How To Become A Baby ?

How to become a baby is dream which can be achieved!

Children are really the most beautiful beings on the Earth . They are honest, beautiful, so pure, so divine. Small children, babies are so wonderful. I love them. Children know exactly what they want,and they have the courage to say that loudly.They have the courage to dream loudly. But what is fascinating with them, it is their state of mind. They are always in Alpha state of mind !

Babies, their brain vibrates at the frequency at 3Hz. We are most of the time in Beta state, or at a frequency of about  14 Hz. But kids are in dream world, most of the time. In wonderland . It is believed that this is the human brain  frequency from period when people lived in harmony with nature.In this state you are turned more to your inner being .

The main question is how can we bring our mind to the state of 3HZ  ???

How we can become  a  baby ?

It is believed that we have two states of consciousness, depending on the brain frequency:

  • Sleep state (0,5-14 Hz),
  • Awake state (14-40 Hz),

But the babies  have another state of mind . It is state of mind  when their brain vibrates with the frequency at 3Hz. An opinion has been established that this can be achieved only in a deep sleep for adult. But then, scientists have proved that it is possible to be in this state of brain activity in awake state too. How ? With prayer.

It has been proven that the frequency of the mind in prayer descends on 3HZ. Prayer is that connection between us and the Universe, God, Power, in whatever you believe. The word Alleluia which means Glory to the Lord is pronounced on the same frequency on which the baby is emitting sounds when she sees mother. It is believed that this is an onomatopoeia of the word Alleluia .

Universe is such a great place. The great power is above us, but the great power is in us too. The more we know about ourselves, we will make more progress. We will have a better life. We all need to ask ourselves a questionIn what we believe ?” After that we should pray, with sense, with faith.

We live in a time of convergence of science and religion. Science has already proven that we are not matter, we are energy, because our  subatomic particles consist of energy which vibrate with a certain frequency.

Everything in what you are ready to believe, you can achieve too!

During prayer, our brain turns off the orientation center which means that we lose touch with reality and it does not matter where we are.With a brain frequency of 3Hz we can say that our brain is off,without activity.

A strong relationship exists between prayer and brain state at that moment.It is very positive that science began to deal with this phenomenon.

Be like babies my friends, my dear readers, you are lucky because you live in a great epoch, because you know now with from the scientific side that You Can Do It !!!





Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


    • Hi Jay,

      you are baby 🙂 That is great news. You know the secret. I think that we must be like babies to have a better life.Kids are so simple and adults are sometimes very complicate 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment


    • Hello Vero and small friend with big hart Canito,

      you know, babies are amazing. At some point in our lives, we lose that part of ourselves when we start to think too much and especially what others will think about us.But kids don’t have that problem. They are so honest and great. I think they are the original image of a man as it should be !

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment !


    • Hello Erika,

      prayer is indeed our link to God .We have that ability to think, and I think that we must use that ability on the best possible way. And prayer is definitely that way. Positive way. Great way to have a better life !

      Thank you so much !


    • Hello Angela,

      I am glad you like it.I hope you read it with an open mind. All the things I’m writing about on my blog I am applying them on myself, and they really work.

      Stay blessed !


  1. Ben, very well presented piece, erudite and articulate. I remember well reading about the effect of prayer on recovery from illness. Those who had faith recovered significantly quicker as did those who were prayed for. It made no difference whether the patient knew they were being prayed for or not . But the most significant finding was that it was irrelevant what faith was involved, which points to the fact that faith in a particular religion facilitated the change in brain function not the religion itself . My own take on art, in particular poetry, is that it occurs when both left & right hemispheres have the same wave pattern. I believe it’s possible that is why no great leaps in science have taken place since the 20’s when quantum mechanics first arrived. Sure we’ve created lots of stuff but no great breakthrough. I was a Freemason of the spiritual kind, as was Newton, Isaac Newton, the father of modern science, wrote more books on spiritual matters than scientific and was it not Einstein who said, ‘imagination is everything, it is a preview of life’s coming attractions’. Once again my friend, thank you for a great write and my best to you and yours.


    • Hello Nigel,

      I see that you have deep understanding of human souls and subconscious minds.I read about the people to whom prayer helped and I was really fascinated.I believe that from scientific side, this is not strange.It has been scientifically proven that prayer changes the structure of water. Crystals of water become perfect after prayer.Since our brain is composed to 90% from water,and our body depends on our ages, about 70%, I believe here lies the answer on the question how prayer works.

      I am fascinated with your discovery about brain hemispheres,awesome ! Also , I agree with you that the greatest discoveries came with the development of quantum mechanics, because now we know “How the wonders are happening“. This is precisely the question that I have been asking for many, many years.Now I have strong faith, because now I know how!

      It is interesting that all great scientists were believers.Simply with knowledge, everything becomes much clearer.

