Contact me And I Will Support You

When you’re in the room,with music in the dark,and with the memory.When you wish that your morning not comes.
You must be aware that I will support you.Contact me

When you have a bad time,when you think that  your world is falling apart…Contact me,and I will support you.

When you failed in love,when you think that you are the  ugliest human being in the world (you are the most beautiful in the world),Contact me and I will support you.

When you failed in business,and when you think that you are the dumbest person in the world,Contact me…I will support you.

When you are ill.When you are thinking that you will died of the worst diseases in the world,Contact me..and I will support you…


Sometimes,we all have a bad times ,but it is much easier when you have someone  to tell you that it will pass.


Contact me and I will support you….



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. My God!!! You are one brave human I came across in my life!! It takes alot of courage to say something like CONTACT ME..I WILL SUPPORT YOU! It’s wonderful to read, see an adorable kind hearted being! YOU ARE RARE! Be what you are/ keep becoming more of YOU, I always say ‘ NO ONE IS YOU AND THAT IS YOUR POWER!!!
    Lots of love and hugs,


    • Hi Jayshree,

      I just love to help people. I love to tell humans “You Can Do It “.Sometimes humans need one word, sometimes to somebody listen them.We are humans and we must support each other in this cold world. As you can see, we are witnesses of the cooling of relationships between people.We are witnesses of only bad news around us. We need positive news, we need positive energy.This is our contribution to our great planet, to humanity .A small step for better planet.

      I like your quote, and I like your positive attitude.

      Thank you so much for your support.It means a lot to me.

      Stay positive and wise


      • Yes! Absolutely Ben:) you are doing a great job! Me too try to do my bit! Irony is we find less humans these days! But we shouldn’t stop being one!


        • Hi Jay,

          I will explore your site this days. According to your positive energy I am sure it is great.I agree with you, less means higher value . We must be united in common goal, to share positive energy and to send positive message to humanity . We must fight together for better planet .

          And I am sure that We Can Do It !!!

          Thank you so much


          • My writing is… Amateur writing, still soooo much to learn. I cannot put my thoughts the way you do it. Not even close to it. MIND.. yes!! It’s all up there! And you have a beautiful mind my friend, keep sharing more beauty, creating positivity around, in turn restoring own soul! Many congratulations for your work! Glad I could read you:)


            • Hi Jay,

              Mind is the most important.Thought is like a bird,when you release her, she will find a way to the readers, with full potential, and with real meaning.With real mind power you were be able to shape your thoughts on the right way . I learn day by day about blogging, about myself.

              Life is like a river, we must swim always if we want to go further . Thank you for your kind words, I am sure that you will attract more kinds in your life because you share that beautiful emotion over the globe.

              Stay blessed Jay


  2. :)true! Very well said again, u too stay blessed! I’m always hungry for beauty,soul, life, and your writing has all three!! Keep posting. I have huge appetite.. LoL


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