Get Out From Prison

Did you know that every day  through your head pass about 60.000 thoughts, and 99% thoughts are the same like yesterday ?Your emotions are dependent on your thoughts.You are what your thoughts are.

During the Second World War the army has captured two enemy soldiers,and shut them in a dark room.Each day they brought them two meals very bad food.They did not harassed soldiers, they just gave them the bad food.In the  cell next to their was locked also one soldier and he told them that their food was poisoned.The first prisoner has become very sick after that,and his health condition has become very bad.Second prisoner has progressed,and even improved his health condition.

The difference between these two prisoners was in fact that the first  one has believed that the food was poisoned but the the second one is not. The food was not poisoned at all.But the first prisoner was died at the end,and the second one is released in great form.There is no magic here.

The first prisoner was believed that nothing can happen to him and that he will leave his prison alive and healthy.The fact that the food was poisoned,was not in line with his vision of himself and with his desire to live the prison, and his subconscious has  this idea immediately rejected.

The second prisoner  was unsure of himself.He did not believe that he will get out of prison and his subconscious was just waiting for a reason to surrender to fulfill his expectations.

As you can see from the story, when you have some picture of yourself,when you have some strong desire, your subconscious will take further actions.She will meet with resistance of consciousness,but if your faith is strong that resistance will be mastered without effort.Just like in the example with first prisoner,but if  your image of yourself and your desire are weak,your subconscious will accept such a form.

If you tell me that I’m not looking good,that I’m pale and ill, that idea will be immediately rejected by my subconsciousness because my picture about me is totally different.I am healthy person, and I will be healthy the hole my life.

But if you say that  to someone who already thinks for itself that he is in bad condition, you will probably put him in the hospital, because his self-image is like that, he is just waiting for confirmation from his conscious.

As you can notice, some people are always in the good mood. They are happy every day.But some people are always in the bad mood. They don’t want to change their mood,they can but first they need to change their thoughts. They need to consciously change their at least 10.000 thoughts every day.After some time, they thoughts will be changed for good because their subconsciousness will take this role for further.

Practice your thoughts, get out of prison.Create the picture of yourself in your mind on the way you want.You are born to be healthy,to be great.Do not kill yourself with bad thoughts.

The biggest misconception in the world is that your thoughts do not depend on you .

Clear your mind and I know You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


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