Her Majesty Water

Water is the biggest computer in the world.Water has its own memory, and its traits. Water is the most important  thing for us,for Earth,for all living beings.

Do you know what water is ? After  series of posts about water you will have totally different opinion about this great liquids.I am sure about that.

It is no accident that I got in my menu a stream,with one great message.

I am so fascinating with this liquids that I don’t know where to start to talk about water.It is and it was so important for all of us,but as one great scientist said, “The greatest discovery of the 21st century we know nothing about water”. And this is so true.The chemical composition of the water is not important to us (H2O=two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom).

But this is not important.What is important for us is its structure.A scientist from Japan which is called Masaru  Emoto is conducted research on water on the way that he took several water samples and put them in different containers, which had sent different messages.He came to the conclusion that the structure of water changes depending on which messages he sends, is which the words he spoke.


He spoke different words to the water and after that he froze water with  Cryo method on the to a temperature of – 73  Celsius degrees, and you can see from the picture above how the structure of the water was   changed depending on the words he spoke.You can see how the water is react on ugly words like “You disgust me” or You fool” .The structure of water is irregular and the crystals are unclear.


In the picture above you can see what are the water crystals water are after  words Love and Thank You and what are they after sentence I hate you.It is really astonishing is not it.

Here is one more example about structure of water after the word happiness.In all this pictures and also situations, the chemical composition of the water has remained the same (two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom). He, from the beginning to end has not changed, which means that the water is maintained its chemical properties.

Water is the only liquid in the world which expands during the freezing period.Also the water is the only material in the world who have three states:liquid, gaseous and firm.Water also has its own energy and the ability to affects our lives.About 70% of our body is water and about 90% of our brain is water.


Approximately 72% of our planet is covered with water,and about 1.3 billion cubic kilometers. You drink the same water that drank your ancestors.

Did you know that water changes its characteristics after the priest is consecrates her!? I will write about that in my next post.

For now, please be aware how much water is important for your life, for your health and for your goals.In the presence of water, watch your mouth.


You Can Do It !!!



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. this is very important topic Ben thank you.

    our grand ancestors used to read on water from hole books for there patients, and even tall today they do that!!?? they didn’t have knowledge like we have now, but they released its energy and its fascinating effects.


    • Hi Mo,

      yes,they are.They knew without any modern aids,and we,with all this knowledge, we don’t nothing.
      We are not aware how we are surrounded with powerful forces,and one the most important is WATER .


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