Build Your Emotions

Build your emotions to  raise their frequency on higher level because this is so important for your life and for your health !

We are now sure that we are pure energy thanks to Albert Einstein who proved that there is enormous energy in the atom, and our whole body is formed from atoms.Each atom vibrates with a certain frequency, and that frequency is very important for us, humans.

Frequency is all around us, and your every organ has its own frequency. For example your heart, which is your vital organ, has its own frequency measured by a device called an ECG. With device called EEG, you are measuring electrical activity generated by the various cortical layers of the human brain. Specifically, electrical signals are picked up from gray matter regions, which have high densities of pyramidal cells that communicate with each other.

“Ignorance makes the largest division among people”

You must know that your every single thought have own frequency, but also  your emotions as well.Your emotions depends of your thoughts . Every frequency below 200 Hz  is bad for you, and  your body becomes weaker.But I have a good news for you too. Every frequency above 200 Hz  it strengthens your body. In range of 200-1000 Hz your body becomes stronger, according  to Dr. Hawkins .

So , Let’s look closer.

First, the worst emotion for humans is humiliation. It has the lowest frequency which is about 20 Hz.

Next is guilt with frequency of 30 Hz . Can you imagine how strongly this emotion hit your body with this frequency.

It is interesting that Fear  have a frequency about 100 Hz .This is because fear is one emotion with whom we are born.

Pride is also emotion with very law frequency , about 175 Hz . It is good to be proud on yourself, but you must know that this emotion have a negative influence on your body 🙂

Neutrality  is emotion with law frequency, but it is above that range , so we can say that this emotion has a little positive impact on us with frequency about 250 Hz.

Love is of course one of the strongest emotions on Earth.With frequency of 500 Hz love can heal your body, with good vibration.

One emotion is above Love, but it is somehow involved in her. That is Peace, with frequency of 600 Hz.

Can you guess which emotion has the highest frequency !? It is one emotion which we all strive for and which can be achieved by knowledge, with work on yourself, with  an open mind. That emotion has a frequency 700 Hz or more . Her name is Enlightenment.


Think about it, enlightened people are always happy, no matter how much the material things they have, no matter where they live, and how old they are. They are happy, and this have a very positive influence on their body.

Enlighten your world  my friends, and I am sure that if you are ready to  believe in the mantra given below that your body frequency will rise on 1000 HZ.


You Can Do It !!!



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


    • Hello Frank,

      I am glad that you can learn something new from my post. I believe that we must use our internal power to have a better life. Also we must be very careful with our thoughts .

      Thank you for your comment


  1. Wow, such great insights into how the different emotions hold different frequencies, Ben! You’re helping people forge better quality lives xx


    • Hi Christy,

      I am doing my best to share some positive energy with my readers, because I believe that is very important to learn every day, to work on ourselves, to think positive. We would be a much better persons firstly for us and then for others 🙂
      Knowledge is power

      Thank you so much for your comment


    • Hello my dear friend Mo,

      I hope you are fine. I am glad to see you here.
      Your words and your support is the sign that I am on the right track.

      Thank you so much


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