Change Your Mold

In one  distant land has  lived a jeweler.He had a golden hands, and he was very worth. He made the most brilliantly pieces of gold jewelry  for king and the others rich citizens.But the jewelry had only one flaw,all his jewelry has the same shape.It was in the form of star. Therefore, he needed a lot of gold to make jewelry,and all his jewelry was very expensive.

One day,the king asked him to draw up the jewelry in the form of moon.He insisted. Jeweler was  devastated, it is impossible, it can be only in the star form. He melted a large piece of gold and poured it into starry mold and he  got it again the same piece of gold.In the form of star.He tried again, and he got the same result.Again, again, again, every time the result was the same.

He went to the local sages and asked him for help,and the wise man said to him: ” Until you change your mold, the result will be the same“.

Our  subconscious is our mold.We all have molds in our head,we have molds from our childhood,from our education.Molds are our emotions. For example, you can forget when someone is insulted you, but you can not forget that emotion he has caused in you, you can forgive him, but emotion will be there for good,unless you change it .This is how things works.

This molds in our subconscious can be good, if they born every time good emotions.But in most cases they are heavy a burden for our development. If your parents instilled in your head that is it too risky to invest money, and that you should work for salary all your life, you’ll have a real  fear every time when you want to invest your money in any sense.

Or, if you have a bad experience about some event from your past.If you were at a party at which you experienced embarrassment, every time when  you go to the similar party will arise in you emotion of shame , a larger or lesser extent. Everything in our life is related with emotions.

So, we need to change our mold, from our subconscious.We need to input a new emotion in our mind.We don’t need to experience new event,but we need new emotion.Our brain  can not distinguish reality from dream in emotion sense,in hormone sense. 

So, we need a peaceful place, and we need mediation,to create new emotion. We must convince our brain to create new emotion about that specific event.

We can do that from our bad, before  bedtime or after waking up.It is important that our brain is in  Alpha state.


With same mold, you will always create the same emotions. Over and over again. Because of molds, in most cases,children of successful people are successful,children of average people are average.

Change your molds, and your life will change too,because You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. thank you Ben, we rely need to work on create new positive emotions.

    now just to be in the Alpha state, is though mediation right? and is there other ways to do that?


    • You are welcome my dear friend.
      I am glad that you like it 🙂

      In Alpha state,we can be brought into with mediation,with yoga.Also your mind is in Alpha state before bad time.When you lie down to sleep, when you relax maximum,your mind is in Alpha state. Also after awakening,you are in Alpha state.Here you must be careful,not to think on anything,because you will fall into Beta state.Their is a binaural music, which can bring you in Alpha state.You need to be relax, and to concentrate only on music,and after 5 min. you are in.Try it here,from the second minute

      If you have any additional questions, please let me know 🙂


    • Hi Ipuna,

      thank you for your comment.
      In Alpha state we can change our reality,because we can change us.
      Just look at the monks.They meditate a lot,and they are so peaceful.
      Because they want peace .I believe that you are heard about mummified monk in lotus pose.
      Anyway he is in that pose about 200 years,he is not dead and is instead one stage away from becoming a real-life Buddha.
      Mind is very powerful .


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