Her Majesty Water-part II

Aqua est fons vitae. The water is source of life. And it is .When you look at from the beginning of the world, when the water is appeared,it is appeared life too.Scientists on all missions on Mars seeking primarily one thing .Water !Why, because where is water there is life too.


Did you know that all the prayers in the world of all religions are performed at the same frequency, 8Mhz. This is the same frequency on which vibrates the Earth’s magnetic field.Everything is only one,remember.   Also all religions use water in their rituals. In most world religions, water is considered to be a substance that clean. Here I’m thinking primarily to Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Rastafarian, Shintoism, Taoism and others. Immersing a person in water in Christianity is called the baptism ,in Islam it is called ghusl,in Judaism  the mikvah. In Islam, the five daily prayers can be done only when a person clean his body first.

In the picture below you can  look, how the  structure of the water looks after prayer.

This is amazing.Now about my sentence above.Did you know that all the prayers in the world of all religions are performed at the same frequency, 8MhzDo you see connection now. All prayers are in the Alpha waves frequency,and that is frequency where we perform our subconscious reprogramming. Also water very strongly respond on this frequency. Scientists have conducted experiments on water on the way, they played through her electrical impulses, magnetic impulse, and among the other things human emotions, positive and negative. Water is the strongest react on human emotions.When I say reacted strongly I mean here on molecule structure like in picture above.

Water has its own energy, and I am sure that  you’ve heard about the phrase living water.  Yes, the water is living being and could died too. We can say the water is dead when  water does not radiate energy.

In the remote jungle of Indonesia scientists have discovered the source of water, which uses only one tribe,who lives near, and they are so happy, healthy.They took a water sample and carried on the analysis in the laboratory.It turned out that the water sample that has brought 40,000 times more energy radiation from ordinary water.When they took from the  patient a blood sample and put it under the microscope they found that his blood cells glued together,and this is a sign of vascular disease, liver or heart.But when he drank a glass of water, his blood cells are separated and they radiated energy.

It is clear that water is a cure, that water has its own memory that remembers in its structure,that can absorb negative and positive  energy from us. Also water can be sick too. When she don’t  have any energy, we can say the water is dead. But water have one great feature, and that is she can evaporate and go into the clouds, where they deliver all the negativity and she come back fresh.

So my friends, you can see how water is important for us.You can see how we are connected with nature thought water,  thought energy, thought  our thoughts. You can see how it is important to think positive, and to attract positive energy from nature, also to drink healthy water, water with positive structure, and water with positive energy.Do not hang with a negative people, and especially do not drink water in their presence.

Think positive, and drink positive.

You Can Do It !



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


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