Free Yourself From Stress

Imagine that you are in the largest building in the world,on the top floor.You have your own apartment  with beautiful views of the city. Your house is beautiful,illuminated,and you can see the hole town from every single corner of your flat.

You have a great and large terrace,and when you look down from it you can see how people and car are small, like ants, because you are on the top of the town. Your terrace has only one defect, it is not fenced. You  feel the wind in your hair and body,because at  such a height the wind always blows.

You approaching to  the edge of the terrace and you dropping your looks down.Putting your feet on the edge of the terrace,and you reproach of your fingers over the edge. You are spreading  your  arms, and the wind really blows and you are swinging on the brink.

You sharply dropping your view down, and you are feeling how you are losing  your balance.You are leaning forward….and than………………stop……..

You are in a safe place….

So, have you felt how your blood pressure was  increased, how fast your heart was beating ,have you felt fear in your  head and body.Have you felt how your palms sweating. I believe you are. At this point, your body was produces a stress hormone called adrenaline. Regardless of the fact that you have just imagined all of that, your brain could not distinguish reality from imagination.

Imagine now, that you are on the beach,you are drinking mango juice,the sun slowly sets,and you are maximum relaxed.You’re not thinking about anything, and you are living only in and for that moment.Your body secretes the hormone of happiness now, called endorphin and you’re happy and relaxed.

You want to this feeling  last forever…

All of these emotions and hormones that you have aroused in you in last couple of minutes, and  you’re not going anywhere .Can you now imagine how your brain affects on  your hormones.A lot. Hormones affect your body. For example, stress hormones increasing PH value of our body, which in longer period of time  affects  on the creation of cancer cells.Stress is our biggest enemy. Most of the diseases occurs from stress.

But what is stress.Is it real ? As you can see you were under stress reading this article,but it is not real fear. Stress is not real too. It is our  experience of certain situation.We sometimes  overreact to ordinary situations. This is wrong, this is our biggest mistake.

A lot of people is under stress at work.They suffer harassment at work from the chief,from the work from co-workers, from themselves. You must stop now. Stop react turbulent to all situations.It is not you, it is not your nature  state. You can’t change other people, but you can change yourself. You can change your work, you can change your state, you can change everything in your precious life.

Change it , change yourself , change everything what bothers you,  You Can Do It !


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


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