How To Be Healthy-Last Chapter

You need to control what you eat because it will control you after some time !

I have explain in this serial some important information  about food and about metabolism.So with this information’s you can always create your menu, and you should know does some food is good or not for you.

If you skipped them,read them first Part I,Part II and Part III.

Now I will show you a food menu with low fat and carbohydrates percent .

Before that, you should know that carbohydrates are dangerous for you   then fats and you’re gaining weight from carbohydrates in most cases. Carbohydrates are in everything,in juice, in  candies,in braid, in pasta in rise, in potato,in milk You should control entry of carbohydrates  in your body.

For example, if you eat pasta for dinner it is not good for you,because she has a very big percent of carbohydrates   which are accumulating in your body in the form of fat.But if you eat fish, your body will be grateful for that  because the fish has no carbs at all (almost), you will not gain weight.Also it has Omega 3 fatty acids great for your brain!

  1. The breakfast 07:00- it should start maximum half an hour after awakening. Your body is hungry and in this part of the day you should  eat complex carbohydrates. Oatmeal with milk, cornflakes with milk or with yogurt,also scrambled eggs and similar and two glasses of water.
  2. Sneak 11:00- this is the right time for your sneak .You should eat here some fruits, a banana, an apple, orange,grapes and two glasses of water.
  3. Lunch 14:00- in lunch time you should eat some proteins. You should eat steak meat, and some carbohydrates   like bread, pasta, potato.If you’re a vegetarian proteins from soy bean are good choice and after that two glasses of water.
  4. Sneak 17:00- it is time for another sneak.Here you can drink some fruit yogurt,or eat some law fat cheese,or big portion of salad with  fresh seasonal produce and fresh herbs and  two glasses of water.
  5. Dinner 20:00- You need to prepare your body for night and you should eat here a fish,or law fat cheese, or salad ,just like in previous sneak fresh seasonal produce and fresh herbs and two glasses of water.Cheese is here good choice because it has a casein protein .

Tips and notes:

-Between meals you can eat vegetables.Green salad,potato,carrots,cabbage.It is the best to eat them fresh.You need to eat seasonal vegetables.You can eat this when you want and how much you want !

-Avoid fruits between meals because of fructose (fruit sugar). It is not the same like vegetables .

Select always white meat instead of red meat.It is much healthier and has less fat and it is easier to digest.

Cook foods instead of baking. Too long thermal treatment is killing nutrients.

-Read food declaration.Learn how much some food have fat,proteins and carbohydrates. You can check its value here.

-Every 15 day you can eat whatever you want,if you were disciplined 🙂

If you eat something you should not, don’t worry, it is not the end of the world.Just keep it going .

-Diet is life style.Diet is habit just like everything in life.Small steps for big changes ,remember!

Special note

You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. Vert useful information, Ben!

    When you are getting older and you are gaining more experience in life, the more you know that we are what we eat.

    I am quite sure that if we were able to give the right food to our body, many diseases would disappear. We are in some manner like a machine and if we want that it works well, we have to take care of it, we have to fill the tank with the right fuel and oil 🙂 It’s that easy, however changing a life style is not that easy but we do when we are forced to it. Let’s take the right road to a healthy life before it is too late.


    • Thank you Jordi,

      I agree with you.We are machines and we must take care of ourselves. I believe that in the future will be ashamed to be sick, because the people will comprehend that our health is the result of our thoughts and our foods . We must be careful with booth things, because if one thing absent our health can be threatened.

      Thank you for your comment


      • “…we will be ashamed to be sick..”
        This is a good one and it is quite likely (the same way than when nowadays you look at smokers). A few years ago to smoke was something quite normal, to say the least, but now, people has understood how bad is to smoke. It is like a delayed suicide or death by episodes).


  2. Good compaction Jordi,,

    it is all results of big companies which act through main media,through culture,movies, musics, to sell us something.But first they should represent that as socially acceptable.It is smoke.It is devil who wears Prada, it is wolf in sheep’s clothing ,but basically it is disease. Addictive disease.In some point, when people realized that they are not “cool” because they smoking, when they realized they are sick and they have a problem,they start to change their lifes on better !

    When people realize that their hole life including their health is in their hands, they will start to change some small things and with that their whole life will change !


  3. The end line about diet being a lifestyle habit is great, Ben. You offer many useful tips here, including choosing white meat over red.


    • Hello Christy,

      I am glad that you find some useful tips in my article.
      Definitely , white meat is my favorite. Small steps for big changes 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment


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