Her Majesty Water-The Final Chapter

Water is magical ! It is true, it is very true. And we must know that fact, for good. We must be remember this, and this fact etched deep in our subconscious.



Are we magical too, because we drink a water every day !? We can live without food 40 days, but we can not live without water more than 4 days. Our brain is  composed to 90% from water,and our body depends on our ages, about 70%. Her chemical structure is natural, and there is nothing unknown in that ,but what is the most important about water, is in her molecular structure.Group of molecules from water, so-called Clusters. Those clusters are so important for us.

If you have not read yet my previous posts about water,you can read it here :Part IPart II. 

Water is the biggest computer in the world.Water know everything, and water remember everything.How? In each cell of water is about 400,000 informational fibers,with its one memory. Every single fiber can memorize a lot of information,but  every single fiber can also in contact with others fibers to transfer their memories on him.Water not only that remember the memories, but she also  transmits them on other fibers,when she come into contact with them.Since the beginning of the world until today can you imagine what information we can find in water ?

Water was wets the faces of the greatest minds of our time, and now she wets our faces and bodies.With all that knowledge from centuries.Because water has memory. Water remember all  features from different material.For example, did you know that water form silver containers, can kill with one atom a 60.000.000 microbes.Because silver has medicinal qualities and the water  remember that.Remember things and transfer to us.



Yes it is.

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto which is conducted experiments with water, has took three containers and put in them a rice.After that, he is poured into each cup the same amount of water.They said to first container the words ” I love you“, every day, for three months, the  second has told “I hate you“, and to third he not said  anything.He ignored them.

After one month, a rice from the first container has sprouted !

A rice from the second container has dried up !

And rice form the third container has grow moldy!

It is all because of water, which is connected with plants and nature, and with us.

Are the water is afraid of the dark. I don’t know, but I know that her structure has changed when you turn on the light. 

So my dear friends, all great people who are reading this post.All people who are aware that we do know nothing about The Universe, The Earth, Our Brain, but we are ready to learn, must be aware, that we are living in one great place.Water Planet.Blue Planet.Magical Planet. And we are ready for change.We are ready to take advantage of our great nature, from water, from universe, from our brain, to step forward, and to have a great life, because we are great.

I am sure that you are know for now that You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


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