Acta Non Verba

One guy eager of wisdom is came to the great sage Seneca to learn, how to realize his dreams. Seneca told him:

Sit down and think. Imagine how you realizes all your dreams,but remember you must involved your emotions in your imagination.

After three months, a guy is came again to Seneca visibly disappointed.He was exhausted, tired,mealy.He sad:

Three month I was sitting alone, thinking and imagining. I was imagining myself how I am in my dream.I’m riding the beautiful white horse,proud,head raised.I have a big house, a lot of horses, great job from my dreams. And I was so happy in that moment.It was so real, and I am sure that my emotions was involved strongly.I was so busy with thinking,that I am declined the offer of friends for business trip in India. I was so persistent , and nothing was happened.

So strange, Seneca is said. Sit down please and be my guest in lunch,but please don’t use your hands.Try to imagine how you eating and look at down with passion and emotions in food.

Seneca enjoyed the meal, in meat in wine, and a guy was too hungry, but with strong desire to succeed to eat without hand. He fought for food, but it was failed again to eat without hands.It was impossible.And at the end he gave up.He was angry, hungry, disappointed.

Ok, now use your hands .Take a spoon and eat, my friend,Seneca told him.

He took the spoon and ate well.

No matter how much you’re hungry, you will not be able to eat if you do not take the spoon in your hand,Seneca told him.

No matter how much you wish something, you will not be able to achieve that if you don’t take it.

No matter how strong you want something in your life, it is not enough to achieve your dreams.You must take it. You must act.Thoughts are real indeed,but it is not enough to have only toughs. You desire will attract to you the object of your obsession,because law of attraction is real,it exists and works, as well as the law of gravity no matter of whether you understood it or not.Just like in story above.His desire has attracted a business road to India,but he did not recognize that opportunity.

But you must take some actions,and your desire will help you to overcome all obstacles on your road.Without your strong desire, every road will be to have for you.If you want to  lose your weight, you need to correct your diet.You need to reduce your intake of calories, carbohydrates in your body, and to enlarge intake of protein and water, and also you need to you have to start work out.

End every time when you get into crisis your desire will save you, if she is so strong.If she is weak, you will  reach for chocolate every time when you’re in a crisis .

So my friends, Act now.Not tomorrow, not later, NOW.And I am sure You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


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