Good Vibes

If you want to make some changes on your computer you must enter in computer BIOS.If you want to make some changes in your life you must broadcast Good Vibrations!!!

  • Do you know who you are ?
  • What  you can not  see when you look in the mirror?


You are unique form, compound of energy and matter.You are not probably what you think you are.You are much,much complex forms of life than you think .Previously the  scientists did not know what was in the cells as the  smallest particles of our body. We have about 100 trillion cells in our body. They are dying every day,every seconds, and new cells are born.

With the advancement of technology, scientists have begun to observe parts of atoms like nucleus and they have discovered that the 99,999999999% of atom are empty.That is not empty but it is composed of energy.From flashing energy,because you can see that only if you are looking at the one place .This is scientific fact.

This energy into electron constantly oscillates on the frequency of 7,8 time per second, just like the Earth.
Have you ever wondered why you are so  calm in nature .It is because of nature frequency of 7.8 MHz which is the same like in our body.

Do you know now who your are ? You are nothing, you are  not matter, you’re energy.Look on this way, the entire universe is made from atoms,and as you can see atoms are made from energy.So, who you are? You are the universe !

I will try to answer on second question. All atoms from your body creates molecules.If  the atom vibrates slowly then he is  more matter than  energy and vice versa. In the beginning, the people and the Earth were vibrating at the same frequency.But after the development of science and technology  the frequency of the Earth has increase on 12 Hz in cities mostly. When  you look at yourself in the mirror, you can not see your frequency .You can see only matter,your material form,and not your energy and frequency.

Do you remember this post:

Above you can see your brain frequency. We are in Beta state most of the time.It is frequency above 14Hz,respectively 14-30 Hz.If you want to be health you must keep you frequency about 14Hz.You must safe yourself from stress. This is so easy to say, I know,but believe me it is so easy to do also.

Every thought has a frequency which determines our state of health.So your thought are energy and your thought are frequency.We communicate among themselves via a frequency just like animals, just like plants.And we have one more gift and it is speech.

When they are ants  queen  separated from other ants,they  continued to build their empire still.But when  she died, the construction is stopped.

Also, frequency have a big influence on water.Please read how our thoughts  impact on the water.Water 1,Water 2,Water 3.

I will write about Alpha state, and how to heal yourself with your brain.

The common answer to both questions would be: You are pure energy, you are pure frequency, and that is what you can not see on the mirror !

Until then, do not forget You Can Do It !



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. thank you Ben, for your great advanced topics, its great to be aware about matters like this.


    • Hi Mo,

      you are welcome.Yes this is really important topic for us.We must grow every day and work on us,and the best ways is if we know how our mind and body works.Be batter every day my friend 🙂

      Thank you


    • Hello Dr. Andrea

      Thank yoz so much for your comment,and for kind words. And thanks to our dear friend Ipuna for everything she do. We must be positive to have a great life. This is my life motto.


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