Are You A Slave ?

Blessed are those who have a free spirit,they will have a free life !

In one country at some time was ruled a very strict laws. People were limited in various ways.They had to wear certain clothes, certain shoes. To pray at certain times of the day,to work certain jobs, to have a certain hair.

Penalties for policy violations were very strict. Imprisonment, beatings, psychological harassment. People respected the rules because of fear.

One guy has decided to leave the country. He heard from his parents that there are countries that do not have such strict rules. And he did it. One night he ran away. He risked his life, but he did manage.

When he came in free land, he discovered that people have a free will to do what they want to do, to dress as they wish,to cut their hair as they wish.Nobody forced them to do anything.

But….they were not free …..

They were slaves of prejudice.

They were slaves of others opinions.

So my friends, you must ask yourself title question “Are you a slave ” ???

Freedom is in our mind.The real freedom is only in your mind. You are free if you have a free spirit.You are free if you have your own will.  We living in one very strange world. They bombard us with rules, with styles, with looks.And to make matters worse we accept these shackles.

Today is “cool” to have a breast implants, to  have a lips implants, to have a six pack abs, to injecting botoh in your body.And this is all ok with me. I don’t have any problem with that. I believe that people should do whatever makes them happy.

It is great to do all this stuff, but before you do, you must ask yourself for  whom are you doing that.If you are doing that because of you, it is cool, but if you are doing that because you want to someone say you are cool, it is wrong, and you are slave.

Remember, taste imposes to us !

World strives for perfection !

Only God is perfect !

But you must be aware that you are also great without that. You are already perfect,you are already the best.You are born to be free, and you should be free.

Stop worrying are you in trend, whether you dress according to the latest fashion, are you have a new car, new phone. We live in a consumer society,they must invent something new always to sell us. But first they must convince us that we must have that.And I must admit they doing  a great job.

So my friend, be yourself,be unique, do things because of you, not because of others, be free !

I am sure that You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. I am ok , just become more lazy trader but more acurate haha , very cherry picking with trades now is working better for me , and living day by day at maximum ,getting better understanding of many topics thanks to your articles , blessings ben !! See you around here !!


    • Hi c,

      I am glad to hear that you are ok and that you are improved your trading skills. I like simplicity and that works for me my hole life,but only in life,on Forex too.As simple as possible it is better. I am so happy if my articles can help you in any way.I am here very honest, and I really believe in everything about I write, and I applying all things on my life 🙂

      Thank you


  2. “…be yourself, be unique, do things because of you, not because of others,…”

    Applying simple concepts like these, everyone would be happier and freer. However, it seems that the human being is so stubborn in doing things the hard way!
    We always search the happiness outside when we shoud look inside of ourselves. Maybe one day things will change…, who knows…, but money is a big obstacle that blinds our mind.

    Thank you Ben for putting our feet on the floor 🙂


    • Jordi my friend,

      you are so wise man, and I am very happy when I see your comment, because I can learn a lot from you.I agree with you about humans.It seems that we are not free at all.We are slaves of prejudice. The things will change when we change our mind, and we will change our mind when we become aware how big influence have our mind on our life.

      Thank you Jordi for your comment


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