If He Can,You Can Too

My child, if you want to come into the world, about whom you‘ve heard so much, you have to have another pair of eyes – eyes to read and eyes to write. In the world there are many things which you can not find out if you can not read and write. Knowledge, these are the golden scales over which goes to heaven; knowledge is the light that illuminates our path through life and takes us into the life of the future is full of eternal glory. Michael’s mother

A man who was born in the village of Idvor in Vojvodina, the former Austro-Hungarian monarhy,poor so much that he was barely finish school. He arrived in America in the age of twenty with  five cents in his pocket, and he told : “For the young man did not have an accident with no money, if you choose to put yourself spasms own life, provided that in itself has enough power to overcome all the difficulties that will confront. “

He was worked 40 years as a professor at the University of Columbia.He is published 34 patent, and he was , Doctor of science of Columbia University, Honorary Doctor of Science, Johns Hopkins University, Honorary Doctor of Science, New York University, and 15 more titles.

Whether he was destined to become a great scientist, I think not. Did he have the conditions for it, I think not. Born in a small village in a poor family. He’s just a man who decided to take their own destiny into their own hands. He was not a silent observer of his life, did not allow him to govern with him and decided that he is the master of life. He did not let to a life big  lies “that we have no control over our life and we must be left to destiny”, destroy his life.

History is full of great people who have managed to realize their dreams.

People who motivates us to believe in ourselves and then, when all the circumstances are against us, even then  when no one else believes in us, we must believe in ourselves.That is the most important thing in world.

People who knew the secret.They know a secret which is so simple that many of us do not believe in  her and that is everything is possible. All the big secrets are very simple, which is why many do not believe in them. All things made by man have been made twice, once in his head a second time in reality.

Be brave, take your own life in your hand. Grab your life and manage with him, be the manager of your life, live your life on  the way you want.

Millions of people just live the life which they  do not want, the life that others have planned for them (parents, community) and they did not asked them  whether they want it or not.Ask yourself do you live the kind of life you want?

You can do it ,this really works as a phrase, however, when you really look at the people who have succeeded, and people who have had only a strong desire to succeed and they believed they can do it , I must say to myself and to all of you, You Can Do It.



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


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