I Said STOP-And It Stopped

Decide that you will be healthy, and you will be healthy.
This is a very true story about my decision to heal myself  from severe allergies that bother me hole my life.

From my earl ages, I had suffered from severe allergies.My condition was bad,because my body was react very difficult  for some things from my environment, such as mites,house dust,cat hair, various types of grass. This problem is  caused problems to my lungs,to my hole physical condition.When I was three years old  due to lung problems, my pleura has broke, and I’m emergency operated.The doctors said to my parents  that I would survive this operation very difficult, and they should be ready for the worst scenario.

God had other plans for me.

I survived, but also my problems with  allergies.My nose was always inflamed. My eyes were permanently swollen and watery.Drugs were a part of my everyday life.Due to exhaustion, my global health status was very bad.My immunity was destroyed with medication.One day I said to myself, it is enough. You are healthy. You must be aware of that.You must convince yourself in that.

I lay down on the bed, and I tried to relax.When  I became sufficiently relaxed I said to my mind I am perfectly healthy,my body is in perfect condition. I imagined myself how I’m running around a green meadow,happy,healthy,strong. After couple days I  have notice that my nose, after first sentence is start automatically to purified. But I was thinking in that period that it was coincidence. I was so wrong .Their is no such a thing like coincidence .

After two weeks I have notice, that my nose has stopped to secrete mucus. With that my lungs are becoming purer.I start to breathe better, and with that I took a larger amount of oxygen which reflected positively on the whole my condition,on my immunity too.After a month I was cured,totally.


But people quickly get used on new condition and I forget this, and the life is took their tribute,and my allergic was back.I was angry on everything,I said to myself “why now“,”why me” . The worst kind of pity is self-pity. This time I began to start to apply yoga ,and I am again, for good heal myself, forever .

How….We are born to be health. Our cells depends on our environment.If our environment is health, our cells will be health too and vice versa. When I said our environment, I mean primarily  on our thoughts. .When I convince my self that I am healthy, my subconscious, which is  my  servant and which controls 95% of my body’s processes, moving immediately to the realization.

They say that 90% of all drugs for depression has placebo effect .The scientist who conducted the study worked with a sample of 20,000 patients.But his work has never published.Can you guess why !?Because this industry (depressants and antidepressants) is heavy 8 billions dollars on yearly basis.

So my friends. Do you want to be healthy ? I know you do. It’s your choice. Remember whatever you  convince your subconscious, you will achieve .

Be healthy, because You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. Very well done Ben .. This post is a perfect dose of motivation I needed today. I’m also a health enthusiast and medical student and you’ve said right that all we do is controlled by our brain and drugs have only placebo effects in psychological disorders.


    • Hello Mihir,

      I am glad that you like it.
      As a future doctor, I am sure that you will be very careful with drugs.It is very important to encourage patients that they will be good, and they will be. I know, how our brain is powerful. Every day, I become more and more surprised with this fact, and I’m trying here to motivate people to take their life in their hands. With life I mean health and destiny.
      Thank you for your comment


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