Do You Need Help ?

Do you think that you are great ,physically and mentally? Or you thinking that you need help from third part to be healthy ,to be in better  condition ? All care that you need and you will need is in you already.So my question is Do You Need Help ???

In one small country has ruled  one very cruel ruler.He used the country to itself gained huge wealth.He was very wealthy. The richest man in the country.The people were hungry,disappointed,disenfranchised.Although the country was officially a democratic,in fact nothing in that country did was not  democratic.

Ruler is kept under its control the government,judiciary,police .The country was heavily indebted.The economy has been extinguished.Salaries were very small, just like pensions.The health care system was destroyed,as well as the social system,school system.Everything was destroyed.Loans were paid the salaries of health workers, and all others budget consumers.People were very,very unhappy. 

People had the opportunity every four years to make some changes.They had elections.

But in the elections most people did not want to vote.And those who voted,they voted for the same ruler.

After that, everything  remains the same.People have complained on ruler.Ruler gained wealth.Loans were taken.And like that for years.People don’t like changes. They did not want to help themselves.


So,do you need help ? Do you need changes?No one can help you if you do not want.But you can help to yourself.In you is a huge force,great force. The strongest power in the  universe. Do you have any health issue? Heal yourself.Maybe you are skeptical about this.Maybe you’re reading this and think in yourself “What the hell this guy talk ” !? But I am telling you, you can heal yourself with your mind.

In the past it was considered that the universe is created from energy and from  matter.But we know now that even matter is composed from energy.The universe and our planet is not from matter, they are from energy. You are pure energy.



You have two states of mind:
Conscious,who manages with only 5% of our procedures,
Subconscious,who manages with 95% of our procedures.

Our subconscious create your cells.From one cells may occur about 12.000.000 new cells.New cells with new energy and healthy energy.If you have a disease,it does not matter how serious it is,you just need to convince yourself that you are healthy.You need to convince your subconscious  that you don’t have disease, and she will work in accordance with that.Your body will produce new cells,healthy cells,and you will be healthy.

Our body is composed of 50 trillion cells.For example skin cells can live for 2-3 weeks,which means they are dying every day and new are born.The heart is renewal of 3-4 times in a lifetime.From now, you will have a new heart after couple years.Colon cells are renewed every 2-3 days.

Do you have skin problem.Heavy skin problem. Who cares, you will have a new skin after 2-weeks.You must  produce new, healthy cells,and your skin  will be healthy.You will have a new skin.Healthy skin.How. From Alpha state,convince your self that you are healthy,and you will be.

So, Do you need help ?Free the power from you.Heal yourself. You are born to be healthy. Healthy is not everything in life,but without health, everything is nothing.

You Can Do It!!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. “Healthy is not everything in life, but without health, everything is nothing.” This is so true, Ben! I especially got a glimpse of this when my son was in a coma. Nothing else mattered!


    • Hello Ipuna,

      so sorry to hear that.You are such a strong and positive woman.Sometimes we get in our lives the things that we don’t want, but wee must stay strong and positive even in hard period,and I know that you are.I hope you son is fine now .


  2. Thank you! My son is a little over a year out from the hospitalization. He is doing fine now for the most part. He’s still not 100%, but considering where he was at, he is doing amazing! ❤️​ Thanks for asking! We don’t get to pick our trials, but we can choose how we react to them!!!


    • Hello Ipuna,

      I am glad that he is ok now.Maybe you are not aware,but whit your energy I am sure that you are help him to recover.Your positive energy can heal not only you it can recover everything around you.Remember,everything is only one.I wish him the best.I will pray for him.


  3. This is so true Ben. I’m in a healing process myself and my therapist works a lot with breathing patterns and mindfulness. It’s very powerful.
    Best regards,
    Steven Streamberg (from LMC)


    • Hello Steven,

      I wish you the best health in the world.Your therapist really understand the mind power,and I am sure that will be health in the future.You just need to believe in that.You must have a strong faith ,and in you will be born a new energy.Energy ready to serve you in your road to healing.

      Best regard


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