Everything Is Only One


If you have read my last post, you have read  that  I said this later is really important for me, and I will explain why.That is great letter. A letter full  of truths of life.Because everything is same in the nature. We and nature are the same,we are from the same material,and we are so connected.You must be wondering how ?

Scientist have proved that the smallest particles in the human body is the subatom ,particle which is the smaller even than atoms.It is composed from pure energy.If we would  put our bodies under the microscope, an extremely strong electric microscope,we would see only energy.Pure energy.But if we put three or rock under the same microscope we would see the same thing .Energy. Energy is around us.We are energy beings. So, we are from the same mater like universe.Universe is also created from energy.  Every object on this planet, and the planet itself is composed from the same material. This is the discovery of the 21st century.We believe only in what is scientifically proven,right.


But, how  then did the Indians know that  secret,before almost 200 years.They lived in harmony with nature and they did not need evidence for the power of nature. They knew that the earth is sacred and whatever happens to her will happen necessary to us too. We are witnesses that that’s happening now. Just look at how they affect climate change on humans.

Indians,and even much older tribe, they had their own rituals,with which they are treated the sick people, with which they have gather courage before battle,and those rituals were  effective in most cases.With them they have communicated with nature.

But in principle,they are attracted  the energy from nature and channeled it for their needs.Our brain contains 14 billion nerve cells that communicate between themselves through energy.Our thoughts have a frequency and as such energy.The air we breathe is the same air who breathed our ancestors who ingested the greatest minds of our beautiful planet .The rain which is  washed away their faces and bodies, has evaporated and now falls on our bodies. Water has a memory, remember that.I will write about that .Our subconscious is associated with the energy around us.

Old tribes did not know anything about these findings,but we know and we do nothing about that. Around us and in us too, is  a great power,and we are that link that should connect two energies from nature and in us  and channel it in the direction we want.For our health, in the purpose of our goals, in every purpose we want. Energy never dies , its  only changes forms.We are the universe, and the universe is in us.


This is the secret which  they knew all generations thought history,but somehow we have forgotten her .How they knew it ???. I do not know, draw your own conclusions.Take the advantage and these great benefits of nature and the universe.Connect with nature through your  thoughts,achieve your dreams, because You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


    • Hello Pam,

      thank you for your comment.Yes,indeed. We are the same as nature.
      And we need to use the advantage in our favor and make our lives great.
      We are in the universe, surrounded by energy, and we are energy too.


  1. Great awesome words and absolutely agree with your post 100%. Energy cannot be broken at all into anything. There since we are all energy from the same source we are all one. This body only makes all of us look different but the Soul is One and we are in that Oneness. We have come to this so called illusionary world to have a human experience that is all.


    • Thank you for your deep comment.Yes it is true. I also believe that we have one soul,the same soul like nature,like universe.We definitely have the same energy, and what is soul if not energy.But we must reconnected our souls again with nature, with universe and use that energy in our goals, to have a great life.We really can do that.


  2. Love, love, love this. So positive and so true. Sometimes doubt clouds my head even though I know my passions and goals. This drains my energy and almost stops me in my tracks! I have to change my thoughts, which changes my energy, and keep my eyes on my goals. Do it! I love it. Thanks!


    • Thank you so much Ipuna,

      I am glad that you like it.You must change your thoughts in your bad days, because thoughts are very powerful. They can destroy us and but also they can raise us up at the stars.In your bad days, all your negative thoughts just let it pass,do not fight with them,because you will attract more negative energy.Instead of that ,instantly one bad thought change with two goods,and you will see how this work after some time.Bad days will be your past.


  3. This is great, Ben! “Don’t fight with them, because you will attract more negative energy.” I’ve never thought of it that way. Two good thoughts…I will keep both points in mind. Thanks again!


    • Ipuna,

      Law of attraction is just like gravity law.Whether we are aware of it or not,he is there,and always works.I mention in one post an example about Mother Theresa,when they call her on demonstration against war,she said,”No,I will not come.When you organize a demonstration for peace I will come”. Because demonstration against war attract more war.Our thoughts attract the things we are thinking about.


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