Are you “IN” ?


They teach us  wrong from the start. They teach us to learn,to find a decent job after education,and to work day by day until retirement age. They teach us that. They teach us to work for other peoples, for the government. They teach us to be the same like others, to be mediocrity , to be uniform, to look the same to think the same. Impose on us a taste of dressing, the taste of culture, the music taste, the movie taste.

By “they” I mean our parents, society,teachers, mainstream media.They washed our brains  from small legs, until we dead.Our parents are afraid that we we would not handle in life  if we  be different.

You are “IN”  if you’re skinny like models from the fashion industry.

You are “IN” if you are listen to music which has the most subscribers on You Tube channel.

You are “IN” if you have a great abs, a great musculature.

You are “IN” if other  people saying  you  that,so called fashion gurus, music critics,peoples critics.

This is all wrong. Do you need any confirmation for anything ? Do you need that someone tell you  that you’re dressed well, if you are feel  comfortable in your clothing.Do you need that someone tell you that you are not great because you are fat or skin, if you are feel great in your  own skin . Do you need that someone tell you that you are smart, that you are happy, that you are….

NOOOO, YOU DON’T !!! 2.jpg

Did someone ask  you what you want? Whether is  anyone advise you to think with your head, to follow your instincts, your wishes . To be unique, to be great , to be what ever you want to be. The answer is big NO.

They don’t want to we be independent in any sense. They want to control us. They want to sell us a products.They want to create the  consumer society.Fight with them, show them your teeth.Dare to be different.

I am telling you, you are great, you are the biggest in the world, you are the most beautiful in the hole world, in the hole universe. Break a chain from you back. Dream big. The most important thing in the world for you is your wish. What do you want.

You are IN if you are thinking with your head.

You are IN if you have a big dreams.

You are IN if you have your own music taste.

You are IN if you have your own fashion style.

You are IN if you don’t care what  is anyone will think about you.

You are IN if you are different from others, and you definitely are.

So my friend,be yourself, follow your instincts, listen to itself,

be IN because You Can Do It !


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. awesome topic Ben,

    what you posted is a kind off mindset freedom Ben; if you are different, but making success!! that mines that you are IN


  2. Thank you Mo,

    it is not easy being different, but if you ask me it is the only way which lead us towards our goal.
    You are also IN my friend ! You are the best.


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