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Once upon a time was lived a very pious and religious man.Every day he prayed to God.He blessing God at every step.He was very persistent and dedicated to religion.One day the hole region, where he was lived has befallen heavy floods.The river was carrying everything in its path.She tore down trees, destroyed houses,animals, humans.

Religious man was fell into the cold  water,and his life was threatened.Water bore him strongly, and he was fought to stay afloat.Suddenly it appeared ahead of him  a lifeboat with firefighters who gave him a helping hand,but he said:

No, go away, God will save me .

He fought for the life with river, when they appeared ahead of him  a lifeboat with policemen forces, and they  gave him a helping hand,but he said again:

Please go,God will save me.

After heavy fighting with  river, is appeared a Coast Guard, with a big boat, with intention to save him from cold water,but he said:

I don’t want  your help, please go now. God will save me.

After the battle with the river, he drowned, and his soul was came in front of the God, and he said:

Dear God.The hole my life I was dedicated to you.I prayed to you every day, hole my life, and you are let me to drown.Why did you not saved me ???

And God said,yes it is true.You are a good man, and because of that  I sent you HELP three times and you refused them all .

So, my friends.How many times  have you neglected opportunity on your way. How many times you have closed your eyes in front of her. Opportunity for changes.Did you aware of that. That opportunity can be in the form of some good idea, a one single  thought, also  opportunities sometimes may  not  be  direct  connect  with  your  goal,  it  can  be indirectly associated with him. But you must be aware of that and wait your opportunity and ACT,immediately.Not tomorrow , not later, act instantly.

In nature exist the Law of Attraction, it is no matter did you aware of that or not, it is real, just like gravity. Do you believe in gravity ? Maybe not. Just jump from your chair, and you will see how strong she is.

Law of Attraction is also universal law of nature who is working on the principal that you attract   things on which you thinking about.The dominant thoughts from your head will attract the object of your thoughts. So if you are thinking about health you will be healthy,if you are thinking about disease you will be sick.

Do not call me at the demonstrations against the war,when you  organize demonstrations for peace then call me“.Mother Teresa

With your strong desire you will attract to yourself the object of your obsession,but than you must ACT.Grab your opportunity .Do not let her to get away.You’re attracted, and because of that use it. Be brave. Be strong, because you You Can Do It !





Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. Ben, very good understanding to the compo-nation of acting with our fate in GOD.

    yes we must pray and its good for us, but we do that after taking & acting with right reasons for the matter we need.

    (that’s what all prophets taught us to do).


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