Are You A Judge ?

Don’t judge anything,enjoy in everything !

The mother was walking with her  son through the park and the son asked her:
Mother, why this little bird does not sing on our language ?
Because my son, it is her language, bird language.
-But I don’t understand it at all mother.I have read  
that birds sing ,but this is not a song,this song does not have words.

All of this was listening a father with his son and he told him:
I am so proud of you my son.You are so smart. You have four years and you know that animals are not the same like humans,and we can not understand them.People are strange.This boy has at least 10 years, and he don’t know how bird sings.

On the other hand, the boy’s mother was also proud.She was proud because her son was defeat his  disease, and  after a serious surgery he is able to hear for the first time after 10 years !

I will tell you know something as a lawyer, as a human and as a friend. Don’t judge, because  you might not have the whole picture.

People like to condemn other people, because it is in our nature.

When we see someone who is not like us, our brain automatically compare him/her with us, with our culture, our education , and we find out that we are better , and we are feeling good .This is normal. But you must  know that you are in very dangerous area. Why. Because   you have to defend your beliefs to yourself, which includes conflict. You are in this case prosecutor and judge.Your subconscious wants you to be better of the accused.

But my friend, in most cases you don’t have a wider picture.

For yourself you should stop to judge other people, other’s actions. If you something would not do, it does not mean that is wrong.And who cares  is it wrong or not.What is wrong and what is not ? You, society, state ?Life is not always white and black, and  should not be.

We are all different. If I am doing something, it does not mean it’s right.If I believe in something it does not mean that you should believe too in the same thing. I have my reasons, and I am sure that you have yours. If I like to wear jeans, it does not mean that jeans is “IN“, or that everybody should to dress jeans. It means that I like it, and I don’t care do you like it or not.

Before you start condemning other people ask yourself:

  • Whether his/her action endangers me ?
  • Would I like that someone  condemns me on the same way ?
  • Am I perfect ?
  • Does this can help me to have a better life ?

I am sure that you will answer with NO on all questions !

For this you need some time.For better life you need practice, and after some time you will be happier, and your life will be better.

Until than , work on yourself because You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. Very good advices, as always!
    …”Don’t judge, because you might not have the whole picture.”

    …”Don’t judge anything,enjoy in everything” That’s a great saying!!


  2. Nice article brother Ben..A very important lesson that should be considered periodically until there is no chance of judging others. It comes from a place of fear and will only attract negative results into one’s life. Thanks for the reminder brother!


    • Hello Charles,

      I hope you are fine. Yes,this is a lesson for better life.We all wants better life,but it will come only when we change our the way of thinking,our habits, our mold.The key is in us. As the ancient sages are said “The road to happiness comes through introspection“.

      You are so welcome


  3. you are doing a great job Ben, happy to know friends like you.
    my best wishes to all


    • Hello Mo,

      I am successful as I have such a friend like you.
      Thank you for your comment and your support 🙂


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