time for yourself ?

We are just like car. We have inward machine.We have our fuel.We have filters. We have our gas stations, and we need just like car a rest.

Many people say that they don’t have a time  for physical activity,for meditation, for yoga.But I asked them, do you have a time to pour fuel in your car ?You don’t have a time to be health. Is it possible. All diseases of our  body starting because of stress,because stress generates a negative emotions, and negative emotions generates sick cells in our body.


We are every day in war zone.Our war zone is our job, our home, our life, our neighbors,our friends,all media.They bombing us with negative news.Our friends, they bombing us with negative thoughts, with indisposition. The media bombard us with the terrible news. All this consumes our fuel.All this consumes our filters and we don’t have a time for loading.

When we become ill,then it is too late, but then we have enough time to go to the doctor, to lie down in the hospital. We have all time.

So, ask yourself: How much time you dedicate to your machine,your body machine per day ?

Your entire life is in your hands.Your health and your diseases.Your happiness and your misery.

Do not wait until you run out of fuel. Do not wait to your filter be blocked. Act now. Meditate, walk, eat healthy, think healthy,be positive, because You Can Do It !!!