“Happiness Is A Must”

Did you know that average  life span in the world is 71,4 years.

We sleep over a third of our lives which is 23,8 years.

We spend 14 year in work place.

We spend 7 years  in personal hygiene  performance.

We spend 6 years in eating.

We spend 5 years waiting in line.

We spend 3 years in meetings.

We spend 2 years in telephone calls.

So we have only 10,6 years (71,4-23,8-14-7-6-5-3-2= 10,6) for us, for activities that make us happy. I’m working on that to increase my “free years”. For example  I studied for a long time breathing techniques with which I am reduce my sleep time, in way that I breathe deeply and  I enter a lot more oxygen in  my body.In this way I need  a lot less time for rest, because my cells receiving much more oxygen. I have slept 7-8 hours per night, and now I need 4-5 hours  per night.

Deep breathing is like everything else, a habit. Babies breath with stomach, they breathing deep, but we, adult people, we must train our lungs to breath deep. By time our subconscious (which by the way  is controlling our breathing) adopt new breath pattern, and we don’t need to think about that anymore.

Now let’s do a little comparison.Our planet, our great blue planet Earth is old about 4,5 billions years.The nearest star to us is Alpha Centauri  which is away 4,3 light years from us.It means the light need to travel 299792458  meter per second or 186000 miles per second and to cross 1080 millions kilometers per hour, or 681  millions miles per hour,  4 years and 3 months to gets on Earth.

Can you imagine that.Can you imagine that distance.Now, please compare our life which takes 71,4 years with ages of the planet, with light years.It is incomparably.

They say that butterflies live only one day.This compared with the length of our life sounds very little.But when we compare the length of our life, with space, with the length of Earth life, we can conclude that we are like butterflies. We live one day only.Only one day.

We have our problems ” traffic jams, poorly paid jobs, bad weather, lack of love etc.” What do you think how many  years we spend in thinking about these problems. But the main question is how much time we are really happy ?

When you have any problem, try to compare it  with all this space around us.With universe. With distance between us and our nearest star, and you will realize how small it  is. You are bigger than all your problems. You are the great . You are born to be great. Be great.

Did you ever wonder why you are born. Why exactly you,and not some third person?Because you are chosen.

Don’t waste your years on irrelevant things.Don’t waste your years on sorrow. You don’t have that much time .Now, right now, while you reading this,  you’re younger than you’ll ever be. Act now.Smile, laugh, sing, be grateful, be nice be great, be HAPPY, because I know

You Can Do It!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


      • Hi, Brother I am very happy because you are help me and other person, brother i demo trad last 1 year, i only use 3 point, BB+ Candle+ RSI 9+ DBB= he is very good working in daily and weakly, monthly, but brother when i enter in live trad i do not understand , I close early trad, demo i hold 2 month but live no hold 2 days, brother help me , You are old person in treading GOD bless you and your Sweet family Thanks Muhammad Ashraf from Pakistan 


    • Hi Muhammad,

      I am more than happy when I can help.
      Forex is great thing for our freedom. It is one way to increase your free time,yours 10,6 years,
      because you need to work only 20 min per day.
      One thing is demo trading, and the other thing is trading in real account,because in real account are involved emotions (greed and fear).
      You must learn how to control your emotions, if you want to be successful Forex trader.
      I am and will write about that a lot. For example here https://youcandoit272.wordpress.com/2016/11/18/defeat-your-fear/

      You will make it, I am sure .



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