      Thank you my friend for beautiful comment. This is a real gift for me .God bless you


      • Hi Ben, I wanted to share with you a personal experience I touched on in my original comment. I was a freemason for many years, forget the lurid tales of secret men running the world it is nonsense. The worst that can be said of that society is that it’s lost it’s spiritual purpose. What I wanted to tell you is about the left/right hemisphere – imagination/intellect idea. A masonic ritual is based on the building of Solomon’s temple, it is a fable a tale and this provides the stimulation for the imagination. But also the movements around the temple, the chequer board floor, the symbols are all based on number, geometry and astronomy which stimulates the intellect. This is of course only my opinion but I can say that if, and it was only occasionally, it was done with reverence and skill, I left with an almost euphoric feeling, confident and content. I saw colours that seemed more vivid and I remember once finding a single feather and being mesmerized by it beauty and letting my mind run to the point I was almost seeing life through the eyes of the bird. All brain wave function alteration, and I believe ritual practice and prayer alter neurotransmitter levels.
        My best to you and yours
        Nigel P Smith recently posted…A BEAUTIFUL THINGMy Profile


        • Hi Nigel,

          thank you so much for your story.It’s very interesting to read about your experience with the Masonic lodge.Their rituals are fascinating,and as you said they lost their spiritual purpose, which is not strange in this material world. Solomon’s Temple are described in the Bible in 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles which gives him a powerful spiritual note, right.
          Correct me if I’m wrong but the Masons have developed the symbols of Solomon’s temple to help teach moral and spiritual ideas.
          This symbolism is fascinating to me and the question is how the ancient peoples knew about the secrets that are still the mystery for us ? I believe they were getting information from the energy field of the universe, from infinite intelligence to whom they had access through certain rituals.It’s the same intelligence that has enabled you to see the world with the eyes of a bird !

          Thank you so much for your great comment. We are now at the threshold of great discoveries and we must use them to have a better life!


          • You’re quite correct Ben, the main purpose is to practice the three masonic virtues of brotherly love, relief and truth. The symbols are a confluence from many spiritual strands. A single line is hidden in the first degree ritual that everyone ignores but is startling in it’s import. It says that the mason should ‘study the more hidden mysteries of nature and science’ , I think that is unambiguous . The temple building is allegory, as we, like Solomon, build ourselves into a temple worthy of a god.
            Modern, improved carbon dating, strongly suggests that the European stone circles pre-date those of the middle east and that the science went from west to east. All masonic ritual involve acting out a search for something lost. I believe that science was only known by a few such as the druids, who oversaw the building of such places as Newgrange and Stonehenge, but by the time of the pyramids and later the great gothic cathedrals , the temples were so huge and complex that more and more people needed to be in the know regarding sacred architecture and it’s purpose, to alter brain function in a positive way. A pleasure to converse and exchange ideas Ben. Until next time.
            Nigel P Smith recently posted…A BEAUTIFUL THINGMy Profile


            • Thank you Nigel,

              you brought me through a small door into the essence of Masonic action.It is interesting that in meditation, left side of the mental screen represents the future and the right past, which is the symbolism of the east and the west or the sunrise in the east and the sunset in the west.We are changing mental images from the left to the right.It seems that everything is connecting somehow. We just have to put the picture together as a puzzle. We need to build our own temple to practice and train to keep our temple connected with infinite intelligence.

              The mind is too powerful weapon to allow it to be outside of our control !

              Thank you so much for your valuable comment ! It means a lot to me !


    • Hello Frank,

      thank you so much . I am glad that you like it.
      The lips are a symbol of unconditional love for the mother towards the child,but also a symbol of the unconditional love of God toward humans !

      Thank you so much for your kind words


  2. How interesing Ben to learn of the different vibrations between most babies to most adults! Yes, I want to live a life of higher energy ~ to baby-land for me 🙂 I am always learning when I come here and leave rejuvinated <3


    • Dear Christy,

      I am sure that the vibration of your body is at a high frequency,because you are so kind and big support for all humans.I believe deeply in attraction law, and I’m sure you’re attracted to your life mostly positive vibrations and positive energy .

      God bless you !Stay on the right track


    • Hi Subbashini,

      you are right. You said it well in one of your post about focus. Life is just that.Life is focus. We have a free will to do with our life what we think it is necessary, and to focus our attention on positive or negative things.Certainly that is a reading of positive blogs great way to increase your body frequency. For example I’m avoiding negative news,negative people, negative movies, music, anything that can affect the frequency of my body.On the other side I love to read positive things, positive quotes, positive news,to hang with positive people.

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment


  3. there are methods of getting into the Alpha state of mind, self hypnosis is one of them (check Silva method if you want). From my experience i can tell that the more we raise our vibration the more this state of mind becomes natural. I can get there in a few seconds 🙂
    Monika recently posted…Exceptional RequestMy Profile


    • Hello Monika,

      now I know where you find inspiration for all the wonderful poems you publish on your blog 🙂
      You are really advanced scholars of Jose Silva.I’m familiar with his work. I know that state is very important for humans to make some changes in their lives. We need about 2 minutes to enter in Alpha state. With practice this time is decreasing. Few seconds is really something.

      Thank you for sharing your comment with us !


    • Hi Moushmi,

      you will be a baby for your mother your whole life 🙂
      Just keep that babies brain vibrations though your life. In some point of our life we stop living in the world of imagination and we live in reality which is very dangerous for our dreams.

      Keep going to be a baby , a one very wise baby !
      Thank you so much for you valuable comment !


  4. many people pray daily, and this post dear Ben just added a big fact why we should keep doing so….

    thank you so much brother


    • Hello my dear friend,

      we should pray my friend , that is the only way to be the person we could be.

      Thank you so much for reading 🙂


  5. Very informative and interesting post Ben. Going to try a achieve 3Hz. Not sure if I am there even when I sleep. Thanks for sharing this info.


    • Hi Smitha,

      you are probably right, because if you have a problem with sleep if you sleep restlessly you are probably in shallow alpha state of mind. I must say that I went to the course of sleeping , and I learned that I must change my way of breathing to have a better sleep .It was not easy task, I can tell, but I did it.And my whole life has changed suddenly because I had much more energy than before,about 30%.Now I need only couple hours to be restful.

      Thank you so much for one more great comment 🙂


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