All You Can Imagine You Can Realize

Let’s transfer the house to another location!!!???

Can you imagine how silly this sentence sounds.This is really , really on the border of the impossible. Try to imagine a man who was first thought of this idea. How they watched them people for whom he is  proposed this for the first time. Can you imagine that.

But this is real.There are companies all over the world who are dealing with this problem, who are doing this job for a living.They moving houses on another location. I watched the show on Nation Geographic in which the family is bought a house in one town, and they want to  placed her on his property, which is located 800 kilometers away. They  called  the company which deals with houses relocations , and they are moved a house in their specific location.


I was shocked ?

I thought really,there is no limit for human creativity.

We are creative beings and we just need the courage to achieve our dreams who  sometimes sounds ridiculous to us too.But in fact they are not ridiculous ,they are real, and they can be achieved if we believe .

Does not exist the idea which is impossible to implement if we have faith in its realization.

Alexander the great had an idea to conquer the world.He, from the small Greek tribes with this great idea.He had never lost any battle.When he was the first confronted with the Emperor of Persia Darius, he was with his army in very unfavorable geographical position, and his generals they said to him, we should give up.

Stars are not favorable to us. He said, don’t worry my friends. we will change their names, and they will be.I believe in victory, we are came here for victory and she will not be withheld to us.Alexander is  conquered half the world, has come up even to India.

Some people are afraid to change their job.They hate their job, but they are so afraid to try to do something else.This creates dissatisfaction.It occurs when our reality is different from our dreams and we do  nothing about it.

Nothing does not kill our dreams as FEAR.Does the Alexander the great  had a fear.Of course he had. He was human being, just like you, just like me. We are all humans.We all have fears. But what is the main difference between him and people who are afraid to change their life’s.He knew it, how to defeat the fear.Fear is not real.

So, do you have any idea, and you are thinking it is silly?

Do you have some dream and you area afraid to share it with somebody because you are afraid of his opinion?

There is no silly idea.You can achieve everything you want if you have faith.

Achieve your dreams, because I know You Can Do It!!!



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


    • Hi Mo,

      you are welcome. Yes it is true. We are all humans, just like great people from our past, and also from our time.If we defeat our fear, we can be great.


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