I Told You

When the winch yourself up from the “I told you”, you can say that your are mature !

We are all humans.We all have merits and demerits.We all sharing tips and God we love when we are right. With good intentions to our children, to our friends we giving advice’s, and we receiving advice’s too .This is all normal. All you have experienced the sentence “I told you ” from your loved ones, from your friends. And this is normal.

What is not normal in most cases. Your reactions. Feelings of guilt.

How many times in your life have you been at the crossroads and you have asked someone for advice. You must to make decisions every day.Some decisions are small and irrelevant and some decisions are big and they can turn your life for 180 degrees.

I will tell you something. The hardest thing in life is make decisions.This is very hard sometimes.

After the battle  we are all the generals ! This means that we all know what we  should have done and what not.But you must know also that belated wisdom is not wisdom !

Your life is your hole time in your hands. This is something what we  should learn in school.

The boy wanted to become an actor and he wanted to enroll on the Academy of Dramatic Arts.But his parents were against that.They told him that is very hard to enroll academy and that a very few people enroll in the academy. The entrance examination is very difficult. Their desire was to enroll medical school.

And the first time he failed to  enroll on the Academy, and the second time. And his father  told him famous sentenceI told you!

On the third attempt he enrolled at the Academy and he  became a movie star.He became famous .

As Einstein said, Every action has reaction ! Stop paying attention to the famous sentence “I told you” and live your life with full lungs. If you failed, don’t blame yourself. Try to make conclusion, and to learn new lesson .But the most important lesson is that you will failed sometimes whatever you do ,and this is normal. You will make some decisions for which you will after  some  time  said  they  were wrong , but  you  must  say  to  yourself  in  that period  “belated wisdom is not wisdom” .

All we in ourselves speaks  with our other creature,with our alter ego . And even worst is when you say to yourself I told you. If you are doing this, just stop. It is not worth. You have only one life, and there is no point to waste him on guilt  feelings .

Make decisions, choose your  ways, and I will finish with title of my favorite book from my childhoodDo not look back, my son“.

You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. As Einstein said, Every action has reaction ! That is very true.
    Another good post!!


    • Hello Jordi,

      he was right. Our every decision have consequence.If we are aware of that,then we don’t care what others will tell us

      Thank you


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