I Want To Be A Pear

Everything is possible in what we are ready to believe !

Β  The real power is in you !!!

A farmer has planted several apple trees in row. He was worried about them well.He cut them regularly, on the spring and inΒ  autumn . The apples were happy. They have given many good apples to the farmer every year.

They often talked between themselves. They spoke, we are clean, because our farmer cleans us.We do not have dry branches because our farmer cut them on a regular basis. We have a lot of foods because our farmer feed the ground around us well.WeΒ  are very happy with him.

All except one. She was always in the clouds, in own thoughts. When they asked her why she is like that, aren’t you happy like we are ??? She said, yea, I guess I am….but I have one wish,which I’m constantly thinking about. I Want To Be A Pear !

You want what !!!??? Other apples were horrified. That is impossible. You are apple, you can not be anything else except that. You will be an apple your whole life. You are not normal. Give up from that desire. Be what you were born.Ordinary apple !

But she, she had a dream To Be A Pear !

One day, the farmer comes home with a pear tree.He decided to plant it on an apple tree. And heΒ  decided to plant it on that apple who so much wanted that.

My friends, everything is possible if you have strong desire . You can be everything you want in your life.
If you are still skeptical about miracles ,please read this : Miracle I, Miracle II,Miracle III!

You have met the most important condition for that. You are born. That is all you need. And that is the most important in life.

Ignore your environment. They will be there your whole life to remind you that you are just human, to say to you: That is impossible.You are not normal. Give up from that desire. That’s their job. But do not believe them.They just do not want to you be different. Be deaf my friend.

Did you know that the plants communicate with each other?They even have emotions and they can feel jealousy. They are living beings. They communicate with us too . Everything in nature is connected somehow.As the great Indian chief,Sitting Bull has said “That, what happens to animals and plants will happen to humans too“.

But you, you are human. You are born to have great life. To share love and support around you. Because you were born of love and you are the pure love.

I will be here my whole life to tell You Can Do It !!!




Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. I just love this beautiful post and the story it portrays about the apples and the pear… Indeed, we can be whatever we choose to be. Everything is possible if we try. Thank you, Ben, for sharing these wonderful thoughts with us. You have once again, given me the positive energy I needed this morning, to pursue my goals knowing that I CAN. Cheers. πŸ™‚


    • Hello my dear Stella,

      you can do it Stella, I am sure. I’m glad that you understood the message on the real way. I like to speak through stories because somehow the message is stronger. I love to share positive energy, and I will always be here to tell you You Can Do It. I really believe in this Stella.

      Thank you so much for your comment


    • Hello Erika,

      I am happy to see you here.
      The pleasure to help others in their dreams is all mine .
      I love that .Thank you so much for your kind comment

      Stay positive


  2. great story! πŸ˜ƒI’m sure it is like this. I’ve heard so many stories in my life of miracles just created by a mind focused on something. And I did it myself too. There are actually only two condition – you really need to believe that it’s possible, the belief must be so strong that the mind is convinced that it will happen and the wish has to come out of your heart, it has to be deep rooted emotionally (so no ego wishes) πŸ™‚


    • Hello Monika,

      thank you. I am glad that you like it.I’m glad you showed on your own example that it is possible.Yes that is correct.We need only two conditions (strong desire + strong faith). I like to say If you have not achieved then you did not want to.
      I got a lot of live examples on my blog how the miracles were happened over our eyes. I am sure that we all have similar stories .

      Thank you so much for your comment

      Stay blessed and positive πŸ™‚


    • Hi Moushmi,

      You are love,you are pure energy,just like all humans,just like the whole universe . I will be here always to remind you that You can do it.

      Thank you for your great comment


  3. in GODS holy Quran words,informing us that all surround us is a life form in a way,
    but for us stall mostly beyond our knowledge.

    you have deep understanding Ben, thanks for sharing


    • Hello Mo,

      that is great my friend. All religious books teach us great secrets, and we must interpret them and apply on our life.
      I believe that we are living in the time when science and religion are very close. A lot of things propagated by religion confirmed lately.

      Thank you so much for your comment


  4. you are totally right Ben, just excellent:

    {science and religion are very close. A lot of things propagated by religion confirmed lately.}


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